CFN Prediction: UConn 23 Michigan 21

Submitted by bklein09 on August 30th, 2010 at 1:52 PM


So apparently CFN thinks this is going to be a relatively low scoring affair despite the fact that RR scored 179 (roughly 45 a game) points in 4 meetings against Edsall at WVU. 

CFN is basically a useless site, but I figured I'd add this as fuel to the fire. If the score does end up in the low 20s, I guess it does not bode well for Michigan. However, it would mean that both of these young defenses would have to play really well. That seems doubtful. 

Edit: Doubtful that BOTH defenses play well. Not that the Michigan D holds UConn to 23 points, because I think that is actually quite possible. 



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With all the question marks surrounding the team, particularly on defense, is CFN's prediction really that unreasonable?  I sure as hell hope it's wrong, but right now, I don't begrudge anyone who picks UCONN.


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I don't think that people are calling it unreasonable that UCONN wins (I don't think it will happen), I think people are calling it unreasonable because the game is in the low 20s.  I'm guessing most people here think it will end up in the 30s.


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I don't think the UConn pick is what seems ridiculous, although we're gonna smash their faces in.

I just don't see such a low scoring affair unless the game is really sloppy (weather and/or lots of turnovers). 

The defenses on both these teams are by far the weaker units, and even though UConn is a ball control offense I just don't see the score staying in the 20s for both teams.

Michigan 34 UConn 24


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Even if you think UCONN will  win, this is a ridiculous prediction.


UCONN could win or Michigan could. Either way, the winner will score at least 30 and probably higher than that... Where do they get two scores in the 20s?


UM: 38



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1. CFN, whomever they are, are full of shit.

2. This will be a high-scoring affair, since it is the opening date of the Revenge Tour.

3. Michigan will score first, and score more often.  This allows GERG to issue the "pin ears back" command and let loose the dogs of (gridiron) war.

I could care less what the final score is.  All I know is that Michigan will win, I will be there, and the Big House is going to fucking



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As my law school buddies used to say:  Print me up a copy of that article (in my case, it was one of my various essays) and put it under the sink in case I run out of toilet paper some day.


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the worst prediction ever.  Not necessarily in terms of Uconn winning, whatever, it could happen, but not 23-21, that prediction does not make sense.


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Who's fire are you fueling?  Last I checked we Mgobloggers weren't playing in any game.  I'm taking a wait and see outlook on the team this year.  My hopes have been through the wood chipper.


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for the entire country is Greg Jones of MSU. Not surprisingly, there wasn't a single UM player on their top 100 list.

That score is ridiculous. Given the potentially porous nature of both defenses, there's no way that both teams don't end up in the high 30s at least, say 42-39 in overtime.


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can't tackle.

I heard it from my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, of course. She is at least as reliable a source as CFN.


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Yeah, they are off at least two TDs on the total points combined

No way its as low as 44 when its all said and done. The game might see that in the first half


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I have an idea what they can do with this article. Enlarge it and post it all over campus and in the locker room. If that doesn't get the players and students adrenaline going, I don't know what it  takes to do that.  Michigan needs to show everyone they are the real deal and are much improved over last year. May as well put everything into this game; play it like a championship game as it will define the season.

Yinka Double Dare

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Let me guess, their analysis goes something like this:

"Although senior star Donovan Warren returns an interception for a touchdown, Michigan's offense led by quarterback Steven Threet and slot receiver Antonio Bass will not be able to get anything going against UCONN's defense, led by corner Jasper Howard, and UCONN's offense does just enough to win a close one."


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Now way I see UConn holding us under 35, weather we win or lose we will score 35 at the very least. Hell they should give us 14 for having quite possibly the fastest, most electric QB in college football.

U of M in TX

August 30th, 2010 at 3:01 PM ^ prediction.  They have us at a 5% chance of winning this game.  They also give us a 5% chance against OSU. of these things is not like the other.

UM - 37 (missed XP and a FG)
UConn - 27 (2 FGs)