CC: Does the bowl game really matter for RR?

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I have seen several people comment that the bowl game is make or break for RR.  I can't see how the bowl game makes much difference.  Our bowl opponent has yet to be determined and could be either very tough, mediocre, or somewhere between.  The main arguments for replacing RR:  bad defense, losses to rivals, 33% winning percentage in conference will not be changed by a bowl victory.  The main arguments for retaining RR:  improvement, youth/inexperience, offensive genius, etc. also will not be changed by the bowl result.  I have to believe that DB has a good idea about what he will do and is just checking with his subordinates and being sure he is not too hasty in his decision.  Also, like an NFL receiver in the end zone, AD's must complete the process or any decision they make will be void.



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I think the bowl game is very important. 8-5 is apretty decent year. 7-6, not so much. If it wasn't important, I think DB would have announced that he's staying or fired him already.


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This is a good question, and I think the answer is "no."  I hope I am wrong, but suspect that the decision to make a decision after the bowl is purely a matter of accomodating Jim Harbaugh.  If Harbaugh wants the job, I get the feeling it's his. 


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Yes, I think the bowl game and extra practices are a very important component of DB's evaluation. Over the next 4 weeks and 15 or so extra practices, this will be an excellent opportunity for RR to show everyone that the results in practice can carry over to big games.  If that doesn't happen, then well, that doesn't help RR's case.

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Doesn't matter. Why should it. You get a month to prepare, you better win your damn game. Fuck, I mean that's how Coach Stew secured his job isn't it? Beating OU in Fiesta? Just because RR can beat a middle of the road Big 12 or SEC team doesn't mean he can replicate the results against Big Ten teams during consecutive weeks. I like Brandon, but he is making a fucking mistake by waiting until January. More recruits will leave, and then what. Makes absolutely no sense unless JHScramble is coming here. Fuck.


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with this.  If this decision is really in the balance, it is fairly indicitive that the decision is so in the balance that it would be almost impossible to not go over the preverbial "under" at some point in the next year and you would be firing him anyway.  This logic has been brought up in prior (one of the thousands) threads; it is like questioning a girlfriend after three years.  If you are...well, it just isn't very likely to work out.  Either you've made the decision that it is the right call before or you are just living moment to moment.  Imagine dating a girl for 3 years, wanting to marry her but you are really 50/50...and you say to yourself, "we'll see how this next date goes".  If it were that simple, you would have made the call earlier.  If the offense and the decimated defense were enough of a reason to keep him, you should make that known.   If it isn't, the liklihood that the benefit of the doubt you are giving him will not be further violated is highly, highly unlikely.   I don't think this bowl game should matter in the sense that, win or lose, would it really change any of the primary reasons most folks are bringing up for keeping OR firing?  In my mind, no.  Losing only slightly strengthens the firing camp and winning will (likely) not really be able to bolster the "keep him" crew much either.


From the outside looking in, I ask DB...WHY COME?


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I really believe DB knows what his decision is and if the Dee Hart rumors are true i believe RR is gone which may mean another 3 years of lossing yayy...heres a idea fire the Pizza guy..


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Look, this is a tough call among us -- on one hand the team's record has been improving, on the other hand that Wisconsin game was ugly and the OSU game wasn't much better.  For all any of us know Brandon might be going back and forth on this himself.  Brandon's a sharp guy and he has access to all kinds of info we don't, but that doesn't automatically mean this is an easy call for him either.

In this kind of situation the last impression is liable to loom large with fans, alumni, donors, and ultimately the AD too.


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I don't think the bowl game matters either, but that's not why DB is doing it.  He's letting JH coach his bowl, then announcing him as our coach.  Maybe that's the only way JH will do it, but that's my consipiracy theory.  Maybe it means we lose a recruit or two in the process, but those are probably the recruits we would lose if he were hired today. 


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Can mgoblog just close for a few weeks until after the bowl game. People are flipping out about every little thing of late. JIM HARBAUGH USED TO DRINK. DAVE BRANDON NEEDS TO HURRY UP AND MAKE HIS DECISION. RICH RODRIGUEZ IS A BAD COACH. Blah blah blah....Just chill everyone. Either we have Harbaugh next season and we get better or we have RR next season with a new D staff and coordinator (3rd time is a charm) and we get better. If we don't get better with RR next season, he's gone and then we get Harbaugh. With a lockout looming, my guess is Luck stays at Stanford. Harbaugh will probably stay with him. If Harbaugh decides to take an NFL job, that means he wouldn't have wanted to stay at Michigan for a long time anyway. Everything will be okay no matter what.


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of Harbaugh assumes that the team will be better next year with him? I remember when the move du jour was getting rid of Lloyd. I've really enjoyed beating some of my so-called friends over the head with that one, too, reminding them that they won, they got their wish.


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Rich Rod is are coach, so for now FUCK JH!! He has his own team right now, and if Michigan was to play Stanford, he would try to kill us, so yea FUCK JH!!When he signs a contract to coach Um(hopefully 20yrs 4rm now when RR retires) then ill kiss his ass like CC!!


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that performance can improve over time. If Rodriguez pulls one out over Meyer's Gators after having Denard heal up and getting the defense the extra bowl practices, do you really think we won't be capable of thrashing a Penn State or holding our own (if not righting the universe by annihilating) the MSUs of the Big Ten next year?

I agree it makes little sense to wait til after the bowl game, but an impressive win would make it seem incoherent to hire JH.


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Winning a bowl game should not matter. If however they were to play someone like Oklahoma or Oklahoma State and blow them out like 48-0 would it change people's minds?


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I guess I was thinking about a likely outcome like a 42-24 loss to Oklahoma or a 35-32 win over Missouri.  Unless something unexpected happens in the bowl game, I can't see how DB's decision could be affected.  Many people were simply saying that a win or a loss would seal or break some deal.  I don't see it that way.