Chance Stewart decommits from Wisconsin

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Per, well, everyone, Chance Stewart has decommited from Wisconsin.  i would guess that the new system is not as much to his liking.  Since Michigan already has their QB, i doubt they go after him, but who knows. 


He is a 4 * pro-style qb from Michigan



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The new coaching staff did eventually contact him, but that would definitely be a turn-off if I were Stewart, his coaches, and his family.  They took way too long to contact the guy who would presumably be a future leader of the team.  If they really wanted him, they would have contacted him immediately.  It was probably done deliberately to kind of show Stewart that they weren't very interested, rather than calling him up and saying "Hey, we're not going to honor your scholarship offer. Peace."

Mr. Yost

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...But Wisconsin isn't really a "rival" and now he could end up at MSU who IS a "rival." Obviously we're not going to recruit him, it seemed like the kid from Oklahoma (Cornwall?) was the only kid left on our board and he was only going to get an offer if Gardner didn't get his 5th year...which he did.


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Personally, I'd consider Wisconsin to be more of a rival than Sparty.  Wisky has won multiple B1G titles in the recent past.  MSU has had one three-way split in the past two decades.  Going forward, Michigan is competing against Wisky more than MSU......hence more of rival (even if they don't play every year).

turd ferguson

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Come on.  Going forward, we'll play Rutgers more than Notre Dame.  That doesn't mean that Rutgers is a bigger rival than Notre Dame.

Ohio State is clearly our biggest rival.  Michigan State and Notre Dame are the clear #2 and #3.  Then there's a drop to a bunch of schools that hate us or see us as their rivals for some reason without us really reciprocating.

Hardware Sushi

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I don't know if MSU and ND are the clear 2 and 3, respectively (not sure if that's what you were saying).

There's a decent amount of us that have ND over MSU. My reason being I was born in Indiana, my dad is a huge ND fan, and I live on the east coast now. Not much daily MSU fan interaction. I wouldn't be surprised to see my feelings change as we stop playing Notre Dame for the first extended period of my lifetime.

No argument that MSU and ND are a clear next tier of rivals after OSU, though.


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Well said.  The status of a true rival is not significantly affected by recent results.  If that was the case, UM-Ohio would barely be rivals at all.  Michigan dominated for a decade and then Ohio took it's turn.


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Rivalries absolutely change over time (and in some instances according to who is doing well).  What about the Red Wings and Avalanche?  That was one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports in the late 90's.  It's nothing now.  What about Oklahoma and Nebraska?  That one changed too.

My point is that MSU is not a "rival" simply because it is in the same state.  There's got to be more behind it than that.  Until the RR years, MSU never even beat Michigan in back-to-back seasons (going back to the start of the Bo era).

Can you really have three "rivals"?  Can you have three "best friends"?  At some point, it becomes another game.  They only play eight conference games so they're all big.  Clearly OSU is the biggest "rival".  ND is a big game because of the national stage. MSU is another game on the schedule.  The only thing that makes it different than the others is geography.



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m1jjb00.  University of Chicago was our main rival until they dropped football to focus on acedemics in the 1930s.  UC still holds many Big Ten records.

The issue of sparty being a rival is certainly an individual's POV.  For those people who did not attend UM and live in the State of Michigan: msu is probably the biggest rival.  We have to work every day next to these people.

To the alumni, msu is probably not a rival especially those who never lived in the State except for college days.  To them ohio is the only rival because they dont see sparty and all his glory on a daily basis.

I am a grad student and I was born and raised in Michigan.  I have worked with sparties my entire career.  I am friends with former starting football players from both schools.  I like to give a little $hit when I can.  However, I do not believe sparty is a rival any more that I think CMU, EMU, WMU, Ferris State, Northern Michigan, Lake State, Grand Valley, Kalamazoo CC or GR CC.  All these schools are good schools in their own right.  When I heard that sparty is going to the 'west" and we will be in the "east"; I said great.  This will put an end to the debate over time.

Bo did not want to play ND.  According to Bacon, Bo did not think ND was "worthy" of playing any B1G school if they were not going to join.  I think it was his way of saying that if you want to play B1G teams, join the league.  ND had the luxury of playing SOME B1G teams yet not have the weekly grind.  ND could play Wake Forest, Navy and BC in between B1G teams.

