Charlie Weis or Not Charlie Weis

Submitted by psychomatt on September 8th, 2009 at 12:49 AM

My brother is a big ND fan and we go at it all the time. My nightmare is Urban Meyer at ND. Can't say I want Tommy Tuberville, Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, Chris Peterson or Mack Brown there either. To be honest, I am definitely ok with Weis at ND. Unless they are going to hire the Dantonio, I hope Weis finishes his contract and they renew it. Question: Would Michigan be better or worse off if ND were to can Jabba the Weis?



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Neither, it's Charlie Weis.

EDIT: I see it's been corrected.

I don't think it really matters that much. Michigan and Notre Dame will continue to get top talent. Some years that will lead to Irish victories, sometimes not. Unless they get someone ridiculous, none of which are on the market, I don't see either side of the rivalry jumping too far ahead.


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Honestly, I had to look it up to make sure it was one as well.

As I said, I really don't think any of the top name coaches are really on the market for Notre Dame. Most of the top name ones out there now are in spots they would retire in. Notre Dame isn't a better job than wherever they are now. It would take the most ridiculous pay raise ever to get some of the people you've named. That's more my point.

EDIT: Except Tuberville who isn't really as scary as he once might have been.


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I am not trying to be snarky, but the point of my original point (and, clearly, I did not make it very well) is that I would like Weis to stay at ND as long as possible.

I do not know who is on the market and it changes every year. I left certain names off my list (e.g. Pete Carroll) because I think they are about a 0.5% possibility, but most of the names on my list could easily be ND's next head coach.

The person who will eventually replace Weis is very likely not on my list. My fear is that whoever it is could be much better than Weis. As one example, I had barely heard of Jim Tressel until we lost six out of seven games to him. I do not want to start consistently beating OSU only to find we are losing to ND. I sincerely hope ND keeps Weis for awhile.

James Burrill Angell

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I think it matters as well. There are better pure coaches in this country than Charlie Weis (and frankly better recruiters as well). Putting someone with a solid reputation who in fact is a good head coach in ND with their name recognition would be trouble. As good of a coach as Meyer is, part of his strength is that he can get 90% of his recruits from his backyard and I'm not sure that would translate if he were to go to ND (or Michigan for that matter). But there are other coaches out there who could definitely do a lot more with that program.


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Honestly, until Weis proves he can win, I think we're better off with him at the helm.

With that said, I could see ND giving the job to C.Brown or J.Tenuta (Teh-noo-tah!) if 2009 turns out to be a meltdown, though I don't think either of these men are going to turn the DC->HC corner like Saban or Stoops. (No offense C.Brown, go blue!)


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i fear that ND will one day get brian kelly. he is a good good coach. so to answer your question, i want weis to stay. there are better coaches who would take the notre dame job if they could so lets just keep weis for now


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But I'm not sure if Brian Kelly is well-known outside of the state of Michigan. He was a household name in the state because of his success at Grand Valley and Central, but I don't think the rest of the country thinks of him this highly. I think that if Weis gets canned, and if Cincy wins the Big East outright and convincingly (and it looks like they very well could after today's ass-whoopin'), I think he will be high up on the list for sure, and I would be nervous about the hire.

Double Nickel BG

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they might consider Turner Gill. I know he got a new contract but it wont hold up to anything that ND will throw at him money wise.

I can see them going after Peterson also. They might believe in the BSU to big time program potential that Meyer is fulfilling at UF.


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ND went for a hot coach from a second tier program when they hired Willingham. I do not see them doing that again. This time around, they will spend whatever they need to get a proven commodity. Unless Gill gets a higher profile job before Weis is fired, I do not see this one.


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I remember chanting "keep Cooper" to OSU fans who were chanting "fire Cooper" long ago. I agree that Meyer will probably retire at Florida. The one coach besides Meyer who scares me the most is Peterson. Hopefully, someone else snags him and locks him into a great contract before ND even thinks about him.

tn wolverine

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I agree wholeheartedly, The only way Weis could win was with Tom Brady at QB. He's certainly not the guru he professes himself to be. He doesn't scare me at all. Kelly scares me, D'antonio scres me, Peterson scares me. Weis gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. That said, I believe in Rodriguez so I don't care who the other teams have we're going to win our share. I just think we could win 8 or 9 in a row if Weis stays throughout that ridiculous contract.


