Charles Carter: Possible Nicholson Replacement?

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Now, I don't like to read into twitter too much and I'm actually never really on there. But I saw Peppers posted some more highlights on his twitter, so I went to check it out and happened to stumble upon this:


S/O to possibly my college future teammate @JabrillPeppers everybody go follow him 〽 #UofM #MichiganMan

— Snoop (@Carter_Era7) August 20, 2013

So I wondered who is this guy? This is all the information I could find. And I know it's not a lot, but I thought it was worthwhile to bring it up. And yes I realize the link below is an OSU site, but like I said, not much info on him.

SYR- What college football team did you grow up being a fan of and why?

Charles- UofM Because I grew up in Ann Arbor.

SYR- Who would you say is your personal hero and why?

           Charles- Charles Woodson just because of the fact that he’s my favorite   football player of all time.

He does mention OSU as a dream school near the end, FWIW.


#Project135 sounds real good

— Snoop (@Carter_Era7) August 20, 2013

#WolverineNation follow @Carter_Era7 !! Show him love & let him know where the place to be is!!! #Project135 #GoBlue

— Breezy (@JabrillPeppers) August 20, 2013

Headed to Ann Arbor #GoBlue

— Snoop (@Carter_Era7) August 25, 2013



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He could be thinking about walking on/be offered a PWO spot.  I'd be shocked if he was offered, given that we already full for DB recruits in 2014 (apparently Juju Smith is being recruited as a "Athlete").


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He said Purdue and Michigan are waiting to see his first game before deciding whether to offer a scholarship or not. Sounds like OSU has some serious interest as well.


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From a quick Google search he is a unranked prospect from Toledo.. Also I saw a article on how he was the MVP at LSU camp in 2011. From the looks of it I'd guess preferred walk on?


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I think someone posted something about him having visited this past weekend. I would agree with the sentiment that he gets nothing more than a walk-on offer.


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I follow Toledo - football and I've barely heard of this guy.  Seems his lack of ranking is justified from what I've seen.  Curious how The Commish got involved with this guy...makes me want to know more.  To the Googles!

I'll have to go check out a Toledo Rogers football game if things get serious or if he's more of a PWO.


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Sorry to hijack this thread but I can't create new threads (I've been a poster here since 2009 under the name "artds" but my account is all messed up and the mods can't figure out what's wrong with it so I created this one.)

I have an extended family member who's a graduate assistant at the University of Arizona, and he says Arizona approached Michigan last month about scheduling a home and home during 2016/17. As far as he knows Michigan is supposedly considering the proposal but apparently Brandon told AZ Athletic Director Greg Byrne that he doesn't want his student athletes traveling that far so early in the academic year and that the travel to Arlington last year was a big burden on the team. Just passing along the info with the usual "friend of a friend of a family member" caveats.


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if an Arizona RR team beat a Michigan Hoke team would come close to the meltdown if we lost to Appy State again.

All that aside, Brandon's supposed argument that flying out west is too trying is hogwash. We've gone out to UCLA or Washington for early-season games in '83, '89, 2000, '01, and '03.

I think his reservation is more due to the fact that we're 1-4 in those games out on the west coast.

True Blue Grit

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The travel thing is an excuse mostly.  Assuming RR would still be the coach then, this game would be a huge media circus sideshow that Brandon would want to avoid.  I'd have to agree with him.  It's kind of a no-win situation for Michigan.  So, it's better to keep the line in the water and keep fishing.  


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If he wants to walk on that's great but that's it. There isn't a scholarship for him. That's why we stopped recruiting Nicholson. We had less attrition than expected and there wasn't a spot for him. Just 2 spots left and those are reserved for McDowell and Hand. As Sam Webb said this morning we stopped recruiting Monte because "there was no room at the inn." If a spot did somehow open up then we're back on Monte if he's available. Then we go down the pecking oreder if need be.