CC: Dallas radio station asks Gary Patterson about M job

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SIAP A Dallas radio station asked Patterson if he's been contacted by Dave Brandon. He said that he hasn't been. He also added that he hasn't thought much about Michigan and that he'll "cross that bridge when he gets there". Edit: this was per 97.1 sports news updates. Sorry, no link.



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30 days ago = 12/7/2010

((1+2) * 7)  + 2 = 23 (the number 23!)

23 years ago was 1988, in which Michigan played in the Hall of Fame bowl with OL coach Les miles. Today, they announced the Hall of Fame inductees for MLB. Crazy talk.


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On a side note, sorry to get away from the main topic but I can't start my own forum topic, here is a pretty good article by none other than John Bacon. It's a good read


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"I have been contacted on multiple occasions and am deeply considering the proposal"?

I have no inside information about anything whatsoever, but taking everyone's public statements at face value during a coaching search is a good way to go mad. 


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He spent last night and today determining candidates, and developing a plan of action.  He will probably begin implementing that plan by contacting various coaches as soon as tonight, definitely by tomorrow. 

If he really hadn't even thought about starting the search for a new coach until yesterday, he was right that he "has a lot of work to do"

Blue in Yarmouth

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to give any thought to who he might hire as the next head coach he is more incompitent than I thought. We had been without a coach for a few hours by that time. Did he really wait until after he made the decision to fire RR to even consider who might replace him? That can't be true.


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David Brandon said in an interview yesterday with Bernie Smilovitz that he had put together a list of potential replacements a year ago. He has also actively taken people off and added people to that list. This is something ANY good business manager does. At any point one of the key people within the organization could leave, and he needs to be prepared to make a replacement.


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There's still a good amount of talent to mined in Ohio, followed by Pennsylvania and Michigan. But we didn't exactly own the region under RR. Neither did Hoke, Miles, Patterson, or Fitz. Hoke and Fitz are Midwestern guys. But Miles and Patterson have name recognition. It's a wash. So we might as well just pick the best coach, overall, and go from there. 


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because DB is playing XBox COD4 until... i dunno... day before signing day and then appointing Fred Jackson head coach. 

or... you know... this interview was carried out at 10 am EST, 9 am CST and Dave Brandon FIRED THE MICHIGAN COACH YESTERDAY

"uh yeah, i came to the conclusion of firing the head coach on Tues night but i actually have talked to 7 other possible replacements before giving him the axe. sure this is a repeat of the embarrassment Auburn faced regarding Tommy Tuberville but I'm dave brandon, i roll bitches."

plausible deniability is a benchmark of college football - people ask FOR dave brandon. that's why real world hires take 3 weeks to vet prospects while coaching changes take 2 days. implying Dave Brandon's incompetent bc these people are saying they haven't been offered is just flat out asinine.


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A week ago you were POSITIVE that following a "chain of logic" meant concluding a new coach would be installed by 1/4 or so; this was the only legitimate view.  You assumed that Brandon was working, outside of the public light, on a plan that would install a coach almost instantly.  Even though this has proven to be 100% false, you continue to assume that Brandon is working behind the scenes.  You assume we can't take what we see at face value, even though, so far face value has been proven correct every time when it comes to Brandon. 

Brandon is not speaking in code.  He has said what he will do and done what he has said.  Your unswerving faith in his abilities to operate above or ahead of our view is questionable, at best.


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a potential coaching candidate says they have not been contacted, does not mean they have not been contacted. You can talk to their agent to gauge interest as much as you want without actually talking with the potential coaching candidate. That way in reality the coaching candidate can realistically deny any knowledge of contact with a potential suitor.

Blue in Yarmouth

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If he wasn't interested he would likely have come right out and said he has not interest in leaving to shut it down right away. Saying he will cross that bridge when he gets to it makes me think he may have more interest than many believe at this point.

Seriously, if JH isn't coming this is who I would want if anyone asked or cared...not that they do, but oh well.


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"He also added that he hasn't thought much about Michigan and that he'll "cross that bridge when he gets there""

That's actually somewhat promising in coach-speak. Hoping we pursue him. He's at the top of my wishlist and don't really wish to see either Hoke or Miles here.