Charles Woodson to be on Rome in the first hour of his radio show

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Title says it all.  Woodson should be interviewed within the next 45 minutes or so.  I don't have a link so put google to work. 


-Edit - To avoid confusion, I have edited Woody to Woodson.



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this is probably because of Woodson's hilarious comments about jay cutler throwing the defense the ball, and of course because he is a great player.  But I'm sure Romey is going to try to get him to say something else about the bears


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I didn't attend the University of Michigan but my friends that did used to refer to him as Woody back in the day.  I do not have a problem dumping the moniker if it is that offensive.


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Long time lurker.  Love the site.  This thread brought into lurking retirement.


Quick Woodson story.  I was a sophomore in 1997.  Traveled to Wisconsin, Penn State and the Rose Bowl.  Saw 10 games in person -- was amazing.

Anyway, fast forward to the Spring of 2000.  I was a senior.  I was at Rick's (every night), and one particular night Charles was in town and also at Rick's.  As my time at UM was winding down, I was (drunkenly and probably sappily) looking at my tenure there.

Approached him and said, "Charles, just wanted to thank you for all you did.  I was a sophomore in 1997 and you really helped make my college career great."  Ridiculous, I know.

He looked right at me and said, "that's what I do."


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You sir, have made an excellent first post. It made my entire visit to the site worth something. I mean, arguing over whether a guy's nickname is Poochie, Poochy, or Woody, or on the other hand arguing whether a back-up walk-on kicker at PSU leaving the team is news was not doing it for me.

On a similar note, the first I ever approached a player was at Rick's also. I saw Gabe Watson after a game and I had never seen a guy so wide in my life. For no good reason I walked up to him and put my hand out to shake his, saying "Good game!" Being that he was a NT and I had no idea if he really had a good game because that is not an easy position to judge at a game, I wasn't really sure if my statement was true. He shook my hand, but replied "It was? I thought I played like crap." I didn't know what to say, so I just walked away quickly as it is disconcerting to have a 350 lbs wall disagree with you.


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about this until Rome mentioned it, but Charles may have the best trophy case of any football player ever.

Mr. Football Ohio

B1G Freshman of the year

2 time all american

Thorpe, Nagurski, Heisman trophies

Rose Bowl

National Championship

NFL rookie of the year

8-time pro bowl

All decade team 2000's

Defensive player of the year

Super Bowl championship


Is it possible to beat this? Maybe if he scored 4 TDs in one game. Though like Bundy, he probably did that in high school. Throw in future HOFer as well.

His Dudeness

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Obviously I am biased, but when he was drafted and playing against NFL players he was waaaay better than anyone around him. He was just that much better than anyone else. He is as old as Peyton Manning and still playing. Think of how many more hits Woodson has taken in his career as a defender than a he would have had he played QB . It's impressive to say the least. I will say that Charles is fortunate that he is in a great position in GB (they basically let him roam if I am not mistaken) and he gets a lot of opps for INTs and doesn't have to take as many hits, but he is without a doubt one of the greatest football players to have ever played the game.


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I took my son to Seattle to see a game (this was when both were in the AFC West). Our seats were not so great: in the corner overlooking the endzone; and I was wearing a maize and blue baseball cap designed to look like the winged helmet. During pregame warmups, CW ran by to pick up a ball that had been overthrown, noticed my hat, and gave us a big thumbs up. Class act.


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The man was a beast then and he's a beast now with the Pack attack. A co worker and I were actually talking about comparing him to Deion Sanders at CB. He has won way more than Deion awards wise but Deion's Super Bowl titles with the Cowboys gives him an edge but I still put Woodson above Sanders in athletic ability.