CC: Patterson vs Harbaugh

Submitted by MichiganAggie on January 1st, 2011 at 8:41 PM
Who would you choose?

I'd go with Patterson. He is a great defensive coach (which we need) and has shown a great ability to develop players (most of his players didn't get offers from UT, A&M, or OU).



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I feel harsh saying this to your adorable avatar, but ...

Come on ... Hoke is 52 years old and has never coached in the big (i.e., BCS) leagues.  I don't see how his arc intersects with Michigan in this universe.

For details, look at his Ball State experience.  Place the outlier (12-2) aside and tell me what you see.

As far as SDSU is concerned, he's been there only two years.  So far, so good (for sure), but it's still early.

Schools on the level of Minnesota and Indiana could consider someone like that.  Not Michigan (at least for now) ...


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Tressel won multiple lower-division national championships and had a winning percentage of something like .900 at Youngstown State. If you show that you can build up a program and sustain dominance at a lower level, there's a decent chance you can do it somewhere else (Brian Kelly also fits this description).

Hoke hasn't shown that he can do either of those things.


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But nobody actually knows whether or not Patterson would be interested, right? Maybe he wants more national exposure, a new challenge, Denard? TCU remains obscure to most fans.


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My hunch based on zero factual information is that he wants to stay at TCU.  Reason being is that he has built up a pretty well known program there and the team is now moving to an AQ conference where I imagine he's salivating at the possibility of finally reaching the BCS title game and further building the program's credibility.

The Baughz

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Patterson because they run a spread and that would better suit our personel. And ya his D is just flat out awesome. Would take a miracle for him to come to AA. Lets see if DB has any snake oil.


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but after how RR has been treated by the media and many other alums, not exactly sure why those coaches would even consider coming to UofM with their current programs success .... not to mention knowing they will only will get three years to prove their program works here.


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He has not done ANYTHING successful at the college level.

Hear me out:

I vote we:

1) Keep Rich Rod as an Offensive Coordinator

2) HIre Jim Harbaugh as our head coach

3) Hire Patterson as our defensive coordinator

I really think that with this combination we could overcome our weakness at kicker


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Yeah I was kidding, because some people assume that since we're Michigan we can grab any coach from any school no matter what kind of success they're having.  I like your plan better though...


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So a guy wins a BCS bowl at a (soon to be) Big East school and people can't wait to bring him to Ann Arbor but the guy we've got who did the exact same thing doesn't deserve to see his first full recruiting class reach their junior season?

Fucking sweet.


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These people have very short attention spans.  Have we not learned anything from Notre Dame?

This Jimmy Harball love smacks of 11 year old girls pining for the heart throb of the week.  

Three years ago Michigan had a chance to get the Stanford coach and they passed on him. did

you ask why?

  Now he just got a great season under his belt and some of you girls can't stop slobbering   There

is nothing new here he's the same coach with older players,  That's the part some of you don't get

and I feel sorry for you  

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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I dont get this "We're going to become ND" meme.

They've fired like 15 coaches.  Michigan is going to fire statistically one of the worst coaches in Michigan history.  So you're saying a coach should never be fired?  Plenty of coaches land on their feet in a new school.   You think everyone is as inflexible as Rodriguez?  


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I'm hoping we get Vince Lombardi.  He's a proven winner and has demonstrated an ability to get his teams ready to play in cold weather.  Strong in fundamentals and definitely runs "old school" offensive sets.

Plus I heard from a friend who has a VERY reliable source in the afterlife that he always wanted to coach at Michigan.


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If DB dumps RR w/o Harbaugh locked down and end up with non-Michigan Man or no-name Michigan Man, we'll be going through this loop again or worse returng to glory for decades.


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I'm so sick of all this Michigan Man bullshit. I could give a crap if he's got a big Michigan connection. If someone comes in with zero connections and wins games, awesome. If someone comes in with all kinds of connections and doesn't, their connections mean nothing.

If RR is fired, I want the best coach we can get, regardless of some ridiculous standard of familiarity people keep trying to force on the coaching position.