CC: Cowherd On Coaching Change

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FWIW - Cowherd is reporting a source close to him is telling him knows who the coach will be and we will find out this weekend. He said it's someone currently coaching a team and not someone we had heard of as a serious candidate and it's not Schiano and someone we will be very happy with. He won't give the name, as to not ruin his source.

Cant rememember if it was Scout Or Rivals rumor, I beleive it was Rivals. But, they may be right. 



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I find it interesting he laughed at the caller who said Les Miles, and said it's not him. When the caller asked if it were Harbaugh, he just said he's not saying a name.


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I could be really excited about.

I absolutely love Jim Mora. LOVE. And as far as any Michigan Man/faction issues, he would be a fresh start but still (IMO) hold the values of what we traditionally consider a "Michigan Man" and he is a fiery, motivating, young coach. We will see, but in my teeny universe, this is right up,there with Jim Harbaugh for me.

Stoops would be good, but for some reason, I've really been impressed with Mora since his first press conference at UCLA.


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know him much at this point. I remember when UCLA hired him, and his Dad's name was one I heard, and had no excitement about. So I was a bit bummed, just based on my ignorance of him (UCLA is my second fav team...distant second). But he is an awesome personality. I think the kids would love him, and so would the fan base. He's made UCLA respectable. Plays his best athlete on both sides of the ball, and has a very exciting brand of football now at UCLA. He is a passionate guy who has shown he can win in a tough conference. Anyhow...I haven't chimed in on any of the CC threads, but this is a guy in the back of my head, that I would personally be super happy to see wearing a M hat!

Yostbound and Down

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I'd trust Sam Webb (and I don't particularly trust him in this case on coaching) about 1000x before I believed something out of the Herd's mouth. You may  as well cite Bayless.


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The Herd would have been the SectionOne1 part two of this board lol.


I'm just saying that it seems like hating on The Herd is the cool thing to do on this blog, and I knew I'd see a comment like this.  I guess he's a blowhard but he is one of most popular radio hosts out there.


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Is it a good thing or bad thing we'd find out this weekend (provided Cowherd is correct, which, ehhhh)?  Most (all, really) of the names I would think are still in their seasons at big time programs and probably wouldn't want it announced or agree to terms before the season was over.