CC- "Hoke..not an option"

Submitted by cypress on January 3rd, 2011 at 10:44 PM

Has Brian explained what he meant by this yet? Is this a direct quote from someone who would know, or just his personal opinion? I'm sure this has been covered, but I still think its comical how people automatically dismiss him because he isnt a big name at the moment. I've heard a lot of cfb experts weigh in and say he's a really good coach and would be a great hire for us. Yet I know we have a fickle fan base that feels we "have to have a big name coach, because we're Michigan". I think we all know Harbaugh is plan A, but if that deal doesnt get done, it will be very interesting to see Brandon's backup plan. So, I'd be very curious to know if Hoke is indeed not under consideration, and if he's not..who is. I cant really buy Fitzgerald.



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I completely agree with you. I don't think he'd be a bad hire. He's proven to be a good head football coach and recruiter.  While I obviously hope Harbaugh is option 1, I'd like Hoke to atleast get an interview.


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Just look at what Hoke starts with at a program and then ends wih at a program.  He takes teams from the dumps (Ball St. and SDSU) and completely turns them around.  In this instance, overall record is not something that should be looked at. Look at his record in his 2nd or 3rd year at a program and beyond, and that should give you a better understanding. 


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Hoke didn't have a winning season at Ball State until his fifth season at Ball State (4-8, 2-9, 4-7, 5-7, followed by 7-6).  Then they had a 12 win season out of the blue, he immediately bailed for SDSU and the next year they won 2 games at BSU.  Bill Lynch had been the coach prior to Hoke and he won 5, 5, and 6 games his last three years before Hoke took over (and had won the MAC a few years earlier).

To me that looks like one crazy outlier rather than a guy who steadily built an improved program.


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The problem is that two-thirds of the team are so bad that  hiring Hoke-a-Dope at this point might be better than retaining RichRod.

Of course, if RR convinces Brandon that he'd accept Randy Shannon as  DC and that Shannon would have complete control over the scheme, assistants, etc, on that side of the ball, then RR could conceivably continue as HC at Michigan.

But anything short of that is a no-go.Not with the previous three years of data that we have to work with.


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If RR stays there is little possibility that the current defensive staff stays. Some one will have to go. At least you get to keep continuity on offense, which regardless of who you bring in , will be the strength of the team. It makes more sense to me at least to try and lure in a big time DC if we miss on Harbaugh rather than change for the sake of change. I know it's been said a million times, but think ND.


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His first two hires have been awful. SO why would you expect the third time to be any different?

The only way he can stay is if Brandon tells him that he(DB) will hire the DC and wil give the DC carte blanche to do what he pleases on the defensive side of the ball. That is the ONLY way RR can survive.


Only William Clay Ford would permit RR to hire another DC based off his track record.


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One of those DC changes was necessitated by the fact that RR, ironically enough, hired away his DC (Shafer).  Shafer had shown enough promise at Stanford for RR to pull the trigger.  If he hadn't, Harbaugh presumably would have kept him.  In hindsight, Shafer should have stayed.


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How Hoke dreams of coming back to coach at Michigan, and yet the general consensus seems that people don't want him back.  At least Hoke never made negative comments about Michigan's standards.


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Stop with this JH made a negative comment about Michigan stuff. It's not true. If you look at the entire comment, and what he said about it afterwards, it was not bbashing Michigan.  Harbaugh had hard feelings because when he played at Michigan, he wanted to be a history major. However, Michigan wouldn't let him because he was a football player.  Everything Harbaugh said was out of his love for Michigan, and was correct.  Our academic standards for our athletes are know where near Stanfords.  Stop blowing this innocent comment up and saying that Harbaugh "trashed the program" because he did no such thing.


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We may have to conduct a coaching search if Harbaugh doesn't come, because RR is finished here.  I'm not even sure he wants to stick around if he can help it.  (He'd quit, but getting fired is more lucrative.)  If that happens, though, it's not the end of the world - OSU did that in January 2001 and ended up with Tressel.


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I just don't get the animosity on this board to Hoke.  The guy is a great coach.  He knows the big ten, is a great recruiter and, more than anything else, loves Michigan.

No, he is not flashy (although his team's bowl game offense was a hell of a lot more exciting than our lack of offensive production), but his teams are fundamentally sound and he improves struggling programs quickly. 

While most of us think that HArbaugh is choice #1, if he doesn't come, I would welcome Hoke.  He would certainly be better than another year of coaching hot seats, poor tackling, lack of execution, losing to every winning B10 team and incompetent special teams and defense.