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Since the assumption seems to be that RR is gone, and Harbaugh is going to have a tough decision between M and the NFL, it is a non-zero possibility that we will end up with Coach Brady Hoke.  I have always liked BH (as I will now refer to him).  From his days in the mid-1990s, the guys I knew on the team loved him.  Seems that his current players do, as well.

His rep is as a good to very good recruiter.  And, while I think that the whole Michigan MAn thing was blown way out of proportion with RR, in these times of a factured fan base, having someone with ties to better times couldn't hurt.

But, the common opinion on this board is Hoke = DOOM, please no. 

Can anyone please tell me the reasons that Hoke wouldn't be a good choice?


The Baughz

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If Brady Hoke wasnt a previous assistant at UM, his name would not be mentioned. If DB plans on firing RR, he better make sure he gets the right guy. If JH goes pro and DB still wants to fire RR, then he better open up the pocket book and get a coach who is a proven winner a la Stoops or Patterson, just to name a few.


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Gary Patterson is not leaving TCU. Can we stop talking about it? Maybe we can talk about CHris Peterson. That is more likely to happen and I would like to have him much more than Hoke. Peterson wins big games even when he shouldn't. He finds a way. Well, with one exception I guess but I can't blame him for missed chipshots with a well above average kicker.


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I'm all for Hoke. Ball State and SDSU he turned from losing records into solid bowl-bound teams. Also he is a GREAT recruiter (he recruited Tom Brady to Michigan). Also,he is a strong defensive mind. And he said he'd coach Michigan for free. The guy is a great coach with a burning passion for Michigan. I'm not saying he should be hired over JH, but I think he will be a great coach somewhere, hopefully at Michigan.


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every coach is called a "great recruiter."  It's like Lloyd describing David Cone's spring practice. 

In my mind, I separate the top recruiters (Saban, Meyer, Mack Brown) from the rest.  But I promise you that any guy we hire will have the label of a "great recruiter." 


January 2nd, 2011 at 2:02 AM ^

He's a great recruiter because he may have been involved in recruiting Tom Brady? You have to remember that...

1) There weren't any recruiting services back then, so who knows how highly-touted Brady was as a recruit, and

2) Brady was rather "meh" in college, especially compared to his current NFL success. He was a back up for 2 years, and then split time with Henson. He even went to a sports psychologist and considered transferring over his lack of playing time.

He probably would've been a "Mike Hart" 3 star.


January 2nd, 2011 at 2:37 AM ^

Agree with your general sentiments especially regarding the change in the last decade in recruiting services with the growth of the internet.  But just wanted to mention that it is normal for all top athletes to work with sports psychologists and Michigan is lucky to have one of the best in Greg Harden.  He is truly one of the usung heroes of the athletic department and had quite a lot to do with Charles Woodson's progression both on and off the field.  I would even say that neither Tom Brady or Charles Woodson would have realized the success that they've had without Greg's help.


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ultimately starting every game in the 1998 and 1999 seasons under Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr. During his first full year as starter, he set Michigan records for most pass attempts and completions in a season (214).[12] Brady was All-Big Ten (honorable mention) both seasons and team captain his senior year. The Wolverines won 20 of 25 games when he started and shared the Big Ten Conference title in 1998. Brady capped that season with a win over Arkansas in the Citrus Bowl.[13] In the 1999 season, Brady led Michigan to an overtime win in the Orange Bowl over Alabama, throwing for 369 yards and four touchdowns.

your point #2 cut and paste from wikipedia was selective to your argument.


January 2nd, 2011 at 12:26 PM ^

Compared to his exceptional NFL career, I think it's safe to say Brady's college career wasn't all that amazing. That's all I'm saying.  Is that even possible to argue? I'm not saying he was even bad or average in college; he was good - but not exceptional. He was a 6th round draft pick. The point I was making was that Brady more than likely wasn't a huge recruiting coup for Hoke coming out of HS. Again, he wasn't a lousy recruit, but definitely not someone that should be single-handidly carrying someones reputation as a recruiter for over a decade.

Everything in #2 is likely common knowledge among people on this blog; it was not "cut and pasted." Whether or not it was from Wikipedia is largely irrelevant even if it had been.


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I just don't see any possible way that RR comes back after today's game.  All of Michigan's six losses were by double digits.  The last three were by 20, 30 and 38. 

I was at the game and Mississippi State absolutely had its way against Michigan.  They could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.  I'm sure that DB has seen enough.

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Yeah, the worst part is Mississippi State isn't anywhere near an elite team. It just showed how far away we are in year 3. Watching the ND-Miami game the announcers reported a really interesting quote by Brian Kelly, which was something like, "I can manufacture offense, I recruit for defense." I love Rodriguez and wish him the best, but it's pretty clear his early recruiting sold out to convert our offense and with the attrition our defense has completely cratered. And while our offense has undeniably looked good this year, given the number of scholarships we've dedicated to running back and slot receiver and how Denard's running opens things up, it's disappointing that we haven't unearthed an all Big Ten caliber guy at either position. I don't feel good about giving up on Rodriguez, it's going to be a painful transition back, but ultimately today just showed we're in an untenable transition long term with him as HC. If we give him another year it's another year of uncertainty with recruiting etc. with no guaranteed payoff. Today showed we're at least a year from good under Rodriguez and we ultimately want to be better than good. We want to be and have the resources to be elite.


