CC - Why the delay by Dave Brandon?

Submitted by Knappster on December 1st, 2010 at 7:56 PM

For those that DO want to discuss the biggest topic at hand, consider this...

Dave Brandon has stated many times that he will wait until after the bowl to make any decision.  This could be 100% wrong but here's my theory behind it...

-RR and the players have "earned" the bowl and deserve to play in it no matter what.  Good move

-Harbaugh (yes) and his players have earned their bowl and deserve to coach/play in it.  Good move

-RR will be fired or resign as coach of UM after the bowl, and Harbaugh will be named coach after his bowl game. 

If you think about it, it's the best way to go about the process without ruffling too many feathers.  Stanford won't be pissed about UM "stealing" Harbaugh before their huge, potential BCS bowl.  RR gets to cap off the season with his players, as he has earned it.  It will appear that DB went through a full evaluation process, which I am sure he has done anyway by now.  And as we know, the buyout is lower.

Sure recruiting might suffer, but with the dead period beginning on Dec 20, it's not as bad as some may think.  And IF Harbaugh is the guy, he will likely bring some recruits.  Going through his current commits, some are from NJ, NY, IN, PA, GA, LA.  Like him or not, we know that he is a great recruiter.  Not to mention, this is obviously a long term move and not just about one season or recruiting class.

I just keep thinking that if DB really wanted to keep RR, he would say it now publicly for many reasons. 

Again, for those that DO want to discuss, what are your thoughts?  I think it's already a done deal. Please no facepalms, atomic bombs, etc.  Boobs are okay.  We are ALL Michigan fans and support the team no matter what. 



December 2nd, 2010 at 10:55 AM ^

First off, I want the guy to stay.  I hate seeing people fail, and I have a lot of respect for a coach that will keep his only punter at home for breaking the team rule right before the biggest game of the year, and one where your personal livelihood as a coach possibly lies in the balance.  Hell, MSU will let guys play that break state laws, while RR sets a team policy and sticks to it despite the situation.  With that being said, here's why I think he is gone based on the possible scenarios for the delay to announce either we're keeping him or firing him:

1) DB wants to see how the bowl goes: Highly unlikely that someone will base a decision like this based on one meaningless bowl game.  Result: Up in the air but this is pretty unlikely.

2) $1.5m decrease in buyout: definitely possible. Result: RR gone.

3) DB wants to think about it some more: I dont see how this is possible.  All of the facts are laid out there.  The guy has been thinking about this from day one and has been critically stewing over this after the MSU game. Result: Up in the air.

4) Harbaugh wants to coach the BCS game: possible.  Let's face it, the guy was coaching at San Diego 5 years ago. The opportunity to coach the game which is the pinnacle of a product the guy has poured his life into over the last 4 years is probably worth more to him than a couple of extra recruits he could get if he came to Michigan right now. Result: RR gone.

In all, if the decision was made up that he'd stay, the announcement would OBVIOUSLY have happened by now. There's no reason to make everyone sweat and hurt recruiting if he knows RR is staying.  

In addition, I have a hard time believing that Brandon needs these extra couple of weeks to figure it out.  There is no pending information of any kind.

As a result, there must be some reason to wait to fire the guy.  Whether it's money or a time table set by the other coach, either way, RR is unfortunately gone.  Someone please convince me that there's another scenario where there is a reason to wait and then keep him.