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Edit: The reddit user is elduderino01. I don't know if it has anything to do with the rdt/wiab junk that everyone is babbling about.

Like everything else relating to the coaching search, take this with a grain/bucket of salt. That said, two things lend this at least a little bit of credibility. 1. He's an Alabama fan, yet knows a suspicious amount about the inner workings of U-M -- far more than any random Alabama fan could really be expected to. 2. He has a 5 year old account. Generally on reddit, the older your account is, the more credible you are. At the very least it means you're not there simply to troll. Take it for what it's worth. I'm not presenting this as a fact.…

"According to my source ( a fella who works in their Athletic Department and is a friend of my brother who is a faculty member there, and who correctly called the timelines for both the former AD and Head Coaches being fired earlier this season... ) Harbaugh to UM has been pretty much and agreement in principal for almost a month, and as of this past week the deal is done. harbaugh will be e next head football coach at UM... It also makes plenty of sense, certainly more sense than continuing to work for the Yorks or to start new with the Davis's.... Oh and for what its worth, it is the family that owns the Miami Dolphins who were so instrumental in getting this done. Apparently theyre also huge UM boosters and they are writing the blank check. As well Lloyd Carr and his backers on the Board of Regents have given their blessing as well. Harbaugh has been assured he will have carte blanch when it comes to football operations in A2"



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There was a user named Roll Damn Tide here who claimed to be a Bama fan, and would share what he was hearing down there about Michigan recruits. It usually was very optimistic for Michigan. Then Wolverine in a Bag accidentlly forgot which account he was signed into and outed himself as also being Roll Damn Tide. There was some story about how there originally was a Bama friend of Wolverine in a Bag who had the Roll Damn Tide account, but got bored and gave control to Wolverine in a Bag.


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that he made up his mind last Sunday. So the rumor that Harbaugh has been negotiating for a month stretches credulity. Also, I have no doubt had Hoke beat Maryland and OSU, he would have been retained.

Now it may be JH is negotiating and reaching an agreement with Michigan but it all happened this week after the firing of Hoke.

That said, it is curious that Vegas has reduced the odds of Harbaugh becoming the HC of Michigan from 8-1 to 2-1 just in this past week. Something is afoot.

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Take it for what it is (which is little and defintely not a party room style statement), but I have a fraternity brother whose father is a big donor to the AD. He sent me a message last Friday on Gchat and said that the Harbaugh deal is done and they are just waiting for it to get signed. Said he heard from within the AD. If this adds anything to it, the kid put a lot of money on Harbaugh to Michigan at 8 to 1 odds.

Obviously sounds like a ridiculous statement, and I am generally not one to perpetuate such,  but he is very looped in and his speak + bet seams to show he is very confident. 


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This just doesn't make sense, if so many people knew that this was a done deal there would not be so many conflicting reports.  No way the entire AD and a bunch of donors know Harbaugh is a done deal but somehow you have people who report on Michigan for a living and have proven sources are getting conflicting imformation, this just sounds like bull to me.


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He's an Alabama fan, yet knows a suspicious amount about the inner workings of U-M -- far more than any random Alabama fan could really be expected to

This sounds....familiar.


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It would make sense if they have a tacit agreement with someone who isn't officially available yet.  That would mean either someone who is coaching today or someone who is in the NFL.