Chances That We Play Notre Dame in a Bowl Game

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What are the chances that we play ND again in a bowl game this year? ND will likely be 9-3 and we'll be sitting at 10-2 or 9-3. UTL was a great, great game and the tickets would sell themselves. If we did play, any predictions on what bowl game we'd play them in?

And have we ever played ND in a bowl game before? If we did, how'd that game go? 



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Okay and yet with how much people bitch about not having sources, wheteher fact or not, once a person just links instead of speaking from memory he is chastized. This makes no sense.

Also, I'm sure it was so difficult to scan a quick list, or ctrl+f Notre, at 11:30 at night. It's a link that answered the question. No bitching was needed.


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Here's a topic: are race cars drivers with families irresponsible for racing at all? My wife says yes. I said there are lots of dangerous jobs, indy car racing among them. Still, you have to wonder. Another topic is this: why is professional wrestling popular? I don't get it. And why does anyone like country music? I don't get that either. Also, Frostys are disgusting. So are vegetarian hot dogs. Finally, how many people at any given time at any given Meijer need to lose at least 100 lbs? I'm talking percentages. I bet on average at least 34 percent. We will not play Notre Dame in a bowl game unless we don't play them in the regular season.


What will next year's score be in the opener against Alabama? There's another topic.




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Rose Bowl: BCS 

Capital One Bowl: SEC 

Outback Bowl: SEC 

Insight Bowl: Big 12

Gator Bowl: SEC 

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Big 12 

TicketCity Bowl: Big 12

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: MAC

Marley Nowell

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I would peg our record as more 9-3 or 8-4.  This would put us in the Outback/Gator Bowl territory where we will be facing an SEC team. The only way I see Michigan playing ND in a bowl game is if we are both picked for BCS games.


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It's not actually as rare as you might think. Nebraska played Washington in a rematch last year (and NU lost despite being the superior team, losing me a ton of points with my bowl picks), and Purdue and CMU played a rematch in the Motor City Bowl a few years back. MSU is the only team to ever beat USC twice in a season, the last year they (MSU) went to the Rose Bowl--88 season I think.

But M-ND? Not a chance. They could only really play in a BCS game, and even if both teams miraculously make it, both would probably be the first picks to replace the SEC and Big XII teams that will likely make it to the MNC game.


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FWIW (nothing) i'd like to see us play a non-spread team our bowl game.  Mississippi State was rough last year.  maybe a georgia tech or something.  They're going to have a decent record, and watching Mattison vs. the traditional option would be fun, no?


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played the mighty Big East Champion, how did they pull such a tough draw? I'd rather mix it up this year and not play an SEC team for once. Its tough enough to win against a fair opponent, but when your opponents recruit with cash, over recruit, and you have to play in their home state it makes it a tad unfair. Lets play  UConn like Oklahoma did, or Utah like Boise ST did, or Va Tech like Stanford did, or Baylor like Illinois did, or Miami like ND did. If we draw an SEC team then why can't it be Kentucky or Tennessee like Pitt and UNC got? What? Georgia won their Bowl Game? Mighty UCF didn't upset the Georgia Bulldogs in last years Liberty Bowl?



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"What are the chances that we play ND again in a bowl game this year?"


The  limit, as our chances of playing ND in a bowl approach zero.....


"And have we ever played ND in a bowl game before? If we did, how'd that game go?"


We've never played ND in a bowl game, so it went splendidly.


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For all the reasons listed above and the fact that both schools travel well. For a bowl game, a lot of the appeal of both UM and ND is the fact that their alumni and fans will travel to the games very well. Aside from our most recent games against Florida and Miss State, we have always sold out our ticket allotment (Notre Dame has as well). There is no reason to pit these two teams together as the bowl committee is determined to sell out the games. Yes UM-ND would ensure a sellout, but they do not need to pit the two teams together for said sellout. 


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Great point. We'd have to have a situation where nearly every traditional program held serve in their conference. Unless USC, Texas/Oklahoma, Miami/FSU, Alabama/LSU, M and also OSU/PSU are all in BCS games, the matchup definitely would not be worth it for the bowl to schedule M/ND.


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they won't match us up against each other unless it's a BCS bowl, which is, fair to say, unlikely.  If somehow neither team lost (except for Big Ten championship) the rest of the way, I could see a remote chance of Mich vs. ND in either Orange or Fiesta, but otherwise, probably not.  The bowl games want to sell tickets, and Mich and ND travel so well that tickets will sell.  Plus, we already played each other, and so ratings on tv won't be as good.


....what would you call the bowl game?  Since we already had UTL, it would have to be the "Hey, it's daytime" bowl?