CC: We need a Mary Sue Coleman travel watch

Submitted by Happyshooter on January 4th, 2011 at 9:56 AM

President Coleman has shown in the past that she wants to be the final interview for a new head coach. Last time it was in Toledo, which means media people will be watching 23 and 275 south this time.

She is likely to do an out of town again, which means either flying out of Detroit Metro, driving to Lansing, or driving to Grand Rapids (either to meet or to catch a flight). I think Lansing is unlikely given the sheer number of MSU fans there who would narc in a second.

The team is also required to interview at least one black coach for the job under NCAA affirmative action rules--but I don't know if she would spend her time as part of that process. She may, given her vocal AA support. That would give us two interviews. Likely at different times because it would be a little demeaning for a black interviewee to meet the guy who is really being interviewed at the site.

Anyone seeing any sign of travel from Coleman, this is the thread to post in, please.



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MSC is the ultimate ninja though.  You never see her.  Bollinger was visible, but MSC is Queen of the Shadows.  You see her at graduation and that is about it.


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Ahh, please cite to this.... the "Rooney Rule" only exists in the NFL...

Thanks for playing. It was adopted by the Division I-A ADA. It requires that at least one head coach interviewee be certifed as minority by the Black Coaches and Adminstrators.


I post the rule directly by cut and paste, below:


Minority Football Coach Hiring Practices

The Director of Athletics is responsible for administration of an effective search for a head football coach. While the hiring process may engage third parties including those from within the institution, alumni, donors, and representatives of executive search agencies, it is the obligation of the Athletics Director to manage the process in accordance with the guidelines and standards of their institution, their Conference, the NCAA and this Association.

Potential Candidates

Historically, the identification of candidates for a new search begins at the start of the process, which potentially results in a less-than-comprehensive group of candidates. It is prudent to ensure a list of potential candidates will include minority coaches. The development of the diverse group of candidates should be an on-going procedure during the normal course of business throughout the year, and in particular, at times other than when an actual search is underway. This on-going procedure should enable the Athletic Directors to identify a more diverse group of candidates, well in advance of when a search is necessary. Athletic Directors are encouraged to develop a list of potential candidates, to specifically include minority candidates, which will enhance the efficiency of a search process, but will also give the Athletics Director more time to personally become better acquainted with those coaches identified as potential candidates, before an actual search is necessary.

Further, the Association offers opportunities to assist and support each Athletics Director through initiatives that will focus on creating a diverse candidate pool:

  1. Identification of potential head coach candidates
  2. Educational/training of candidates
  3. Relationship development with candidates
  4. Collaboration with other organizations such as the NCAA, BCAA, NFL and others

Search Firms

When executive search agencies are used during the hiring process, it is imperative the institution and the Athletic Director retain the prerogative to direct the activities of the search agency to adhere to institutional hiring practices and to mandate consideration of all candidates identified by the institution as potential candidates. Further, the Athletic Director should give consideration to a firm's history of inclusion with respect to minority candidates when selecting an agency or consultant.

Formal Interviews

Athletics Directors interviewing candidates for head football coaching positions should include, one or more minority candidates for that position, resulting in a formal interview opportunity. It is prudent to hire from a broad, diverse, and growing group of candidates, and to support equal opportunity and fair hiring practices throughout the hiring process. This is not only the position of the Association, but most likely in alignment with the hiring policies of the institution.

Key items to consider during the search/hiring process that are customarily included in institutional hiring policies:

  1. Prior to beginning the interview process, in order to clearly articulate the job expectations for potential candidates, draft a job description that clearly and fully defines the role of the head coach;
  2. Review the current information obtained by your on-going efforts throughout the year to identify potential candidates;
  3. Conduct outreach efforts to organizations (e.g. use of NCAA/D1A Association/NFL/BCAA resources) to obtain resume and reference information;
  4. Create an optimally comprehensive group of candidates, making certain, your group of candidates is diverse and minority inclusive;
  5. Preparation of a "search timeline" that sets forth key decisions and dates leading up to the actual selection of a new coach. It is clear, the athletics director must maintain flexibility during a search process, while operating in accordance with institutional prerogatives, so the "search timeline" will be specific to the circumstances.
  6. Records should be kept that describe the administration of the search process, as well as the details pertaining to each actual interview. The actual interview may be conducted in a location that is convenient for all involved, and does not have to occur on campus.


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Personally, I like the idea of Brandon and Harbaugh tossing back a few pitchers of Old Style at Fraser's.  Want to go upscale?  Shift to Menlo Park's Dutch Goose and add some bags of peanuts.


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You have topped them all. 

You are wrong on ALL counts. No Rooney rule in CFB and Willow Run Airport is more convenient for UM's  *private* plane.


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Do you not recall that Michigan got their wrist slapped for the RichRod hire when he was not certifed by the BCAA as minority? Seriously? It was just a few years ago...

Also, everyone knows everything that happens on Willow Run. Maybe 30 flights a day and the scanners would nail a Michigan takeoff in a second, and flight plans have to be filed with the FAA if she flies IFR. If she went VFR that would stand out even more.



You are wrong on ALL counts. No Rooney rule in CFB and Willow Run Airport is more convenient for UM's  *private* plane.


Feat of Clay

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MSC is trying to appeal to JH's sentimentalism as an alum and has plotted to take 12 yet-unnamed members of the Men's Glee Club with her to sing the alma mater softly in the background during the interview.  

As a travel party I suspect they'll to be hard to miss, but as a precaution... can you find 92 friends to shadow the individual glee club members?


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I would have the interview meeting at Ashley's Thursday night, and then head over to Skeepers to hammer out pay and contract release clauses over a few pitchers by writing on napkins and yelling in each others ears.

Somehow I think Coleman likes conference rooms better, though.