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Submitted by Indiana Blue on December 8th, 2010 at 12:54 PM

I really enjoy Rivals Radio in the morning (Bill King & Chris Childers shows) before the SEC shows dominate the afternoon hours (F-baum).   They do have a bent toward the SEC as their shows originate from Tennessee, but they get callers from everywhere and today Bill King said today that he has watched every Michigan game this year.

Bottom line today - they both have said they believe RR is done at Michigan.  They believe DB's refusal to stop all the "fire RR talk" and tell the world that RR is staying hurts Michigan more than if he would say either RR stays or RR goes.  It is DB's refusal to give that support to RR thay they say is the reason they believe the decision has already been made. And it is getting harder and harder to not take some of what they say as valid. 

The speculation is worse than knowing ! 

 Trust me I know this topic is toxic on mgblog.  I read thru the other posts before posting and no one else had referred to Rivals Radio this morning.  I woud also guess that a large portion of the readers do not even have XM or Sirius radio (143 on XM)  so I am simply trying to inform on what is being said to a national audience by "known" college football commentators.

Go Blue ! 


Ed Shuttlesworth

December 8th, 2010 at 2:08 PM ^

One reason delaying makes sense is that if you let Rod twist in the wind for five weeks, he might look at the other jobs opening up and leave himself, saving the M athletic department the ENTIRE buyout.

I'd be shocked if Rod didn't have feelers out to Pitt, Miami, and a couple other places.  He actually makes perfect sense for Pitt, and Pitt makes perfect sense for him.


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There are a lot of ways to look at this whole thing. i've heard constant references about michigan football being irrelevant but that is anything but the case right now. Trust me...everyone is talking Michigan football. Unfortunately, some good and some not so good. Bill's point that this really hurts recruiting is something I do not agree with. There have been great changes in Michigan football (we get to do ND with the lights on and we get Saban at JJ's house). Do you think recruits don't see what's happening? Granted they want to know who's coaching but for 95+% of these kids the real decision point (LOI) is March 2011. I do think Harbaugh is coming (I do think RR has been screwed from the get go here and he got the short end of the stick) and he'll have time to help this team progress from 2010. Bottom line...we're talking U of M football all over the country but I will be glad when this stuff is finalized... 


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University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman

"All programs go through transitions," Coleman said, according to The Daily. "When you're struggling to sort of regain the former glories, it feels like it's going to go on forever and we're never going to get there. But we'll get there again."

Coleman answered another student's question about criteria for success.

"We have expectations for all of our teams that they're going to compete regularly to be at the top," she said. "We know that they're not going to be champions every year. You can't be, but we want to be.

"We're not defined by whether we win or lose. We're defined by being a great school that is competitive in everything it does, whether it's the athletic arena or the academic arena."  (in bold to all the recruits)

(Source:The Detroit News)


So take all the mamby-pamby-outside-punditry for what it is!  Tales from the outside!  The Administration has a process of evaluation for each program.  This process is executed after the season ends. Happily, ours has not ended. (Hell Yeah!) They are sticking to the process.  (Another, Hell Yeah!)  It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!  Amen!


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Treating the HC job of one of the highest profile positions in college sports as part of the "Administration's process of evaluation" is just naive.  Sorry.  This is hurting recruiting.  Our program is talked about all over the media, but not for being the winningest team of all time, not for having a great season, not for picking up another 5* recruit, but for one topic - our "will he won't he" coaching decision.

To me, unless there is some plan to get JH after the bowl season (a real possibility), then DB is completely mishandling the situation.  He is allowing our program to become a laughing stock, he is letting RR twist in the wind under intense media scrutiny, he is putting a young team through an admittedly uncomfortable situation and he is hurting recruiting.  This isn't "just another administrative evaluation."  It is one of the largest decisions in the history of Michigan athletics.