Charles Woodson Sighting at Pizza House

Submitted by zohizzle101 on April 29th, 2011 at 10:25 AM

So I'm back in AA for graduation weekend and around 2AM, we get a text from one of our buddies telling us the Charles Woodson is at Pizza House. After making sure he wasn't lying,  we ended up making it to Pizza House. There I saw Chucky hanging out with Raseed Furha, Tony Anderson, and a couple of other guys. I could definitely tell that Chucky was trying to avoid getting bumrushed by fans as he was sitting on the inside of the booth. Since this was the only chance I would get to ask for a picture with the legend, I mustered up some courage and politely asked. Chucky said no, and as much as I was bummed, I can still say that I was a foot away from Chucky talking to him. I'm not really sure what came out of my mouth since I was 1. Drunk, and 2. So star-struck. So this was my "cool-story bro" story for the day. Anyone else see Chucky around campus last night or got stories about random Michigan football player sightings?




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I saw woodson in a bar twice in green bay.  Both times i thought, "why not" and went to talk to him.  First time he told me he was woodson brother ha.  Second time, he was real cool, shook my hand and thank me for my support.


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But for some reason I was referring to him by that name last night, dont know why..maybe my infatuation with Gruden mixed with my love for Chuck and the mutiple shots I took last night played a major in the name morph...


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Obviously he could give less of a shit that this was your only shot at a pic with him. According to you, this is also after you had already gotten the leave me alone vibe. Dude spends almost every waking moment dealing with his publc, especially this week, too bad he couldn't peacefully enjoy a piece of pizza during his 5 minutes of down time.


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i saw jake long at the jug back in '05. another lineman (i wanna say it was jeremy ciulla) walked in first, which ellicited the standard "whoa, that's one large human being" response. then long walked in dwarfed him. i had been pounding long islands all night, so i had no trouble mustering up the courage to go talk to him. don't remember much of the conversation (again, pounding the jug's glorious 22 oz. long islands), but i did make him promise to injure an osu player the next year, which iirc, actually did happen. so you can thank me for that.


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while college is basically one big blur, i do remember that he was underage (wtf is the bouncer gonna do... say no to someone twice his size??), so it was definitely after the '05 season. don't remember who (or if) he injured, but i think he did take someone out in '06 as well. could be wrong on that point though.

Six Zero

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has no business being on Bri-Bri's web site.  Bri-Bri works very hard to make sure that this blog has a certain air of authenticity and integrity, the kind of things Bri-Bri takes very seriously.  If you had to ask me, I'd bet that Bri-Bri wishes you never posted this story.  Poor Bri-Bri.


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The most annoying part of this story is that people who meet celebrities come up with pet names or nicknames for them. Do they think it sounds cooler? You saw the guy at a pizza joint one night and now you call him chucky? Like you hang out together all the time or something. Why do people do that? Same with Michael Jordan. Everyone who meets him always referrs to him as Mike from then on. Give me a break

Waters Demos

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Get rid of the "/s"!  This worked perfectly without it, but is now ruined.

This is one of the better posts I've seen ruined by "/s"; most of the time, they're a lot more unimaginative, so the "/s" fits right in with an already banal comment. 

But this was a gem - and it deserved better.

EDIT: nice tagline BTW.


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I once saw Jords on the bus.  I was like "Hey Jords, nice shades."  When I got off the bus, I walked a couple of blocks and said "I'll be seeing ya, Jords."  I probably should have said that last part while I was still on the bus, since he was getting off at a different stop than me.


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Can I ask how old you are?

I was under the impression that once people graduate college, they outgrow things like being "star struck".

You should have just gone up and said hello. Asking random people for photos is so queer.


