Chambers to MSU

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Unfortunately.  Per his twitter.  At least I'll now get to pick on him for not being able to spell "college."



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He also said he "will be playing WR and pursuing my Master's degree at MSU"....maybe he actually meant Master's and is being ambitious about his education, but something tells me he meant Bachelor's.

I'm definitely surprised about this one, best of luck to him.


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Hate to knock a 17 year old, since I myself am 17, but first it was "top 5 collages" and there weren't any pictures made into art. Then it was alphabetical order, and he put OSU before Mich and MSU. And now he is already pursuing his Masters degree. I wish him the best of luck, and I may just be a bit salty because he gets to go to *college for free, but a simple proof read could have been very beneficial.


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Just so everyone is aware, if you were looking to inflict actual damage, downvoting the thread itself will do nothing to the point total of the originator of the "Buckle Up?" thread, but it definitely gets the point across in no uncertain terms, that's for sure. I noticed that it was already in the -80 range.

For future posters of such threads, "Buckle Up?" might have to come with some reasonable projections from respected sources as well. It's one of those sorts of threads where you walk some lines definitely. 

I dumped the Dope

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I believe its a fork in the road as far as MSU.

Either they are going to be a near-equal with M where its a battle-royale each and every year, or they have crested the mountain with the momentum of the in-state gifts that RR gave to Dantonio plus a few rough/unheralded diamonds they polished into NFL players.  Narduzzi may finally jump at a HC's salary.

Strangely I like either scenario.  It would be quite interesting for a bitter in-state rivalry to start up, nothing like testing yourself against other good teams to see what we really have in the tank.  Like it or not we all live for the big games....this year's Home Schedule being a prime example.

Or, little brother is fine with me too. 

As far as Mr. Chambers, I would caution that Urbz, Franklin, Hoke, and even other recruits all have a way of getting in your ear, into your mind, and start the process of questioning what you thought you knew as absolute.  Witness G. Campbell and Da. Harris.


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".... with the momentum of the in-state gifts that RR gave to Dantonio plus a few rough/unheralded diamonds they polished into NFL players."

Riiiiiight -- it was RichRod's fault!!!

Care to list the "in-state gifts" that RR gave Dantonio? (By the way, you forgot to add "while he was chasing undersized dreadlocked Floridian thugs.") If you can do that, how many of them were difference-makers?

That was a good sentence after "plus."


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More than it hurts us. I fucking hate seeing MSU landing 4 stars out of state. This never used ot happen. We need to beat their ass this year and have them lose 5 games.