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I remember when this message board wasn't full of people who feel the need to tell the whole world their thoughts on what U of M should do. Can we just put a CC sticky up or something so we don't have to wade through 28 million threads? Yes I'm bitching and don't really care what you think about it.


We're about to play in a New Years Day Bowl Game for the first time since '08, lets discuss that, or what the woman's water polo team is doing, ENOUGH CC


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              -  If Harbaugh is hired - 2012

Denard Robinson made his first visit to Times Square this weekend. It didn't take long before his name was up in lights on Broadway.
Florida University's star quarterback won the Heisman Trophy in a landslide vote Saturday night.


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Glad you got the sarcasm. 

But that avatar may be the most disturbing image ever.  I have to scroll down to get it off my screen everytime you comment.  That is that rich broad who has had like 100+ plastic surgeries to her face isn't it? 

El Jeffe

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I like your optimism, but I don't think we're going for 550+ yards of total offense against MSU (NTMSU). I don't doubt the first two figures, but I bet the RBs will get more like 100 combined.

I do expect a couple of D-Rob to Roundtree Woop Play Actions, a la the first play against Illinois. MSU likes to storm the box with multiple regiments and might be susceptible.

Steve Lorenz

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Their thoughts on the team? All I asked was a simple question and was hoping for some solid insight. It happened to be related to the current situation. I hope for Marvin Robinson position change threads as much as the next person, but when I want to pick somebody's brain about Michigan football, I'm going to post it on this board because it's full of people who have trustworthy opinions or angles. 


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While I agree with the OP's sentiment, I can't imagine this title staying up very long.  I'm guessing it is changed to, "CC: Please Kindly Refrain."


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I am in agreeance to an extent but it would be difficult to traverse a thread with 3,000+ replies and read new stances on the matter. However, I will +1 you (which I refrain from along with -1) because of the admirable posts you made the other night on the Michigan Memories thread.

Maize and Blue…

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and DBs timeline we didn't even have a single recruit come to our open to the public practice which is the only one they were allowed to legally attend.  Jernigan was supposedly going to make it per his father and never showed up and nobody from Dr. Phillips either.

My feeling is the recruits are so sick of the talk that they just assume RR is gone and they are all writing off Ann Arbor as a destination.  Between lack of recruits due to uncertainty and possible defections the next coach if there is one is going to have a mess on his hands.  I hope DB realizes this.  Are we becoming Notre Dame?  Will the next coach get three years also?

Being a grad and huge fan, I'm really pissed at how RR has been treated since he got here.  Leaders and best my backside.  At the first sight of adversity we tuck our tails and run like Justin Boren did.  This team is extremely young because LC didn't leave a whole lot otherwise we would have RS seniors, seniors, and RS juniors starting.  Instead we have freshman and sophomores all over the field.  We still managed to go 7-5 despite losing T-Woolf before the season and Martin playing on bad wheels since the State game. 


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"Leaders and best my backside."  I agree 100%, the first whiff of trouble and half our fan base went "fire RR, everything is his fault."  I've just been so disappointed with how everything has been handled.  Frankly, RR shows a ton of character by even wanting to coach our program at this point.  No doubt he's been shafted from day one.

Us "successful" alums should know first hand that success doesn't happen overnight, and that it occurs normally just after the point where most give up.  So, go ahead, let's become a group of sheeple like the rest of them. 

I'm not sure why our fan base hasn't realized that every top-tier program goes through a rebuilding phase every so often.  We were fortunate and spoiled that we went to 30+ straight bowls.  Everything in the universe is cyclical, it was our time, plain and simple.

There's no question that the team has improved every year, instead our alums want to start rebuilding AGAIN!!  WTF

JH is the man, but it's bad timing folks, let's finish what we started.  


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whole heartedly.  I'm thinking everything you mentioned, although valid, doesn't matter.  If he does go, he never had a chance.  If he stays…shame on us!  Talk about reading too far into media hype and DB’s timeline!

What would really make me mad is if DB keeps him another year and we are doing the same thing again...CC thread after CC thread with everyone biting off the next persons head only to tread water under the bridge.  Quite frankly (excuse me Stephen A.), I’m tired of treading water!  Unfortunately for us, it won’t stop after our game.  It will stop a couple days after the Stanford Game.  

Germany Shultz

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I remember when this board was a safe place to intelligently discuss what everyone wanted to discuss without being maligned. Instead, it's turned into a cross between MLive (childish and shrill) and Scout (cultish, don't go against what the cult leaders say). Too bad.


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Let's not forget about the random rumor mongering of Rivals!

Seriously though, I can only spend around 10 minutes at a time on Mgoblog now.  Reading 90+% of the threads just makes me upset, and I don't really need that.

The board is a victim of Mgoblog's overall success.  I'm ok with it as long as Brian gets that sweet sweet ad revenue and continues writing at the same clip.


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I want to reach out to all of those concerned about the uncertainty about the michigan Head coach position that you should pick up a postive thinking record. I know I have and they have given me a new lease on life. They are available at my religious store.

I am one with the universe...I am one with the universe...


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I'm truly astounded by the arrogance of some people around here. If you don't want anything to do with the conversation, then don't click on the thread. If you don't want to deal with threads relevant to U of M football, then you're welcome to stay off the board.
<br>But some of us enjoy reading CC threads, and you're out of line asking us to stop discussing a topic or asking the mods to place all such threads in some obscure corner of the board.


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Here's a revolutionary idea: if you don't wish to read people's thoughts on what is by far the most pressing issue facing Michigan athletics right now, don't click on those threads