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I just left Pizza House around 1:30pm and Woodson was walking in as I left. I didn't get to talk to him because I was trying to confirm it was Woodson with my coworkers but they don't know who he is so by the time my slow ass realized it was definitely Charles Woodson it was too late :(((


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A coworker of mine was given 2 tickets to "some box" for the sprng game.  His wife couldn't go so his next option was me.  So of course I said yes, and I showed him my routine for a normal game day.  We both work up on Plymouth rd, so we park in the work parking lot area and walk across the street to north campus.  We Hopped on the Northwood and took it down to CC Little.  Then we had a nice walk through campus towards the stadium.  I usually will head down Hoover and come into the stadium from the north, but for whaetever reason we walked further down State Street and missed Hoover.  So the next option was to go down next to th eoutdoor practice field and hang a right, but my coworker (who hasn't been to many games at the Big House) thought we could sneek through by Oosterbaan.  So of course we get lost/stuck.  Then a campus worker on a golf cart drives by, and my buddy asks her which way is the shortest path to get to the stadium.  Now I feel like a complete tool because I went to Michigan for 5 freaking years.  She says "Jump on, I'll take you there!"

So now we're cruising in a golf cart with our box tickets feeling like royalty.  We come in from thes southeast side and head towards the east concourse.  My buddy said the connection he had that gave us the tickets got them from Bill Martin.  So we deduce that we're in the Bill Martin Concourse (East Concourse).  We almost jumped on the elevator before deciding to actually take a look at the tickets.  I notice it says the section # is 415W.  W must be west right?  So rather than avoid looking like idiots again we duck out of the elevator tower without being spotted and go into the bowl.  So now we're talking the most direct route to get to the west concourse (straight line through the stadium).  I mean, come on, we're engineers.  Stop off to watch player warm-ups for a bit.  Hoke is shadowing Hagerup doing punts. 

Se we finally make it to the correct concourse, we think.  We ask the lady at the elevator if this is the right place, show her the tickets, and she says "Yes this is it".  They take us up the elevator to the 4th floor and we jump out to see 431.  Ok, we're getting close.  We start walking down the hall looking at all of the suites and who sponsors them.  We get to 417 and sonofabitch it says Mary Sue Coleman.  Wow it's the president's box.  That's cool.  Then 416 is David Brandon's!!!  Sweet, we're right next to David Brandon's sweet in the Stephen Ross box.  Now we're really feeling like idiots.  Someone with seats in this box should know how to walk to the stadium without asking for help.

So we're hanging out in the suite watching the early warmups and my buddy leans over in front of me, looks to the right and says "Is that Lloyd Carr over there?"  It sure was.  Lloyd was hanging out in Brandon's box the entire game.

A few minutes later the food arrives so my friend gets up to eat, but I stay seated and who sits down 10 feet away from me (with no doubt bullet-proof glass separating us) but Desmond Howard.  Desmond also hung out the entire time, and he actually paid close attention to the game most of the time.  Then around the 3rd quarter'ish period Charles Woodson checks in next door.  By now David Brandon is also there, and I'm having a tough time paying any attention to the game.

It doesn't matter how the rest of the day went, but I will say this.....  Charles and Desmond aren't as big as I imagined them, and I didn't ask for their autographs.  I did manage a snapshot of the inside of Brandon's sweet (with Woodson's back to me) for the heck of it. 

Even in that situation with all of that celebrity around I still never felt compelled to talk to any of them.  I don't understand how people can be so rude as to ask for autographs or pictures.  Leave them alone unless you have a reason to say something to them even if they were a total stranger.

That's my Spring Game/Charles Woodson story.  It really made up for an otherwise awful game.


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That is a really cool story. Growing up, I was on a hockey team with two sons of (then) current Blackhawks. There were several others who had kids on different teams, and we got taught at a young age when the appropriate time to ask for autographs was.

Honestly, I probably won't ever go ask someone for an autograph if it isn't at an actual signing.  Let the kids do that.

kevin holt

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I hate my housemates. I asked them to go to Pizza House at about 2 last night but for some reason they don't ever want to go there. None of them has ever even had Pizza House, but for some reason they won't touch the place. It's bull crap. I love their pizza and its like right by our house.

We got South U instead, which was good drunk food, but holy shit I can't believe it.


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Charles Woodson came out after the Spring game but only signed autographs for kids.  I didn't meet his age criteria, but was close enough to count the gray hairs on his chin.