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There seems to be a RR to Pitt rumor circulating around.  Has anyone heard any credible information on this?  There is a mention of it on ESPN, but the info requires "insider" subscription status. 

To me, this would make sense for RR.  He is all but gone here.  He knows the Big East and has had success there.  Plus, after 3 years of being a whipping boy - caused somewhat by the parting shots that WVU took at him - is there any doubt that a guy with a competitive nature such as RR wouldn't want to come back to the Big East and grind WVU into dust?



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My brother met him one time and learned that eating yams is the secret to his ejaculatory prowess.

Sadly, this is the most informative piece of information in this thread and possibly on the entire board.


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If he goes anywhere else, it would be great to see him at Pitt.  First, Pitt is one of my alma maters and getting him would be a steal.  Second, to see the ANGAR of all WVU fans when he beats them in the Backyard Brawl would be priceless.  Insert gif of heads exploding all over Heinz Field . . .


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I can't believe it took this long for a rumor like this. I'd be very happy for him if he decided to leave and go there.  Great fit IMO. Pitt would right there with TCU fighting for conference championships.


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As if the state of West Virginia didn't have enough reason to hate him.

I would think he'd learn his lesson from a PR standpoint and not want the fuss regarding this manuever. If you get fired, don't go to Pitt RR, you'd be making another mistake.


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the rumor consists of the following:

RR good at offense
Offense good
Hiring RR would ignite Backyard Brawl
Maryland passed on Leach and RR
Pitt needs coach


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From Stewart Mandel:

However, I'm told it's highly unlikely. After the mess Haywood left behind, Pitt AD Steve Pederson figures to be extremely cautious this time around. Rodriguez's West Virginia ties don't matter nearly as much as the considerable baggage he accrued over the past three years. [Emphasis added]. There's no telling who Pitt will land next, only that Pederson, according to the school's statement, will explore a "wider pool of candidates" -- i.e., not just sitting head coaches this time around.


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Harbaugh coaching Ohio State in the near future, IMO.  I can't imagine him coaching his alma matar's biggest, most heated rival.  Save that for soap operas and hollywood.


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Harbaugh would absolutely coach Ohio State if the Michigan job and NFL positions were not available and he were offered it.

He had Woody Hayes quotes all over the locker room at Stanford. Harbaugh is the type of guy who would relish a Bo-like change from one team to the other.


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Schembechler graduated from Miami in 1951 and earned his master's degree at Ohio State University in 1952 while working as a graduate assistant coach under Hayes, who had become OSU's head coach.

It doesn't happen in just soap operas and movies. Bo worked for Hayes at Miami and tOSU and eventually became the HC at Michigan.

Beside when RR and Pastilong (the WVU AD) parted ways it was ugl, no idea how many fond feelings remain.


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Possibility, but the ESPN rumor just states that "there is a lot of talk that Rich Rodriguez would go to Pitt".  They state no sources and just explain why it would make sense.

If this does happen, however, then he'll be the most hated man in West Virginia.


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I have insider.  The article can be summed up by one of its quotes:

However, the rumor gaining the most momentum is the possibility of Rodriguez landing at Pittsburgh

And that's just what it is - a rumor.  Mainly because Pitt just fired its new HC.  That's all it is. 

Little Brown J…

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I have no heard anything about this, but would this be a possibility? Every reason for RR to go to Pitt falls in line with Uconn, so just wondering if there is a possibility for RR to go to UConn.


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This makes me wonder exactly what one has to do to become an ESPN Insider?!  Not talking about paying the ludicrous money to get info from the site, but what does one do to have enough credibility to place information on there? 


Wait, just answered my own question with the use of the word - credibility.


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this isn't a rumor, just someone speculating that a coach who could soon be out of work might go looking for a job at a place that has a vacancy.


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There aren't many HC job possibilities out there for RR right now. The only majors, at the moment, are Pitt, Washington State, and what else? Pitt's a pretty good job. WSU is a terrible team, but it's Pac Ten and could always be brought back to respectability. What other options would RR have? An OC job? I don't see it. Maybe just wait a year and hope Clemson opens up?


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This is a pretty stupid rumor IMO. Remember, he did play at West Virginia too. I can't imagine he's a big Pitt fan as it is. Not to mention he'll be able to find jobs at other places IF he doesn't return here. 


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I know what you're saying seems logical, but coaches (by and large) are closer to professional athletes than they are to fans, i.e., they are Johnny Damon going from the Red Sox to the Yankees (which a fan would never do).

There are numerous examples of coaches who went against their alma maters/former employers.  Just a few:

- Bo (went from OSU to Michigan, with Miami in btw)
- Corwin Brown (played at Michigan, coached at ND)
- Norm Chow (OC at USC; OC at UCLA)
- Steve Spurrier (played coach at UF; now at S Carolina (granted, not main UF rival)
- Wil Muschamp (played at UGA; coach at UF)
- Rick Pitino (coach at UK; coaches at Louisville)

...I could go on. 

Coaches realize they're only as good as their last season (if not their last couple of games).  They rarely can afford to let loyalties of some employer who fired them or that they were a part of in the past influence where they will take their professional life.  For them, it truly is a business.

Besides, they look at Ralph Friedgen (alum, long-time asst than HC) and Randy Shannon (been at Miami all his adult life) and realize, if the school thinks they can get someone better, they will; thus coaches look out for #1.


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I'm going to start a blog, put my own rumors on there.

After that, I'm going to start a new thread and ask you all to find them and prove them true.

I'll be back soon.