Character and Cruelty

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I want to start off by saying i hope i get neg bombed like nobody's business.  I will be the first to say that i like RR as a person but after this embarrassment of a season he can't hit the road quick enough.  Let's be honest, he wasn't a fit at mich from the begining. I know everyone has had his dick half way down their throat all year but let's be serious this spread offense bullshit is an embarassment to the school and Bill Martin should have known better from the begining.  I think everyone has seen the quote by now but if you don't get some serious wood when you hear the mission statement we are going to win with "character and cruetly" then you're a fucking retard.  Jim has been rumored to come her for months now and i personaly cannot wait until het gets to town so we can re-enstate that stupid little sign in our locker room that says "those who stay will be champions". Like i said before, nothing against RR, he's a good guy, but it's time to get get back to basics and start wreckingt he shit out of Ohio State.



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There's the joke about having won first prize in a contest. An all-expenses paid, one-week vacation in Wichita was the first prize. Second prize was an all-expenses paid, two-week vacation.

Then, the other joke was: "Wichita. Nice place to live, but you wouldn't want to visit there."

I think I like Option #2, better.


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In a post filled with general ridiculousness, this

I know everyone has had his dick half way down their throat all year

particularly made me wonder what in the wide world of sports are you talking about?


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a "dick down our throats"


"spread won't work"  quote in the same post.

When you wake up tomorrow morning after your drunken stupor wears off, will you remember where you blacked out and left all your MGoPoints?

big john lives on 67

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Look, after today's debacle I get the desire that some have to get Harbaugh to Michigan, and to have his aggressive in-your-face style on our side against the likes of Dantonio and Tressel.  So, I am not going to criticize that at all.  However, this "fit at Michigan" stuff is very dangerous.  M football has always been at its best when it is renewing itself, not blindly looking backwards.  "Those who stay will be champions" everybody can rally around (and does not need to be reinstated).  "Character and cruelty" can be a very delicate balance.


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but let's be serious this spread offense bullshit is an embarassment to the school

Christ, not this shit again.

OK, so which teams are playing in the 2011 National Championship football game and what base offenses are they running?

Pro set? No.

Multiple I-formation? No.

Wishbone? No.

Run and Shoot? No.

Oh wait! That's right! Could it be? NO!

Look, for the last effing time: PSU, OSU have both run spread offenses in the Big Ten with mobile quarterbacks, led the league in offensive productivity and won conference titles and landed in major BCS bowls.   Stop being Gary Danielson.  Scheme doesn't matter that damn much.

What does matter is defense - something Michigan has not had for the last 4 years.

As for "character and cruelty",  seriously dude, why didn't you laugh your ass off at Chip Kelly's cruelty to Harbaugh's Stanford Cardinal team and the fake injuries Harbaugh and his staff ordered from the sidelines in the second half? I did. They were completely out of breath.



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I am up for that character and cruelty again on the field when the time comes. Just not up for anyone inflicting it on here towards other members. Jim is my guy. I grew up watching him play and him being this great of a coach caught me by surprise. 

If he is brought to Ann Arbor, I hope he does a job that pleases all the Rich Rodriguez fans. He earns their support, he'll never know greater loyalty.

Go Blue!!

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this one thread will poison the phrase "character and cruelty" from all common usage, forever.  If they want to talk about the good ol' days in Palo Alto along with Jim Plunkett and John Elway and Coach Harbaugh and chortle about "character and cruelty," fine.  It's a Indian Cardinal thing.  We wouldn't undrstand.

Bobby Boucher

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Although I do agree that RR should go and will be gone soon, saying that the spread was an embarassment is extremely false.  RR is an offensive genuis and a good coach.  I just think that everything that could go wrong did go wrong and the negativity is just too strong to overcome.  RR will be very successful somewhere else.  It just wasn't meant to be.  That's all.


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Fire Chip Kelly and Gene Chizik. Those spread offenses are an embarrassment to their schools.

Seriously, RR, Urban Meyer, Brian Kelly and Mack Brown all need to go.


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for Bolivia.  We have been sending so many asshats down there that they've created their own minor political party.  They only have three seats in the Bolivian parliament thus far... but they are gaining strength.

Oh, yeah, and your post was complete bullshit, so I did that 'neg' thing you mentioned.


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The question that should be asked when talking about how the spread offense could succeed is "physical or finesse"   U of Florida (with Tebow), Auburn and Miss St all ran a very physical offense that pounded at the opposing d-line.  Northwestern, Clemson, WV (minus Owen Schmitt), and the Michigan teams under RR seemed to rely more on team speed and finesse.  These two traits can a team so far.


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Anyone who's ignorant enogh to believe that RR is the man for job is probably good enough  to clean the dookie streaks from my toilet bowl,  Everyone needs to stop being so senstive and blind to the trruth and realize that the RR era is over (thank god).


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I've been to Wichita and you are better off hanging out in Lawrence or metro Kansas City.  I'm surprised this dude went off the deep end. He use to have some good posts in the past!


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I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things.  Won't be long now before they tear us to shreds.


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You think you're making some kind of stand with this post? We're all frustrated as hell today, but most don't feel the need to drunkenly rant like a loser who got dumped. Pull it together, man, have a little dignity. I guess dignity is a little much to ask from somebody whose go-tos thus far are dong and poop jokes.