Champ game pics (Denard sighting)!

Submitted by umichjenks on April 10th, 2013 at 11:32 AM

I figured after coming down from my anger over the loss and not wanting to punch a random stranger, I wanted to share some pictures from the game.  Everyone who went to the game please feel free to upload your pictures in this thread.

If you don't want to read this thread or don't care, then don't click on it.

FYI, I ran into Denard and he's the nicest person I've ever met and actually a lot thicker (muscular wise) than I would have thought.  Also ran into McGary's dad and McGary's g/f.  I also met Braylon and Mike Hart in the D for opening day.  

I'm wearing the yellow shades and Go Blue!!



Not sure which show this guy is on ESPN, but my buddy recognized him.

John Belein's God Daughter with my brother and I.

From Opening Day in Detroit.



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Can't speak for OP, but I got mine at face value and I thought they were pretty good. I was able to see 90% of the action without any difficulty at all. Considering the quality of the game and the general atmosphere inside the building, I would definitely pay that money again to sit there rather than on my couch.


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I sat very close to you, in one of the first few rows behind the tarped-off seats.  

There was a very easy spot to sneak into the 100 level next to a food vendor where the ramp from the upper deck ended near our section.  Worked both Saturday and Monday.  


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they were $400, but I told myself anytime Michigan would make it I have no excuse to not drive down.

As far as the OT thing, people seem to get so F'ing worked up over it and decided to just put it on there.  It's just like everything else in this overly sensitive world, people seem to have to walk on eggshells.  Oh well, I'll just remove the OT part, lol.


I'm also a solid 6 feet tall, so Denard is probably about an inch shorter than me as well.  The difference is that I weigh 175 and he's a solid 200 and has massive hands. 


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Thanks for sharing.  Man, I am gonna miss that gunuine positive attitude Denard always had.  That is what I admire about him more than he always stayed positie and smiled through all the criticism and pressure he was put under.  I would love to develop a little more of that myself.  How can anyone root against that kid?

Mich Mash

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...and my middle son Connor after we went to welcome the team back to the Crisler Center.  Nice kid...he had no problem taking a picture with us because "Timmy's my ride so I have to wait for him."  He rode home with Hardaway Jr who had a throng of admirers waiting for autographs and pictures.



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I was there and in the third deck. Even with people complaining about how far away it was, I loved it, and if/when Michigan makes it back to a final four I will be there in a heartbeat.


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So I gotta ask... did they guy in the back photobomb you in the Denard pic or is he just not a good enough friend to make it in the main row of the pic?