Don posted that Sparty is #3 behind Ohio and ND in terms of number of wins against us.  However I do not think that is important.  We do not recruit the same talent level of students.  We rarely go after the same kids in football.  Marky mark will offer some of the same kids as we have but that is just for show.  I think over the past 3 years, only one (1) kid who had dual offers went to msu.  Someone will have to help me on this one.

So if we dont compete for the same students, we dont compete for the same football players and the only thing going is because they happen to be in the same State and many of us work along side sparty; my personal opinion is they are not a rival.  ND is more of a rival than sparty.  However I believe the ND will wane as time goes by and we dont play anymore.  

The intensity will wane for sparty too if we end up in different divisions.  I dont care about sparty, I dont care about WMU or other schools except CMU because my daughter played SB there.

But like most things, rivialry is in the eye of the beholder. 


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the amount of MSU jokes, handles, avatars, signature lines, threads and comments on MGoBlog would convince anyone viewing from the outside that they're a big rival. Going by number of threads and jokes on this site, a random observer concluding they're the top rival probably wouldn't be out of the question.

You're obviously right that any perception is individual, but objectively speaking there's a reason there were more comments and jokes about Greg Roushar than Greg Davis through the 2012 season.


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Raleigh, that is pure insanity.


UM had nothing to do with Wisconsin in all those years they won (as in we didn't meet in B1G title games, didn't come down to the wire with them, didn't go to the Rose Bowl...).  Fact is you have an instate school that has made noise and has won some recent games against us.  Plus they are actually in our division.  It's insane to say, well, anything that you said.  MSU is a rival, they do matter going forward, and we should focus on beating them every chance we get.


We didn't factor into UW's recent success and going forward, it doesn't matter what success they had.  It matters what they will have.  And what MSU has is a lot more important.


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Let me try this another way (before the moron moderators get involved).

I think that we can all agree that OSU is Michigan's biggest rival, right?  Why is that?  It's because they compete against each other for championships!  The Big 2 and the Little 8.  The 10 Year War.  Does any of that ring a bell?

OSU and ND are national "brand" teams that Michigan plays on a regular basis.  That's what makes them rivals.  That along with an extended history.  Who's next in line for "brand" status in the B1G?  Here's a hint....Sparty is not on that list.  It's teams like PSU, Nebraska and yes, maybe even Wisconsin.

I went to the MSU vs. UM game last year and was shocked, SHOCKED to hear sports talk radio claim that MSU was Michigan's biggest rival (or most important game.....they sort of interchanged the two).  Yes, they claimed that the MSU game was more important than OSU.  Go figure.  A lot of this was based on the fact that the two teams were in the same division.  So that makes NW, Purdue, Iowa... all more important games too, right?.

Look, I understand that Ann Arbor and East Lansing are in the same state.  I understand that they play football in the same division (for now).  It's great that they can be big rivals in basketball and hockey.  I just don't subscribe to the notion that they are huge football rivals.  There's a reason that they've been called "little brother".  It's because they historically (last 40 years) have not competed at the same level.  Yes, we've seen the RR blip but that's not going to last.  MSU has had maybe three good seasons in the past 20 years (1999, 2010, 2011).  That's not exactly stuff to base your primary rivalries on....unless you're simply looking at geography.





Mr Miggle

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There are radio sports talk hosts who claim MSU is our biggest rival. 100% of MSU slappies do that and nobody else. Sayng that Wisconsin is a bigger rival than MSU is even sillier. MSU may not be our rival on the national stage, but UM is not only a national program. A fair proportion of our fan base live among the sparties and we are a state school. We may look down on them as a local rival, not to up to par with our national rivalries, but those games against MSU consistently mean more to our fanbase than MSU's standing as a program would indicate.


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You are living in an alternative universe.  OSU is rival 1.  I'd argue MSU is rival 2.  At worst 3.  Wisconsin? Laughable.  90% of Michigan football fans could not name 4 players on Wiscy's defense. Or one offensive lineman.  We know MSU's.  

Forget the past 40 years - and to ignore the "unfortunate" RR era is the same as ignoring the "unfortunate" Bobby Williams era.  Since 1990, Blue is 14-9 vs MSU.  And its been top heavy their way of late, with a very "fortunate" win last year for the good guys.

