CC - Harbaugh to Cuba?

Submitted by somewittyname on December 17th, 2014 at 12:01 PM

With the new ambassador position opening up in Cuba, what impact might this have on our chances at Harbaugh? Insiders in the White House are saying Harbaugh is Plan A and they are calling it operation Bay Area to Bay of Pigs (Bay to Bay for short).



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Steve Addazio has been a head coach for Temple and Boston College.  What do those two schools have in common?

Owls and FREAKING Eagles!  They are both birds.  Birds have the power of flight.  FLIGHT.  The Michigan plane was blocked on FLIGHT AWARE.  We are aware but not FULLY AWARE.  Not Fully Aware and Flight.

Flight Aware was blocked so that the people who see past their smoke screens don't catch wind of the plot.

Steve Addazio is actually a sentient airplane!  Skynet is active.  Michigan is being controlled by the MACHINES, who are covertly advancing their AGENDA.


Everybody, if you are out there STOCK UP ON WATER AND GET UNDERGROUND!!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!


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It is an interesting question indeed - last names can be funny like that. I have a friend whose last name is Tedesco, which is in turn Italian for "German", and I once worked with someone whose last name was "English" who was in fact largely of Irish descent. Sometimes odd things happen. 


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Fox Sports is reporting that highly respected Cuban blog, VamosCuba, has insider information on the deal. While the contract isn't set in stone, rumors peg the contract at 6 years, 7,000,000,000 pesos.  The biggest concern of Cuban insiders is that Harbaugh may flake at the last minute, should an NFL dual role as coach and GM pop up. Ay Caramba.


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with a genuine "lol" moment today. Hours ago Rivals "insiders" say they have info that makes them more than 60% confident or whatever blegh. About an hour after that Rivalsmike is basically saying a deal to the Raiders is done, along with that SF reporter dude (Kiziwaki?). Done with blog for today but that made me laugh. few hour span and the same site goes from "likelyhappening.gif" to "princevaliumFTW" with a 4th round pick. I have to go but I'm done for today anyway after that laugh. The speculation jumped the shark 2 days ago haha.