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I've been thinking this for some time now, and after this past week I felt the urge to finally post. Why is nobody really talking about Gary Patterson from TCU as a potential replacement for Hoke? Patterson was my first choice for a replacement after RR. I think he would be great here. He runs an up-tempo offense that would cater to many of our players skills while at the same time maintaining a dominant defense. He has ties to one of the greatest recruiting hotbeds I'm the country. He's proven himself as a head coach. And as someone posted recently, based on the metric for developing talent, he's one of the best there is. Now, this past weekend, he beat one of the best teams in the country. Most importantly, last time the job was open, he was never even contacted and even expressed some interest in the position. Mind you, he said that after two BCS bowl appearances and coming off a season where he finished #3 in the country. That's rather bold. IMO, he should be the number one candidate.



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Most coaches leave programs that are in better shape for new positions... Otherwise the new positions wouldn't be open.

TCU is great, but it'll never be able to offer everything that Michigan has. No matter how great they are, they'll always third at best, behind Texas and A&M. Not to mention all the other schools in-state that are at least comparable (Baylor, Texas Tech).


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Along the same line of thinking I have. Michigan is a desirable locale for good coaches up against some real steep obstacles. Money, prestige, history, etc. Patterson might be the poster child for that type of obstacle. He has impressed me with his ability to compete in the Big 12.

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I don't care what kind of defense he runs. I just want him to run it well. He's had some pretty damn good defenses over the years. I think his Rose Bowl team had a defense that topped the country in just about every statistical category.

Don't know if he'd be willing to leave TCU, but we could probably outbid them. The only question is whether he'd even want to leave, and if so, would he even get the phone call? As long as DB is around, I have my doubts that he'd even want to come to Ann Arbor.

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Until this year (which is only 5 games old) the only success Patterson has had was from before he played in a Power 5 league.  Sure, he dominated mid-major football for half a decade, but that might not be enough to warrant a job at a school like Michigan.  In his first years in the Big 12, he hasn't done well.  They were 4-8 last year, for example.


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Very true.  Same issue with Whittingham.  There is something to be said for recruiting for a Mountain West team vs recruiting for a Pac 12 or Big 12 team.  A lot easier sell. 

It would be like if Boise State moved to the Pac 12 - they'd get beat up for a few years since playing Big 5 conference teams 2-3x a year is very different than playing them 8-9 times a year.  But once you make the move you can recruit a better level of athlete - but year 1/2 of those transitions will be tough since you still have the lower level of athlete you had in the Mountain West and then need to go compete with bigger athletes each week. 

So it is a bit of a risk. Both Whittingham and Patterson are at that point now (middle of year 3 in new conference) where the benefits of recruiting in a bigger conference begin to accrue.  They should really feel it in year 4-5 in the new conference.  So the question is are they making the turn with these better recruits (who are still mostly RS FR, RS SO types) as we speak - right now both Utah and TCU seem to be turning the corner.  But it is no guarantee.  Nothing in life is.

They are both competent coaches and unlike the Hokester dominated the Mountain West.  And for extended periods.

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Te first part or piece in a new coach is the necessity to be able to continue recruiting the same types of kids that hoke has. We have great recruiting and momentum in recruiting, and must continue that to be successful. This is the single greatest change that hoke made after Rodriguez abysmal efforts.

Second we need someone that will focus on getting the players to play hard and to the very best of their ability.

Third we need a coach to instill toughness in this team

Fourth we need a coach that can make tough decisions and have the balls to go for it when appropriate instead of punting.

Fifth we need a coach that gets to call his own shots without micromanagement from whomever the next ad is.


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A little premature on that one.  Their only losses are both very close and to good teams (ND and USC), with the ND game on the road in poor weather.  Let's wait and see how the season finishes out for Stanford before making a claim like that.  

I find it funny that once a coach has one 9-3 season, all of a sudden they aren't any good.  


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I'd be ok with Miles but he isn't my first choice.  His roster has been depleted by all the guys he has sent to the NFL early.  I wouldn't mind having that problem.  I have no doubt he would win here and get program back on track, but don't think he is a game-changer hire like Harbaugh (Jim) would be.


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It will be hard to get Patterson. We will have a better luck getting Les Miles, especially with the way things are going in LSU. Same goes for David Shaw.

There are some options there that we might be able to entice, but DB will not have that.

Until DB is gone, Gary Patterson is not coming here. He might not even be asked...


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According to Forbes he makes approximately $3.5M annually. We could easily increase that $1M per year if not more.

I'm pretty sure he runs the 3-3-5 defense, but not sure that matters?

He'd be a solid choice any way you slice it.


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I like Patterson but like Mullen more if we are talking the non-Harbaugh candidates.  I wanted Mullen last time when we hired Hoke.  The memory of the beatdown he put on us was fresh in my mind.  All the SEC candidates make me nervous though.  I assume every single one of them is shady.  I have no idea how you put a winner together at Miss. State but he is doing it.  I think he would recruit well and be able to utilize what we already have.


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He honestly may be the best coach who devolps players in the nation. I remember hearing he takes guys who played QB in high chool and converts them to safties, linebackers and even Defensive lineman. His players have great football IQ'S cause of that. I would love to have him.


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The lack of player development now is killing me.

It also would answer one of my questions: we've been recruiting for 3 years now for pro set; once Devon graduates I don't know wee have the perfect guys for an up tempo offense (thinking spread). But if this guy can coach them up we have the chance to have success in the recruit build up years.


Be happy with this; I just don't know we'd get him. We'd have Togo after him hard and I don't know that DB will put his soul into the selection process like he needs to.

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I know a lot of candidates are "unrealistic," but if I was AD my first stop in the off season would be to Gus Malzahn's house doing everything short of kidnapping to get him to AA.