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Submitted by Gucci Mane on October 5th, 2014 at 6:26 PM
Pat Narduzzi is a name I keep seeing on national sports shows lists, of coaches UofM might go after. At first thought it seems crazy, but it's an interesting idea. I think Narduzzi is more likely if Brandon makes the hire, becuase I don't believe Brandon can get a top tier proven coach. Who thinks this is a good idea ?

Edit: he is not my first choice, but it seems like a possibility, so it warrants a thread.



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the "0 head coaching experience" is becoming 2010's "Michigan Man". Narduzzi is a great coordinator and we would be extremely lucky if he were to accept the job at this $hit $how.Granted I don't think he would as he's turned down comparable jobs to ours, but still we would be very lucky to get him

Sten Carlson

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I agree 100%.  Both of Michigan's recent hires had HC experience -- how'd those work out for us?

There is someone out there who might not be known to us fans, but is known within the coaching ranks -- whether he is a current HC at a smaller program, or an up-and-coming coordinator -- it's up to whomever is leading the coaching search to find him.

The coaches that Michigan hired in 2008 and 2011 are simply a sympton of a bad process.  Neither search was conducted with a distinct plan.  In 2008 Martin was caught completely off guard, made several very poor assumptions, and then acted out of desperation.  In 2011, Brandon didn't do a "search" in which he interviewed a list of qualified candidates, he didn't scour the coaching/coordinator ranks to find the best guy, he was only looking at one guy.

This next process MUST be done properly.  It MUST turn over every stone with in the coaching community, and regardless of what it finds under those stones, hire the guy that the committee believes can win at Michigan. 


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Like I said before he has no experience as a HC. Muschamp was the hottest coaching candidate as a DC at Texas and he's been average at best as a HC. Would Narduzzi even come to Michigan knowing its his rival?


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I've been thinking this for a couple weeks. I first think John Harbaugh is the one that will be steering Michigan next year but...

Saban needs the next big challenge -- what would be better than to bring another monster program back to the top? Also add in the whole Big Ten conference.

Also why not pick on Urban some more?



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that even Saban could save us. The hole we've dug ourselves into and the politics our coach will have to deal with is nothing like Saban has ever had to deal with. It will take decades for us to recover from where we are now. 


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you should open your eyes. You call me a troll because you don't want to see the truth. Well, I'm sorry to say this but my statements are accurate. If you want to bury you head in the ground then fine, thats on you. But as an alum I take great offense to being called a troll solely because I see the truth that you cannot. 


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I just want Michigan to throw some cash around. Call up every major coach in the country, Saban, Malzahn, Jimbo Fisher etc., the potential 2nd tier, Sumlin, Gundy etc. and just offer them Saban money plus. Make them say no, and at very least get them all nice raises, just show me that you are serious about finding the best coach you can.

Sten Carlson

October 5th, 2014 at 8:42 PM ^

No offense, but I think this is the WORST thing that Michigan can do at this point.  "Throwing money at the problem" is known as classic "set up to fail" action, and is more likely to find the greediest coach, not the best coach.  Further, you're going to alienate all the other programs in the nation by trying to out bid them for their top tier coaches and pushing the market to levels that nobody is willing to pay.

Just a TERRIBLE idea.


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Have you been paying attention the last 7 years. The politics and lack of support for our coach's make this job so unattractive that no amount of money will lure a 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd tier coach. I'm not sure Charlie Weis would come if we offered him the job. Throwing money at those guys will not bring them here or solve the problem. We're going to have to go find a coordinator or D3 coach to have any hope of hiring of someone. 

snarling wolverine

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I think he might take the job if offered.  Coaches take jobs at rival schools pretty frequently.  Bo and Mo both had OSU ties (Mo was even a captain there), Nussmeier has MSU ties, and MSU's best-ever coach (Biggie Munn) was a Michigan guy.  If you can better yourself, you do it.

That said, I don't like offering the job to a guy with no HC experience.




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The CC tag was only revived to separate these threads out from the other content. It was initially done in the waning days of the Rodriguez years as a measure to preserve the peace, at least on that front, so people would just avoid those thread if they didn't want to talk about the subject. We did it again here, although admittedly the context is different now as a plurality of the board would rather a new coach was hired, so it isn't nearly as controversial now. 

As for ADC as a tag, I chuckled, but let's not get too far down the road of tags just yet. 


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Finally someone makes a thread about Narduzzi. Other than the total "he's associated with MSU can't hire him even though UM has a history of hiring rival coaches not listening BLAHBLABHALBAHBLAH" crowd, I think he is definitely a coach worth looking into. The only question would be is whether Narduzzi is willing to go the Eric Mangini route of going to a rival team within the conference ala Jets-Pats. 

I'm sure he would at least consider it. 

But at the same time his hire would still be gamble due to lack of HC experience. I don't want a potential Florida-Muschamp-esque situation here either. If all else fails, I think he's the top coordinator to HC hire. 


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"If Brandon makes the hire?" 

Hopefully, David Brandon never makes another hire at the University of Michigan.  There are plenty of other businesses he can go and cause to underachieve because of being too busy promoting his personal "brand."

I don't want to see Michigan remain in the stone age on offense.  I think Narduzzi is one of those guys who is perfect as a coordinator but would be terrible as a head coach, ala Lane Kiffin.  However, it would be excellent to see the "Great RCMB Meltdown" that would ensue.  I am guessing they have been laughing at us all year, so it would be nice to rob them of their DC and bring the laughter back to Ann Arbor.