Has Michigan been down from where it traditionally was and MSU up ?  Yes.  But that doesnt mean MSU is just going straight down the tube and Michigan will be the team of the 70s and 80s again, lets hope its that simple but doubtful.  The whole comment about little brother is infact the NEXUS of what a rivalry is all about.  Everyone who says not a rival is dismissive, elitist, and ridiculous.

If Wisconsin is a rival of anyone its been MSU of late - they've had classic matchups with importance and drama.


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If Wiscy, who hasn't developed a QB in three years, doesn't think Stewart is good enough, I can't see him being anything more than a journeyman at MSU.  A lot of 4-stars in HS don't work out.  I think he should find a nice mid-major, but if he wants to go to MSU, great.  I don't think he's going to be anything for Michigan to be afraid of.


March 5th, 2013 at 10:15 PM ^

I don't think Michigan will go after a second QB.  They had their chance already, and they passed.  Plus Al Borges was pretty insistent that they only wanted to take one QB per year.  If something happens to one of our guys, all bets are off...but we'll probably stick with just Speight in 2014.


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I was wondering how significant the Wisky changes were going to be. Anyone know if kids on the OL are looking for an exit? Wondering if the Badgers will be keeping/integrating the pin & pull techniques their OL is specifically recruited for.


March 5th, 2013 at 10:20 PM ^

It's sounding like State might get involved. That'd be a good pickup for them. Looking at his game though, and seeing as he was okay with Wisky, I think Iowa should get involved. He looks like an Iowa QB to me, and they want at least one, maybe two in this class.


March 5th, 2013 at 11:47 PM ^

I dont think MSU will get involved. Stewart seemed like a plan B for both MSU and Michigan after camping at both places and not getting an offer. MSU has 4 scholarships out for QBs right now, and sit at the top for 2 or 3 of them (We'll be taking one). 

Michigan Eaglet

March 6th, 2013 at 2:03 AM ^

I know that O'connor and Henderson were two that had you guys in their top group (at least from what I remember),  but who were the other 2 that have offers currently? I'm curious because with Terry being a more of a dual threat type, I wondered if you would focus on more of a pocket passer for this class or go after another dual threat type.


March 6th, 2013 at 11:03 AM ^

The others are Chris Durkin (Who has us at the top with Northwestern) and DeShone Kizer (who i don't think is too interested in us)

Unless it's Kizer, I don't think we'll go dual threat. but O'Connor, Henderson, and Durkin are all pocket passers that can run if needed (Durkin more than any of the other 2)

Michigan Eaglet

March 6th, 2013 at 4:46 PM ^

I just read that Kizer now has offers from LSU and Alabama, but he's still a bit of a project so I'm not sure if he wants to sit behind 7 other quarterbacks at Alabama, but could compete with a little less depth at LSU. I haven't heard much about Durkin, but the others are definitely getting attention from other big time programs so you might have to fight for Henderson and O'connor, especially now that he's down in florida.


March 6th, 2013 at 1:26 PM ^

Not sure what the deal is on Henderson. He was ready to commit a while back but now his father wants to extend the recruiting process. Per 247, we are the favorites for O'Connor and he should be committing in the next week or two. Kizer isn't very interested in us from what I heard. 

Michigan Eaglet

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I was kind of hoping that Wisconsin would either keep Chance or get another strong quarterback candidate for their new system so that they have a relatively successful team in the other divsion. If and when there is a realignment, that might not matter as much, but I'd still rather see the conference as a whole be stronger from top to bottom than we have been, even though Wisconsin has been "on top" for the past few seasons championship-wise.

Hugh Jass

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make Urban Meyer angry - didn't Chance get the memo that the BIG needs to get it's act together and recruit better?  Wouldn't want to be him right now


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tOSU is our biggest rival by far and objectively from a national standpoint, but I hate ND more and MSU bothers me that I have to think about them. Mostly because of the separatist nature of their existence and that they also believe they are a superior academic institution in the mold of Stanford or some reasonable facsmilie - is my biggest beef with ND. "Jesus helps us win" and crap...No worries there from Brutus or Sparty: Godless, inferior schools...