CFN picks us and (WTF?!) has a pretty good write up/analysis

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Fui must have spent a long time on this one because, outside of saying Indiana twice in one sentence instead of Indiana and Iowa, it's a pretty well thought out analysis (yeah, I know, and it's not even 2012 yet and we've got armageddon on our hands!).

What Will Happen: The team with the ball last will win. Wisconsin is a good, sound defensive team that’s about to get dragged down in a wide-open street fight. It’s not going to be Illinois-Michigan, but it’ll be a shootout with plenty of home runs and great offensive plays after great offensive plays. The Wolverines will unleash all the weapons, and Tate Forcier, who’ll step in after Robinson gets banged up, will lead the way to thrilling game-winning drive.
CFN Prediction: Michigan 47 … Wisconsin 45 … Line: Wisconsin -5



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Normally, I would say that you save rushing the field for beating OSU.  That should always be the signature win of a class.


This is my fifth year at UM and I, nor any of the other seniors, have had the opportunity to rush the field.  Every senior deserves that experience.  Normally they'd have it.  However, given the rebuilding process, this win would be as big as any other win in the last 4/5 years.

Senior day, top ten opponent that is a perennial top tier B10 team, and the entire RR-era stigma...

Yeah, my vote is for rushing the field.  Normally, you gotta save it for OSU, but these are pretty extreme circumstances that warrant otherwise.


November 18th, 2010 at 10:04 AM ^

As Michigan fans, act like we have been there before (because we have). It always looks ridiculous when "power" teams rush the field, even during a rough stretch. When a MAC school beats a top 25 bcs school, rush the field. When the Leaders and Best win, relish it but remember they are the all-time winningist (is that even a word) program.


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We've been over this a bunch of times here, but is there a situation in which you would rush the field? I wouldn't do it after the Wisconsin game if we win, but if we beat OSU at home next year I wouldn't have a problem with it.


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The only time it's acceptable to rush the field in football is when you clinch a conference championship or a BCS berth, something like that

Rushing the field after beating OSU for the first time in 7-8 years - NO

Rushing the field after beating OSU for the first in 7-8 years and clinching a spot in the Big 10 Championship game - YES

There is nothing of this nature on the line for this Saturday, so rushing the field after a win over Wisconsin looks bad.  Of course, Michigan won the Big 10 four straight years when I was in college, so I had a couple of chances to rush the field.  These current students haven't had much to cheer about the past 3-4 years.  Maybe I'd cut them a break this once on Saturday.


November 18th, 2010 at 10:55 AM ^

Who cares if hey rush the field?  It's a top 10 opponent and we've had the worst 3.5 years in the history of Michigan football.

It's senior day.  Do what makes you happy.  Just don't put yourself or anybody else in harms' way.  Nothing wrong with good clean fun.  Who cares if the MSM mocks us?  They can all piss off anyway.


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i remember rushing the field after that game.  it was crazy down there.  it was unexpected and spontaneous due to the improbability of it all.  a last second field goal in a driving rain by a skinny little walk on kicker - bob bergeron.  the 50 yd kick grazed the cross bar as it went over and turned out to be the longest FG in UM history at the time.

we all just sponaneously went nuts and rushed the field and tore down the goal posts.  it took forever to tear those things down...


November 18th, 2010 at 11:32 AM ^

what about the Seniors in attendance who haven't seen a season worth whooping about in their tenure? for all intensive purposes, they've had 3 rollercoaster years and never got to sit back and enjoy a consistent season, to the degree they came in with one of the most promising rosters in recent memory and saw them lose disappointingly. 

i usually rip on rushing (especially the court after UM beat UConn)... but this one as the last home game and a cathartic FINALLY... i like it.


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Your really ripping on mods who dont have alot of time on there hands to check that there phrasing is correct rather then moderate other parts of this board, so just lay off. Alright?


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It's the clinch factor moreso than the actual win over a hated rival.  In this video from 1982, we destroyed Purdue 52-21 to clinch the Rose Bowl and the fans rushed the field.  Purdue was a God awful team that year and this was the 5th time in 7 years we would be going to the Rose Bowl...but clinching a championship is great no matter what.  

Of course, it was much easier for the fans to rush the field in those days since the field was much higher to the first row.

Skip ahead to 9:07...


November 18th, 2010 at 11:20 AM ^

Rushing the field/court doesn't always have to be about history and tradition.  It can signify a major moment for the program. 

