Centenarian Alum Records Cover of Beatles Song

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Harry Steinberg, Class of '31, is the artist du jour for the Beatles on Ukulele project.

The concept of the site is to have every Beatles song covered, and on each one, in some way, the cover band has to use a ukulele. The songs are all free and downloadable; the effort is mostly about getting some attention for the contributing bands. Each Beatles song gets a write-up with discussion and backstory (e.g. The Ballad of John and Yoko is described as a 2-minute tweet).

Steinberg, who sings a retitled When I'm Sixty-Four, turned 100 this month. He is a veteran of World War II, stayed in the army into his 50s, then started a career as an ENT doctor. He's also a found object artist, and lives in L.A. with his wife Claire.

For the record, the song's original author, Paul McCartney, is now 68.



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...has certainly led a full life.  Dare I say, he seems like quite the mensch.

In 1910 the year of Harry Steinberg’s birth many Jews had left
to escape the Pogroms. Harry’s family were part of that exodus. He was raised in a tiny basement apartment in
with his five siblings.


His brother Sam would die from a heart condition at fifteen when Harry was only five. Sam was born in
as was another child who died in infancy.


He attended the
University of
Michigan, graduated near the top of his class and entered
Medical School at the age of twenty two. He had to wait a year because the Jewish “quota” was filled.




He received a bronze star on Omaha Beach for getting over 800 men off the beach into the landing craft that still worked in order to get them back to a ship’s hospital and back to England. He was at the Battle of the Bulge and crossed the Rhine into
. He stayed in the Army until 1963 and retired a full colonel.

Lest we forget.