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I did like Holtz as a coach for ND but I did hate Ty Willingham. That stupid fist in the air after any decent play mixed in with all that "return to glory" bull just completely caused me to want to see them lose every game they play.


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...but if Weis wins Saturday (not exactly unthinkable), he will be 3-2 against Michigan, and 2-0 against Rich Rod. He would have won twice in your stadium. In a series that has always been pretty even (aside from Holtz owning Bo) that would Now I am in the camp of "if Weis loses 2 games he should go", but its not like Michigan has been thumping ND like USC. Trojan fans (as fairweather as they are) have a right to open threads about keeping Weis, but maybe the Wolverines would first want to be up in the head to head series under Weis before claiming how great it would be if ND kept him...


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you are missing the point completely, which is that with ND's talent, solid recruiting classes, and brand name, they should have been better than Weiss had them over the past 3 years. Many believe this is due to the fact that Weiss is a terrible game coach, and the other names suggested (Meyer, Peterson...) are all superior game coaches. A guy like Meyer may have been 3-1 or 4-0 against us.

Given that, I'd rather have him around. He is a bad coach, and as bad as Michigan was last year, and as young as we are now, we still have a solid chance of beating ND (only 3-4.5 point underdog).


September 8th, 2009 at 10:33 AM ^

If you notice I wrote that I am in the camp that wants him fired if he loses more than one game. I do not think he is a remarkable coach. This is a year of zero excuses. I simply find it interesting that a thread topic concerning a coach that after Saturday could actually be 2-0 in the Big house and 3-2 against Michigan is pretty humorous.

"I sure hope they keep the guy that has a slight winning record against us instead of some other not yet named coach that would REALLY own us...". Seems silly.

If Weis wins Saturday (I never said it was a gimme) I think I would be hard-pressed to find an Mgoblog thread talking about how much worse Lloyd Carr and Rich Rod are than Weis...who is a really bad coach apparently...


September 9th, 2009 at 9:52 AM ^

This is a year of zero excuses.

So that's where Charlie got it.

You also sound a bit like an overzealous State fan that that TOTALLY POWNS US! because you "got up" to beat a 3-9 team.

I believe in context;
which is why I completely agree with you . . . Charlie Weis and Notre Dame have ZERO excuses this year. (although much like a gastric bypass, that won't stop Weis from opening his mouth.)


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Regardless of what you think of Weis, I would cross Meyer off the list of potential replacements. According to a friend who is a ND Alum in the know, Meyer was seriously considered to replace Willingham, but the reason he wasn't hired was because he wanted 6 (or was it 7) recruits he could override in admissions, meaning those players would come regardless of their academic credentials or character history. Apparently, ND was only willing to give him 1 such recruit, so Meyer is now at Florida, where he seemingly gets an unlimited number of troubled recruits, as the arrests keep piling up. Given the arrests at Florida, for ND to hire Meyer now will be a stinging indictment on the program, which is unlikely.

Kelly hasn't beaten anyone yet. The Big East is a joke of a football conference and the only reason why no one bashes them is because they don't play any of the top teams. Kelly needs to beat someone legitimate teams before he can be considered a serious candidate for an elite job. Peterson at Boise, however, has beaten top teams, so I would be scared of him.

Count me in as someone who wants to see Weis serve the entirety of his contract. While a good recruiters, Weis doesn't know how to BUILD A TEAM. You need guys at every position and the guys you recruit must fit a specific system. The dysfunction at ND has a lot to do IMO with Weis never having the responsibility of building a team by himself. Therefore, 5 years in, he still doesn't have good lines (OL and DL), a shoddy defense and no consistent running game. Lack of identity has really plagued Weis and I see no evidence that the trend is reversing itself.