CC: What if Brandon releases a statement Thursday

Submitted by SalvatoreQuattro on January 4th, 2011 at 1:35 AM

that reads "Rich Rodriguez will return as Head Coach at the University of Michigan for the 2011 season." Oh, how chaos will ensue among the fan base. Heads will explode,  hands will be wrung, and many a cat massacred.

Seriously, no one has a clue what David Brandon will do. We are getting hot and bothered about UM "losing" Harbaugh when Michigan in fact still has a coach. Does not the seat have to be vacate in order for another to sit upon it? I suppose JH could sit on RR's lap, but that would just be weird.



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and in jeopardy the question is an answer and the answer is the question!

anyway, i was hoping for some awesome photoshop job involving Uatu myself, but i guess the tense was wrong for that.


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Well, guess that means the DB choices were:

1)  Harbaugh

2)  RR

3)  Anyone else that would have us.


And Harbaugh said no......and dead CCats have over 1001 uses! (yes, CC pun intended!)


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Seriously, no one has a clue what David Brandon will do.

That's a bit of an overstatement. There's more than enough chatter to suggest that a) RR is done and b) Harbaugh will be approached (if he hasn't been already).

This might have been true a couple weeks ago - but's not any more. This is happening.


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The elephant in the room is that RR is gone, in my opinion. Everyone pretty much knows it. I really hope he Harbaugh comes to AA . I didn't really give a shit about his academic comments or whatever other meaningless issues people bring up because they don't want him. How could you not want this guy? When this fanbase, alumni, powerful people in the media are all on the same side, we are un-fucking-stoppable. 


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I take issue with a lot of this. First of all, Harbaugh's comments were and remain a major issue. If he is willing to casually bash the school he went to and supposedly wants to coach at without any provocation, then trusting him to stay here and represent the university well is going to be difficult. Secondly, if the fanbase, alumni, and media want Rodriguez gone, and Brandon doesn't, then Brandon will win. The media and the alumni can put pressure on the AD to do things, but that pressure isn't sufficient to force the AD to do something unless they're on the fence about it or they're indifferent.


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He didn't bash the school. He made one comment about how Michigan compares to Stanford academic wise by saying at Stanford football players major in what they want to while at Michigan players are technically majoring in football as much as in anything academically. The comment gets taken out of context and it has basically attained cliche status.


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Let's not go the "revisionist history" route here. Stand up and say, "I don't care that he bashed our school. I still want him to be our coach."

"Michigan is a good school and I got a good education there, but the athletic department has ways to get borderline guys in, and when they're in, they steer them to courses in sports communications. They're adulated when they're playing, but when they get out, the people who adulated them won't hire them."

This quote is " I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I'm going to disrespect you". There is no taking this thing out of context. It stands on its own.

Is it really a big deal? I don't know. Is it shedding Michigan in a negative light? Yes.


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Yes, it's embarrassing.  But what part of it isn't true?

I wish he hadn't aired it in public.  If he had to, he should have done it while Bo was still alive so his own coach could have addressed it.

But, unfortunately, it is, for the most part, true, and Michigan should aspire for more than that.

Sometimes you have to criticize things (or people) you care about for their own good.  I'm not sure that's why he did it (more likely it was for a recruiting edge at Stanford), but there's a case to be made that Michigan should have taken it to heart as constructive criticism.

I think there's ample evidence that he's also matured since he made those comments.  Doesn't excuse them, but they should be put in context with the rest of his existence.


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The guy speaks from the heart without thinking. If he is introduced as coach, this will no doubt be brought up and he'll explain himself. Him and Mike Hart will have a nice hug. The guy has fire and I think you would take the occasional slip of the tongue for the kind of coaching and leadership you saw from him this season. The media can add fuel to the fire and make a situation toxic, which can eventually influence decisions, but only if there is already anger in the fan/alumni base. (Rosenberg, that bastard) But, if the fans and alumni want RR gone and Brandon doesn't, it isn't as simple as Brandon wins. These people pay the bills and fill the seats. If RR gone is what it takes to sell luxury boxes, Brandon is going to take that into strong consideration based on how things have gone.


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Well, first of all, M does funnel jocks to basket-weaving classes. Which ultimately does the players and the school a disservice. We're better than that.

Second of all: Most M alums, students, and brass are not (and were not) particularly offended by Harbaugh's words. M is a place that welcomes criticism. So maybe you should recalibrate your moral outrage.


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Well, first of all, M does funnel jocks to basket-weaving classes.

This comment is absolutely absurd, and many student athletes would be offended by it. 

Second of all, just because you aren't offended by Harbaugh's words doesn't mean many others aren't/weren't at the time. You're crazy if you think he made those comments for the good of the University of Michigan. I think your desire for Harbaugh to be here is causing you to give him a free pass, and that isn't entirely warranted. Personally, I don't give a shit about the DUI, but he definitely has to rectify those comments.


