Charleston, SC wants the Buckeyes to go back to Ohio!

Submitted by jcgary on May 12th, 2010 at 7:56 PM

My brother who lives in Charleston, SC and is a huge Michigan fan texted me this article from the Charleston City Paper the other day. 

The "Lowcountry," which Charlestonians refer to their area as, wants the Buckeyes to go back to Ohio. 

I found this article very entertaining and thought I would share it with you all.  I enjoyed the buckeye comments at the end of the article as well. 




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I've lived down here 6+ years, and those that cheer "dotting the i" far surpass the Michiganders.  Western PA (Pittsburgh) probably wins by a slight margin - tons of Steelers joints 'round here; however, Ohioans aren't far behind.

One thing I relish on occasion (read someone decked out head to toe in scarlet and gray) is telling them there's only one thing they must do before I can give them their prescription at the pharmacy:  Sing a bar of "The Victors".  Some of the reactions are priceless.


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And someone told me a while back that it's like Ohio south. Western PA is everywhere I'm engaged to a Western PA girl. But as much as I dislike the Steelers ,their fans are no where near the scum level of Ohio St or even Penn st fans.


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I did live in West Palm for a few years so I'm used to having Bucks fans everwhere. In Boyton Beach they have a bar called Brus's Room (which I never went to). But I have never been able to find a bar in Philly or West Palm with Michigan fans/Alumns so that would be great if there is one in SC.


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Hoping that when they get the I-73/74 corrider done in the next decade that Michigan will come streaming in.

Also, no worries, NO PSU fans here... all Western PA (Pitt).

Example of influence...  local Braves affiliate class A Myrtle Beach is owned by a guy who owns two western PA minor league clubs.  His business partners are Jerome Bettis and Eddie George.


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Very enjoyable article... thanks for posting.

I wonder when that (Ohio to SC) really got rolling?  I'd guess it may have something to do with the relocation of manufacturing to that area.  I remember hearing that there were four flights a day between Detroit and Greenville, SC.

Clarence Beeks

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As someone who is much happier to live in the Upstate than the Lowcountry, trust me when I saw that Greenville is about as far away from the Lowcountry as you can get and still be in South Carolina.

The answer to your question, is that it's been a while, at least with Myrtle Beach.  It's pretty much the closest ocean resort location to most of Ohio.


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The Charleston Riverdogs, a A team under the Yankees organization hosts a Go Back to Ohio Night every season. The grand prize for Ohioan fans is a one way bus ticket back to Ohio. 


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I'm not sure how many on here live or have experienced SC, but has anyone been in Charleston when it rains? It quite literally floods every street during a heavy rain.

I have personally witnessed a Nissan Altima from Ohio try to go through a flooded street as fast as they could, only to water-bog the engine and become stuck. That isn't the funny part. The neighbor beside our apartment building ran out to help, then walked back without doing anything. He informed us he had Ohio plates and he refused to help out "those damn Buckeyes".

Southern Hospitality...unless you are from Ohio.


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Since my Dad, brother & sister live there so I have witnessed that.  When I was 18 I was visiting them and it was raining all day.  My sister said lets go to the bar and I looked at her and she said don't worry I will get you in.  So we left for the bar and when we got to the bouncer she told the bouncer I dropped my ID in one of the puddles and the puddle was too deep to find it and that the bartender knows that I was of age and he let us in.  Then that night sitting at the bar at one point I turned around that the floor began to flood.  Everyone acted like it was normal and continued on drinking and having a good time.  I was amazed.   


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My favorite part of the article was reading the comments.  Surprisingly, (or not...) Michigan randomly comes up and Myrtle Beach is more racist than rural Georgia. 

Ah Buckeye fans...  They never cease to amuse me.


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I was in Charleston and Hilton Head for spring break with my wife and kids.  My son who is 17 wears Michigan gear every single day.  So we're having lunch in Hilton Head and a UPS diver says "Go Blue" and explains that Hilton Head is filthy with buckeyes and told us about the OSU bar in Hilton Head that is jammed with buckeye stuff.  

I'm guessing the reason they like SC is that as truck drivers, buckeyes need to only visit states that they can easily drive to.  And it has the buckeye necessities - plenty of Walmarts and other stores that stock Skoal and Copenhagen.

SC is a great place and it's too bad it's being stained with buckeyes.  I suggest they do like in the movie District 9 and put a damm fence around the entire state of Ohio so they can't travel to defile their neighbors.

Clarence Beeks

May 12th, 2010 at 11:19 PM ^

Great read.  I'm so glad that the Ohio people have left the Upstate alone.  This article is priceless because, honestly, the biggest reason that I hate going anywhere in the Lowcountry is Ohio people.  Too funny.


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Been trying to decide where to go on vacation later this year and Charleston WAS on the list, but I sure as hell don't want to deal with Buckeyes while I'm trying to relax and get my drink on.  I guess Branson, Missouri will move up a spot now. 


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This doesn't make Bastian very happy. "They left for a reason. I don't want them bringing that crap down here."


Boy they better hide their coolers, they don't know the half of it.


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I'm from NC originally (but have lived in A2 for many years now).  I usually drive back home a couple times a year, and I-77 is my route of choice. On every trip, I have taken note of the overwhelming number of Ohio plates (yes, I know I-77 spans the entire North/South length of the state, but I'm talking far south of there in NC and VA).  Seriously, it seems every third car is from Ohio. It's nice to know why.