November 26th, 2011 at 3:41 PM ^

On the 26th Day of November Eleven,
<br>I heard an epic tale of a crime stopped at seven.
<br>You see, too many years not a good word could be spoken, nor had the sleeping giant awoken, the Best had been broken.
<br>An evil had prospered in the state to the South, teamed with a despicable, loathsome, incessantly zealous mouth.
<br>Thus entered the man who rival flames stoked, who gave embattled Ann Arbor Men hope, with a steely resolve entered the warrior-like Hoke.
<br>To many he came not as first but as second,
<br>But when all was said and done it was Hoke, and not Harbaugh, that Brandon had beckoned.
<br>He would have coming walking, or crawling, if needed.
<br>His Wolverine brethren's call would be heeded.
<br>He cooly gazed out from his podium, keenly aware of the stakes,
<br>And answered the heretic with, "This is Michigan, fergodsakes!"
<br>Those four-to-six words reverberated deep in the earth,
<br>The House That Yost Build would soon regain its worth.
<br>Ohio would soon collapse from its Fickell plateau,
<br>the Michigan Men then would regain their due mirth.
<br>On that 26th day when the sun hit it's crest, onto the field stormed the Leaders and Best.
<br>They laid Ohio to waste led by Hoke, Greg and Borges,
<br>and with Dilithium mettle honed in Michigan forges.
<br>With grit, and some guile, they'd defeated their foe,
<br>sending them back to the south with nothing to show.
<br>And as The Victors echoed off of the stadium walls, it was almost as if Bo was still there with them all.
<br>Then a light broke the clouds and a voice poured from Heaven,
<br>saying "Don't you ever let those bastards get back to seven!"
<br>Then the tale found its end with a simple aside - "I think that Hoke has turned the tide..."
<br>Go Blue! 40-34