If we can manage to beat a #6 ranked Wisconsin, the probable consequences are significant.  It would be the signature victory that RR needs to squelch a majority of the dissentors.  It will mean that Michigan can finish no worse than 8-4 overall and 4-4 in conference.  It will likely guarantee a respectable bowl game.   We can speculate the impact on recruiting and perception of the program, but we all should be able to agree that they will improve.

This "We are better than that because we are Michigan" meme is horseshit and only perpetuates the Michigan Arrogance generalization.


November 18th, 2010 at 12:13 PM ^

Very valid points.  Besides - its not for us to determine how the team expresses their emotions.  They carried themselves pretty well in defeat and they deserve to celebrate in victory.  I don't see this team being poor sports in either category so let them be human and stop criticizing every little detail.  It is supposed to be fun.  Show fortitude in defeat and celebrate the victories.  My guess is that many of the "lemmings" jumped off their couch and hugged the closest thing to them just like the team and the fans at the game did.  At least RR didn't run across the field and do the happy dance in Zook's face.

NOLA Wolverine

November 18th, 2010 at 10:12 AM ^

Why not? After seeing how excited everyone got after beating Illinois, I can't imagine how excited they'd be to beat a good team. Players celebrating with their peers isn't a thing to be frowned upon, they're all Wolverines, and I'd say it'd be a reason to celebrate.

Eat Your Wheatlies

November 18th, 2010 at 11:04 AM ^

Everyone was excited because it was a triple OT win, which does not make beating wiscy and rushing the field acceptable, IMO. It shows how low expectations are getting when UM wins a Big Ten game that isn't for all the marbles, and then fans rush the field and look like douchers. Hive five the guy next to you, sing "The Victors" loud and proud, and go home and celebrate with a 4 Loko.


November 18th, 2010 at 12:04 PM ^

Grandpa, it's highly unlikely that the kids who might rush the field give a rat's ass about whether you or anybody else thinks they're "douchers" or not. As you're a charter member of the High Michigan Council on When It's Acceptable to Rush the Field, I know you'll frown and shake your head and say "get off my field," but those busy having a fun time down on the turf celebrating are not going to be paying attention to you or any other members of that august body.

Eat Your Wheatlies

November 18th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

Grandpa...right. Im just out of college, so the art of rushing the field is not lost on me. It just doesnt make sense to rush the field because we get a good win over a team UM should expect to compete with year in, year out. Lets say UM had beat PSU and were 8-2, would you condone rushing the field then? Our team would be close to top 25 status and simply beating a Big Ten foe that is not an official rival should never be grounds for field rushing. Its such a corny, overplayed routine that should be very, very rare...I just don't get how people like you get off on making a mockery of the best college football program in history by finding a reason to celebrate like its 1999.


November 18th, 2010 at 3:00 PM ^

Meanwhile, Don has admitted in other posts on this site to be not-as-freshly-out-of-college, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with it.  I'm been out almost a decade and I'd be fine with it, too.

Look, if some drunk kids who've had to watch some terrible years at the M decide to jump on the field IF (please let this be "when") we beat Wisconsin, I certainly will not judge them for it.  Others may say it's silly or whatever, but I say let kids be kids and have a good time...especially if it means they (read: we) have something to be happy about on Saturday.

Eat Your Wheatlies

November 18th, 2010 at 11:37 AM ^

An SEC team (for the most part) wouldnt rush the field if they beat Bama at a neutral site, so why should we? Just because they are in the upper-echelon right now doesn't make it acceptable. Especially that early in the season. Who know, by then we could be a top 10 team again. And as for LSU...I hope you're not implying that because of Les Miles, that is done and over with. Besides, they haven't been a routinely top 10 team over the last few years anyway.


November 18th, 2010 at 12:38 PM ^

I'm not going to be at the game.   I just thought I would ask, get a feel for when people think it's appropriate to rush the field.

It seems like it happens at a lot after ridiculous games, but you never know what the student section might do.

After 2 bad seasons and being the underdog in this game and beating the BCS #7 team, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.


November 18th, 2010 at 9:37 AM ^

I'll take it! 

I would love a win, obviously, but I just hope we come to play right from the start. I really don't want to have to try and come back and win in the 4th quarter or something again. But then again, if we come back in the last minutes and win the game, I'll be one of the happiest people alive.


November 18th, 2010 at 9:40 AM ^

We can't say CFN are idiots and then turn around and agree with them just because they pick UM in a high scoring upset.  If nothing else, they are still a bunch of jackalopes that write swill week in and week out.  While I think UM has a chance if they play a near perfect game, chances are that UW is going affirm the notion that CFN is garbage.