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While I'm sure we'd all like to believe we are above reproach, I think it's been shown in the past that even we can engage in some ummm questionable behavior. I'm not suggesting we are SEC-like or anything along those lines. We're probably in the upper echelons in terms of 'doing the right thing.' But the fact is UM is a massive sports machine. If you lift the covers it won't all be shiny and spotless. That's just reality.

Blue in Yarmouth

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the day I would say that a guys comments are more of an issue than him driving under the influence is the day I have to check myself into the asylum. Are you serious? I thought his comments were as absurd as the next person, but saying "I can live with the guy driving around drunk, but that bastard better not say anything negative about UM again" is the most ridiculous things I have read on this blog.

I want to point out that this post has nothing to do with the CC and everything to do with how f*ed up your rationale is. Negative words about UM are worse than putting people in danger by driving drunk.....bizarre.


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Funny folks are harping on Harbaugh. I do recall when the RR hire was made, and how it unfolded, that quite a few folks (including myself) were displeased with how he handled that situation.  Back then i was thinking - how can a guy who grew up in that state, went to that school, and coached it to national prominence just leave like that? How would i feel if a Michigan alumn would have done that to us? I can understand the guy leaving for a better job, but how he did it? To me that was just wrong, plain wrong. How could you not even address your coaches, your team, and handle the situation with dignity?

So we can start pointing fingers about what Harbaugh has done, but our coach did not necessarily behaved very ethically to me as he started his tenure at Michigan. And this has nothing to do with NCAA violations or the like. I am simply talking about how he handled his departure from his home state and beloved school. Some dont want to bring that back up cause he is one of ours now - but the fact remains he was tactless and irresponsible. Sorry but people tend to forget that he stepped in a lot of shit making his way to Ann Arbor. 


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I'm expecting him to stay at Stanford or go to the NFL. Contrary to the popular belief of a vast number of casual UM fans, Harbaugh has not made a single verifiable public statement that UM is his "dream job" or ultimate goal, while he's made a number of statements that Stanford was a place that always had a special place in his heart. That doesn't mean that he won't come here, but I don't think it's a slam dunk that he'll automatically accept a Michigan offer simply because we're Michigan. I suspect his wife is as big a roadblock as anything else to his coming back to the rusting, cold midwest.

Brandon's going to earn his dough this week. I don't know who will be in a tougher spot— a Rich Rodriguez who's given another year, or a Brady Hoke-like second choice who will have to be sold as a satisfactory alternative to Jim Harbaugh. One of the sins that RR could never correct in the eyes of many was that he wasn't Les Miles. The same sort of thing would be said about Brady Hoke—he's no Jim Harbaugh.


January 4th, 2011 at 7:21 AM ^

I agree that Brady would have "original sin" in the eyes of many.  At least with Rodriguez, though, you could make the argument that he was a potential Top Tier coach.  You can't say the same about Hoke ... yet.

Rodriguez was merely disliked, it seems, because he wasn't the choice of the Les Miles Fan Club.  Some of those people might have privately conceded that Rodriguez had some promise.  (Hard to remember those days at this point ...)

With Hoke, though, Michigan would be *obviously* going Second Tier from the start.  It might still turn out better than the RichRod regime, of course.  I'd be surprised, but anything is possible.

S.G. Rice

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What if Brandon releases a statement tomorrow that says anyone found eating Pizza Hut on campus will be shot on sight, and that pretty girls wearing sorority sweatshirts will get 2 for 1 ice cream?  Holy ****, blood would run in the streets of Ann Arbor and then we'd all go to CC for a case of Beast Light.  You're buying because I left my ID at home brah.


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A week ago I would have been very very happy to read this headline.


Today, I wouldn't be disappointed, I just wouldn't be ecstatic either.  I'm starting to like the idea of having Harbaugh as our coach.

Chippewa Blue

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Then we go into 2011 with RR as are head coach and real Michigan fans will continue to root for the team while some fake fans might jump off the bandwagon but don't worry about them if things start looking good they will be right back on.

ND Sux

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but if we go into 2011 with RR as our HC, I am going to cheer just as loudly as I ever have.  That is never going to change no matter who is in charge here.  Hoping for a better result, whatever that takes, isn't necessarily the same as not supporting the current leadership. 

If Rich is our coach, he has my support and I will focus on how he fixes the defense and ST.


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Because JH came off looking so good tonight he's thinking about replacing God. Truly he could have any job he wants now and We might not be the best. Maybe if he lost his stock would have fallen a fraction of a point and there would be less competition. If I were the Budda I'd be scared for the universe.

Glen Masons Hot Wife

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We know you have the money. If you offer more than the cheap ass 49ers and the Broncos, he won't say no.

We're in a tough spot. But even if we pay Alabama money, no one is going to bitch in a few years when he makes us a contender again.


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If in fact DB delivers JH, it will take him time to recruit the players that will run his style of offense. From a person that bleeds maize and blue, do we want to win later or win now...