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Ball State and San Diego State are not Michigan. Not big enough for the program, etc.

I think we could do worse.  I think he "get's it" and would come in with the understanding of Michigan and what it takes to be successful here. Likely to surround himself with former players and coaches to rebuild the brand. Which is what Brandon is likely looking for. I'm sure that within 2 years here we look like "Old Michigan" and maybe that's what scares everyone too. Old Michigan was consistant, not awesome.


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People like Harbaugh and Gary patterson are guys you fire your current coach for after 3 years.  Hoke, is a guy that you hire after five+ years of mediocrity and looking to bring in some new blood.  That's the Tressel route.


January 1st, 2011 at 11:35 PM ^

Gene Chizik went 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State before he was hired at Auburn.  The Auburn fans were livid about the hire at the time but it seems to have worked out pretty well for them.

The next hire will be as much about football philosophy and cultural fit as it will be about a resume.  Brady Hoke probably has some kind of relationship with DB because of his history with Michigan football.  If DB thinks that he's a good fit, that could go a long way (regardless of his record at Ball State or SDSU).


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So we hire Hoke and drop $250,000 on a player to get the Chizik coaching rise from 7 wins to a title shot?

Look its Jimmy or bust for us. Everyone of us knows if we don't get him Rich should stay. Jimmy is the only guy that will get 85% percent of our fan base “All In” the other 15 percent will tell you to sit down for Hoke.

We need a tough guy like JH to come here and shut people up that are in the shadows. Yes I'm looking at you scientist!

J. Lichty

January 1st, 2011 at 11:36 PM ^

it is irellevant what to think of him.  He is a good coach, but would need to have to rise to a Patterson level dominance for a long time before even being considered.

He may have been a good candidate for Indiana.  For M, he's not in that league yet, if ever.


January 1st, 2011 at 11:36 PM ^

Reason 1: Not a "Michigan Man", born in Dayton, Ohio.

Reason 2: Did not play football for Michigan, for Bo, Mo or Lloyd.

Reason 3: Overall head coaching record YTD is 47-50. 

Reason 4: Too much finger-pointing going on:

Reason 5: Stan Parrish was better.


January 1st, 2011 at 11:47 PM ^

Three winning seasons in eight years of coaching.  Since when was that allowable at Michigan?  Rod already has him beat with a winning season in his 3rd year.  Took Hoke five.  let's see him actually win over a long stretch at one school befroe he gets crowned.  At least Tressel was regularly winning titles at Youngstown St. before gonig to the big leagues.


January 1st, 2011 at 11:48 PM ^

1. He coached at Michigan, that makes him a Michigan man

2. Carr never played at Michigan and he was a damn good coach

3. So what about his records? He came in to a Ball St. program that was 4-8 his first year to a 12-1 team: SDSU ws 4-8 hs first year, then 9-4. He turns programs around


January 1st, 2011 at 11:58 PM ^

I agree.  SDSU was terrible for many years before Hoke arrived.  Ball State has not been good since he left.  He almost beat TCU.  I think it is crazy to suggest he couldn't do well at Michigan.  At least we know he gets the culture here.  It wouldn't be an odd fit from that perspective.


January 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 AM ^

Then why do most anti-RR folks say he isn't a Michigan man?  He is.  And he's improving the team every season, after losing key players to transfers and graduation in 2008 on both sides of the ball.


Oh, and Lloyd was also part of the Michigan coaching staff for FOURTEEN YEARS before becoming head coach.  it took him almost 30 years of his coaching career to get the call to be Michigan's head coach.  And yet, Hoke gets it handed to him for being a Michigan assistant for seven years, and not even being associated with the program for eight.

Pretty sure at that point, "Michigan man" goes out the window and it's about resume, which Hoke doesn't have.


January 2nd, 2011 at 12:15 AM ^

You seriously are still in favor of this guy as our coach? There hasn't been ANY improvement.  If you've ever watched a Michigan game in these last 3 years, you would be able to tell the are a poorly coached team.  Guys don't know where they're supposed to be, and we get stupid penalties. Our defense has gotten worse. So what if our record's improving these last 3 years, our team is not and will not under RR. We lost to OSU 42-7 in RR's 1st year and 37-7 in his 3rd. We're not going anywhere as a program. We need a new coach and you'd be an ignorant, close minded fn to think otherwise after today's game,


January 2nd, 2011 at 1:36 AM ^

And he's improving the team every season

Oh, really?  There are three phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams.  Please enlighten me as to how RR has improved this team on defense and special teams, if you don't mind. 


January 2nd, 2011 at 12:06 AM ^

1. So I guess Rich Rod was a Michigan Man the day after he was hired?

2. I have no idea what this point is...Carr didn't play at Michigan, and I liked him, ergo, everyone who didn't play at Michigan, I like

3. Since when is going 9-4 at a program like San Diego St. something to  brag about? I mean why don't we sign up Bill Stewart, I hear he's going to be available, and he went 9-3 at an AQ school.


January 1st, 2011 at 11:46 PM ^

I wonder if there are any big name coaches who will let DB know they are interested if JH decides to coach the 49ers. I think if JH is not hired a few top name coaches out there may be interested in the Michigan job. We could all be surprised by who shows up here if DB has decided to let RR go.