CC: Tom Herman to be named Houston Head Coach

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Per Bruce Feldman on twitter. I know he wasn't really a candidate for the Michigan job, but it will be interesting to see how he does. 



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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>BREAKING <a href="">#OhioState</a> OC Tom Herman is expected to become the new head coach at <a href="">#Houston</a>, source told <a href="">@FoxSports</a>.</p>&mdash; Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) <a href="">December 15, 2014</a></blockquote>
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Get Jim Harbaugh

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The rumor in buckeye nation is that he will coach the game against Alabama, but even with a win against them, he will not coach the natty game, which seems absurd to me. Why would you quit the last game? Getting a ring (although it's unlikely) is a huge résumé booster, even for a coordinator, but now that he is going to be a head coach, that would be a huge thing for recruits.


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After Brian's profile in heroism post, I had warmed myself up to the idea of him being our coach. Oh well, I take this as another sign to go all in for Harbaugh


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It shows what sort of reach Herman is/was for Michigan.

Look at Narduzzi - not a sniff by anyone this year.  Wisconsin was open, Nebraska was open - not a sniff.  Was offerred UConn, and a candidate but not offerred at Louisville a year ago.  Herman has done far less - he had 5 years of coordinating away from  Urban of which only 1 was good (2nd year at Rice)/  All 3 years at ISU were uninspiring.  Other "offensive bright minds" like a Mike Leach went to a school no better than ISU (Texas Tech) and lit up the conference on offense so "it's just ISU" is not an excuse.  Wilson at Indiana can create offense with similar players as ISU.

Then suddenly he goes to Urban and becomes a genius.  The same genius that Adazzio supposedly had because he too (wait for it) worked for Urban.

And in 2 years whoever is the next OC for Urban will be a genius and get another HC job.  People need to see there is a common theme called Urban Meyer here.  Tha doesn't mean all his OCs are idiots or average - or even that Herman is not the great next thing (who knows?)  but if you have 5 OCs under Urban in a decade I am sure it is no different than any other bell curve.  They all just look better all along the curve due to the HC.


Everyone Murders

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To riff on what I posted some time ago, I'm glad Houston was able to woo him, so he woes us no more.

He definitely deserves a shot, so good for him.  This is a good first head-coaching gig, and plays well to his TX connections.


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Glad that risk is gone.  I was majorly fretting about having to keep the distinction between Tom Harmon and Tom Herman, and Tom Herman and Jim Herman.  I mean, c'mon, admit it, yunz have been confused by this too.  Well, maybe not so much the latter.


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I was confused at first.  Also, I keep my family up to date about coaching searches. First time I mentioned Tom Herman, my brother said: "Didn't everyone dislike him when he was at Michigan?" 

I wish Herman the best.  And Ohio State someone a rung down from him.


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in say, fivr years, after Meyer decides to actually retire for good or become the next AD in Columbus and then hires Herman.

Not so much concerned that Herman's absence will impact their gameplanning and play-calling as his recruiting reach in Texas and plucking Barrett out of the state even while he was being recruited by Texas. I suppose the Buckeyes have backup recruiting experts in Texas, but this to me seems the larger impact of Herman's departure. That and the future development of their three star qbs next season, an embarrassment of riches, Ohio will have to sort out.

Leaders And Best

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The AAC (the old Big East) has been pretty much a minor league for Power 5 schools to hire coaches. Look at the list of guys that have been swiped from that conference in the the past 5 or so years:

West Virginia: Rich Rodriguez (2007)
Pittsburgh: Todd Graham (2011); Paul Chryst (2014)
Syracuse: Doug Marrone (2012)
Rutgers: Greg Schiano (2011)
Louisville: Bobby Petrino 1.0 (2006 pre-Arkansas version), Charlie Strong (2013)
Temple: Al Golden (2010); Steve Addazio (2012)
Connecticut: Randy Edsall (2010)
Cincinnati: Mark Dantonio (2006), Brian Kelly (2009), Butch Jones (2012)
South Florida: Coaching careers go to die here.
Houston: Art Briles (2007), Kevin Sumlin (2011)
Tulsa: Todd Graham (2010)

Including Houston and Tulsa on this list is a little bit of a stretch as they were in Conference USA at the time these coaches were hired and moved to the AAC last year.

And now the current crop of AAC coaches includes some of the hot coordinators of the last couple years and a handful of grizzled veteran coaches:

Chad Morris - SMU
Tom Herman - Houston
Justin Fuente - Memphis
Bob Diaco - Connecticut
Bobby Petrino 2.0 - Louisville
Tommy Tuberville - Cincinnati
George O'Leary - UCF



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Great hire by Houston; he fits their mold perfectly. I'd expect to see him up for a major job within 3-5 years if he's as successful as I think he will be.

Now, who will OSU hire for OC? Will it be internally?


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Good for him, hopefully he has a great tenure there (and his inevitable jump to a bigger program if he succeeds) and is a viable candidate following Harbaugh's departure from Michigan, whenever that may be.