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I have been trying to put together a Michigan fan group in central Virginia this fall.  I have a group which pretty consistently gets 7-10 Michigan fans together at the Livery Stable in Charlottesville, VA.

I know there is a permanent thread for Michigan friendly bars, and I will put this there as well, but I was just hoping to get a little bit of front page time.

I've created a facebook group called "watch Michigan Football in Charlottesville."  The group is open so feel free to join to get updates on where we will meet, etc.  For now, the meeting will be at the Livery Stable which is on the downtown mall.  Their website says they are not open until 5, but don't believe it!  They've said they will open just for us for kickoff.



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Thanks for creating this group/thread.  I recently relocated to Charlottesville from A2 and have been hoping to find a group of Michigan fans to watch games with!

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For whatever reason, when I initially created the event, I was able to invite 'all group members,' but now that it is created, I can only 'invite friends.'

You should be able to get to the event page through the group page, though, if you want to see the 'official' thing.  The event is open to public, so I think that means you can just invite yourself.

Otherwise, I'll just see you at the livery stable for kickoff.

His Dudeness

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Sorry to hear that. Also very surprising. I moved to Louisville about a year or so ago and there is a chapter here. Great for watch parties and what not.

Very strange that there are not enough alumni at UVA.

Good luck to your group.

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I think by a measure of area alumni divided by population, there is a decent presence here, but Cville is a TINY town (~40,000 in Cville proper), and the problem is compounded by the fact we are in the middle of appalachia, so the 'metropolitan area' as it were, is far from dense.

The alumni association told me there had to be 500 alumni in the area to form an official chapter, and we didn't make the cut. (They did not tell me whether we were 'close' or not).

Sidenote: Notre Dame does have an official chapter here, so that pisses me right off.


White Star

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Steve Rappaport, one of the news anchors in Charlottsville, VA was a fraternity brother of mine at UM in the late 80's.  He's a huge fan, try texting, emailing, or tweeting him through the station, and I'm sure he would like to get together for games with fellow fans...

Best of luck growing the group!

Cville Blue

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It's good to know this is an option.  OP, I think I met  you at Top of the Hops last year... is that right?  I have two really little kids, so we'll see if I am ever able to make it up, but I'll try.

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Definitely the past two years I have been wearing Michigan clothes and beginning discussions with folks about trying to get a group together.  This year I actually took some steps and did it.

FYI, we don't have the location *completely* settled.  We were al Belmont Pizza for the first 4 games, and now I am trying Livery Stable instead.

The best thing to do to be sure of the place is to join the facebook group, in case things change again.


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Have you asked the Alumni Association for create a U-M alumni listserv for Charlottesville?  If they will create a listserv for 2290X zip codes, you can send an email blast to all U-M alumni in those zip codes.  Cindy Zimmerman ([email protected]) at the alumni association has the database access to do this.  This will allow you to create an informal U-M watch group.



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She cut her university admin teeth there, and is a rumored candidate to replace MSC.   Phone her office  :-)

My kid is in school there....alas not a UM fan...grew up in Seattle.

Lady in Blue

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nice group of folks, although only a few of us actually watched the game and stayed until the end.  I've never been to Livery Stable so I'll be curious to check it out - thanks for organizing!