CC: Dan Mullen for Michigan Head Coach

Submitted by ADSellers on October 4th, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Bet he'd love a substantial pay raise and the chance to play his mentor in a rivalry game every year.

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"Coaching Change".

It was last used during the Great Search of 2011 due to the numerous threads musing on who would be the next coach after the firing of Rich Rodriguez. Earlier this week, it was decided to roll it out once more so that sort of speculation regarding a post-Hoke Michigan could be easily spotted and discussed if people so chose. 


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As clear as any thread title is, there will ultimately be people that click on it even if they don't care or want to talk about it.

If I recall, the CC tag was instituted during the last process to indicate it was specifically a coaching change topic and to separate those 1000's of threads from the few non-CC threads.


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It's also a bit of a funny anachronism/meta joke. In October 2010 the board was overwhelmingly pro keeping RR. As people started changing their minds the CC tag became a "thing" to keep some peace. Hoke has virtually no support here on the board and it's not nearly as controversial to play "who should be the next coach" as it was in 2010.


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Don't forget about the urban factor. Urban needs michigan to be good for his own legacy at OSU and from a conference strength perspective. I know florida is going to be knocking, but it's much easier to win in the big ten and the pay would be the same. If we can't get a Harbaugh, Mullen it is.


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This was a comment by a local on my Dan Mullen diary thread - take it for what it is worth.

I am an instructor at Mississippi State and have much contact with the athletic department and some with the Mullen family. A former head coach at this university is my neighbor, my son has playdates with an assistant coach's sons, I have done contract work with the athletic department, and count two assistant athletic directors and the son of a former athletic director among my friends. I know many big donors to this university. My faculty season tickets have been in the first row at the 50 yardline for the past four years. I feel like I have a handle on the situation in Starkville.

While some fans wanted Dan gone during the season last year, most did not. And the big money donors are solidly behind him. Since he has been here, Mississippi State has set attendance records, a bowl streak record, expanded the stadium, and built a $27 million dollar football palace and new practice field. Mullen gets what he asks for and is now competitive in the SEC West. He is in a fertile recruiting ground and is highly regarded here. Mullen has no reason to leave unless a very attractive situation became available.

He is in a very nice situation and I don't think he would leave to the face all of the problems in Ann Arbor. Becuase of his personal history, I could see Dan leaving here for two jobs; those being Florida and Penn State. My guess is he is keeping an eye toward Gainesville, but would be unlikely to return there unless the circumstances were just right.

Here are a couple of photos of me and my kids at the faculty day practice to support my assertions.


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How many times have we heard the "he's in a good situation and is happy he's not leaving" song before a coaching departure? If Muschamp sticks in Florida and we came knocking for Mullen he'd come. You can't win consistently long-term in Starkville, and nobody stays at Mississippi State when the have the opportunity to become the head coach of Michigan because they're "in a very nice situation". I think he'd take Florida if offered, but if that doesn't become available I think he'd be a real candidate and someone that would get a lot of support from the fanbase.


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He is not saying he is not leaving.  He said if he did leave it would be UF or PSU due to his roots in PA.

If Mullen becomes a hot candidate he is going to Florida unless Florida doesnt want him.  He was there under Urban and runs a similar offense to what they run.  And UF has more talent than us, and I dont care what the rivals rankings say.  I see about 10 players who have a chance to be in the NFL on this entire team. 


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I know what he said, but obviously there's a lot of hoping and wishing embedded in his message too. I also think he'd go to Florida if offered, as I said, but they very well might keep Muschamp. We'd have a real shot if we're his only big time offer this year.


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I doubt Muschamp survives - he is down 3-0 to an average Tennessee right now.  Eastern Michigan and an OT game vs horrid Kentucky are his wins.

LSU, Georgia, FSU, South Carolina await.  They are howlilng for his scalp down there already.  Its not like up here where the fan base has settled for 8-4, 9-3 as success.

He actually looks a lot like Hoke right now - 1 very good year (11-2) and 2 meh years, and now in the 4th year things don't look much better.


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I had a list of reasons. You can review that in the Dan Mullen for coach Diary. I will sum up by saying Michigan is an elite football school, but the athletic department is in a mess. The head coaching job is not an elite head coaching job until that gets fixed.

Dan Mullen is making about $3 Million per year and can go 7-5, 8-4 in perpetuity at Mississippi State. Why would he leave to make $4/5 Million per year in a place where the AD does not provide the same level of support found in his current job and coaches are shown the door every 3/4 years? I also think believe he would feel disloyal becoming his mentor's rival.

Also, I had some pictures made at the game today.