CCHA Playoffs Game 3 (NMU vs BGSU)

Submitted by goblue7612 on March 4th, 2012 at 8:37 PM

BGSU just scored to tie it up 1-1 with about 10 minutes to go in the second. DeSalvo got the goal for BGSU. If BGSU wins, we play Notre Dame next weekend. If NMU wins, we play LSSU next weekend. You can pay $9 to watch this on



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From what I've seen of this game, Coreau has played poorly. Seems to be out of position and letting up juicy rebounds that BGSU has cashed in. There were NMU fans complaining yesterday that they wish Ellington had gotten pulled in favor of Coreau in that game, wonder if they still feel that way.


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End 2, still 3-1 BGSU. And I agree with all previous sentiments that LSSU is a lot less talented than Notre Dame. Hopefully Notre Dame doesn't play up to their potential or we'll be in for a tough weekend. Notre Dame will also be playing for a tourney berth most likely. Maybe NMU can show up for the third.


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About 13 minutes to go in the third. NMU has been outplaying BGSU this period and even had a power play, but unable to score. If they continue to buzz, good things should start to happen.

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notre dame is in a huge slump. Michigan is playing at home.

I was actually hoping for this matchup in the playoffs during the week. They have some talent, but they will not survive Yost.

Gonna be great to end notre dame's season.


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Notre Dame had been in a huge slump, but played well against OSU. One thing to watch for is who starts in net for Notre Dame. It should be Summerhayes as he has outplayed Johnson, but it seems like Jeff Jackson keeps wanting to keep Johnson a chance much to the chagrin of ND fans. Anders Lee is starting to score again which is very scary.


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LSSU has low talent but plays well and their ceiling is low

ND has a lot of talent but plays bad. Their ceiling is high when they play well

I fear them actually playing well, ND is a lot more dangerous than LSSU

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I'm pretty pumped right now for this series. Here's some stats:

Michigan is 47-5 in CCHA Playoff Home games.

Despite 5 losses, Michigan has only lost one home SERIES which was in 1989. Michigan has won 23 straight playoff series at Yost since then.

For those who have Comcast, Saturday night's game will be on Xfinity (formerly Comcast TV) which is channel 900 in Ann Arbor-Metro Detroit.


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I'd rather play almost any team in the conference than Notre Dame.  They're Michigan 2 years ago, needing the CCHA tourney win to make the tournament, they just don't have a 20 year streak going.  They DO, however, have just as much, or at worst, nearly as much, talent as Michigan does, a coach that was won just as many NCAA titles as Red and certainly has tournament pedigree, they even have a goalie.  No, he's not tiny, or a walk-on, he's even played a decent amount this season, but the team plays far better behind him than they do Jonhson and it looks like Jeff Jackson finally figured that out this weekend.  Oh, and in his last three starts, he's let in 2 goals, total. He's also the goalie during their win against us earlier in the seaosn.  They also have the motivation of coming into a rival's barn and needing two wins to continue their season.

Of course, Michigan has advantages, too.  Red >>>> Comley, Yost >>>>> Munn, (knock on wood) none of our best players will step on a puck during warm-ups and not be able to play in one of the games.  And Notre Dame has been very meh since the turn of the year and Michigan's record in Yost during the CCHA play-offs is sterling (though, mostly, the league is not this deep and Michigan isn't playing a team as talented as Notre Dame, remember a few years ago they played WMU and held them shotless the entire first period?).  But this is still not the ideal situation.  It's going to be a tough series.


March 5th, 2012 at 9:57 AM ^

Just grabbed 2 tickets on StubHub to Saturday's matchup. Should be awesome, hope we are up 1-0 after a win on Friday obviously.

Pregame at Ashley's - Walk down to Yost - Man Saturday is going to be a good day.


March 5th, 2012 at 12:14 PM ^

I can't remember how student tickets work and I don't have them in front of me.  Are those extra tickets for this game or do we need to buy separate ones for this game?