CC: Dallas radio station asks Gary Patterson about M job

Submitted by artds on January 6th, 2011 at 2:33 PM
SIAP A Dallas radio station asked Patterson if he's been contacted by Dave Brandon. He said that he hasn't been. He also added that he hasn't thought much about Michigan and that he'll "cross that bridge when he gets there". Edit: this was per 97.1 sports news updates. Sorry, no link.



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Its an interesting thought. I'd guess Hopkins would be the B back. And maybe try to convert one of the excess WRs to slotbacks.

And PJ would have to hire a good DC.

I question whether its a good fit for our current OL. Getting Lewan on MLBs would be fun to watch though.


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They really could dominate the Big East right now unless it upgrades a little bit, but after this past season, I would understand if Patterson is sick of being on the outside looking in.  He might still have the same problem in the Big East though.  That would not happen at UM.

The Nicker

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Did RichRod and Kelly turn down offers when they had chances to dominate the Big East for years to come?


Paul Johnson really seems to have plateaud. Just because his offense can be assembled rather quickly doesn't mean it really puts us in a position to be an elite program.


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I like that Patterson quote, FWIW. Sounds like a man who's not opposed to the idea. Terrific coach. No sleaze-factor. Recruits would be impressed.  Anyone would consider him a great choice.


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I'm not sure what it is, maybe blind optimism, but maybe everything is being played very close to the vest.  They don't owe it to us to tell us the truth about everything, do they?  That being said, I fear we are royally boned.

It's like high school, and JH is your hot friend that you have a big crush on that you want to ask to prom.  The two of you get along fine and you plan a big extravagent way to ask her. You wait a few days to work up the guts to do it, only by the time you have it set up, she gets asked by the quarterback.  You say you're happy for her, but it didn't matter anyway, because you'll always be "just a friend" to her.

So you start to get antsy because prom is coming and you have no date.  The unattractive girl that annoys you but always hangs on you starts dropping loud hints about nobody asking her and since you wasted all your time planning for the hot girl, all the other girls have dates.  You finally decide that going with the ugly girl is better than not going at all, so you take her and you have an okay time.  Meanwhile, you see your hot friend dancing with the quarterback and you die a little inside. 

We're taking Brady Hoke to the prom.

Steve in PA

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This is exactly how I explained the situation to my son.  Hoke is the go-to-girl in case the hot one(s) is unavailable.  We'll have a coach by next Tuesday and it will either be a hottie or Hoke.  

I'm OK with either as long as DB tries for the hotties first.


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he'll "cross that bridge when he gets there".





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The talent in Texas and Louisiana would help, while adding a staff member with ties could open doors for a new coach. but we do not know anything as of yet do we.


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Starting to warm to Patterson?  It shouldn't take you long to warm to a guy with a 36-3 record over the last three seasons with wins over Wisconsin and every mid-major worth beating.  Personally he has been at the top of my list- Harbaugh's Michigan connections were the only thing putting him ahead.  Patterson seems like a Michigan type of coach, even if he doesnt actually have any formal Michigan connections. 


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I have no idea if we've got a real shot with Patterson. But getting him would definitely be a home-run. Maybe better, in some ways, than getting Jimbo. Jim has the charisma and momentum -- he'd clean up on the recruiting trail right now. But Patterson has a long and proven record of success, on O and D. He's spread-friendly. And he doesn't come with Jim's Narcissism, drama, and NFL-lust.


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that this whole "Coaching Carousel" is a ploy implemented by Brian Cook and Dave Brandon as a means to show Rich Rodriguez that he needs to take better strides for fixing the defense and special teams than he has been. The firing was just a wake-up call to Rodriguez to show Brandon is serious, and he has full intentions of reinstating Rodriguez by the end of next week, but only if Rodriguez takes away Greg Robinson's coaching license and hires Rex Ryan as the next defensive coordinator, while giving him free reign as to who the defensive/special teams coaching staff is.

Now please don't find and shoot me because that will make me wake up.


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im all for someone to fix the defense, you don't make a comment that DB said about the ball boys being able to play d.  And not hire a defense minded coach that has success,  Tough not to have B. Hoke there.  On the other hand, DB does say he will pay money for the right guy.  So hopefully a GP is in consideration.  Although leaving the big east, and bcs bowls that will be guaranteed would surprise me.

I Miss Bursley

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TCU has a chance to be maybe the No. 2 or No. 1 team (next season), depending on what poll, in the nation. Maybe we are one of those people (elite programs) now. That's what I've been trying to build the program to get to. Michigan has a great tradition and is a great university. I'll cross that bridge when I get there."