Charter Bus for Road Games?

Submitted by SEAL Fan on September 21st, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Does anyone know of a bus company that will charter people for the away games?  I saw quite a few charters at the Notre Dame game and figured that there would be one for Indiana, Purdue, Penn State or Ohio State.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Maybe there should be a ride board in the useful stuff section, so fans who need rides to the game can ask for them and people who have extra room in their cars can offer the seats up to other fellow mgobloggers. This could be easily set up in the same type of format as the ticket spreadsheet.


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I am involved in a ministry that has charter coaches.  We are a Christ centered 501c3 association comprised of West Michigan churches and small colleges.  Your ministry can become a member for a small annual fee and then you have access to our coaches and vans.  I will not give the name for it may be yanked because this sounds too much like an advertisement.  I thought I would at least throw it out there.

ATTN Mods:  Can I encourage people to give me their email address if they want further info?

Michigan fanatic

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Well most Sparty fans that come on here do nothing but try to get reactions from Michigan fans and with the name imspartacus, i'd say your a State fan. I could be wrong but then one of your first posts on your first day on this board is telling someone that is helping out, religious or not, I would say you could be trolling. The fact the you got negbanged three times already on this post makes me thing some members are in agreement.

Michigan fanatic

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Not to mention the eight posts in your history today are nothing but starting shit and saying how Michigan is afraid to play State this year. Someone please ban this guy. I bet your going to be one of the people after Michigan beats State that says it was because our coach has been laid up in the hospital..... The coach is just like the team...No Heart ( sorry God but I had to say it)


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Maybe you are just curious, so no offense to the OP, but does anyone else find it just a little bit creepy if someone is trying to find out what company the team uses to travel?

And honestly if a MSU fan wants to be on a Michigan blog, who cares? If he wants to talk shit, let him. All that means is that a) they don't have a life (or a job for that matter) b) No MSU fan has created an online place for MSU fans to discuss things (probably because they didn't know how) another schools fan being on this site probably means that they have accepted my two previous points to be reason to ban them...let them continue their pathetic existence while we all watch and laugh...and don't make stupid comments like "no heart" are so much better than that