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Submitted by Thrillhouse on December 9th, 2010 at 11:00 AM

A friend just texted me and said Art Regner is claiming on WDFN that RichRod is going to possibly get the axe today and be replaced by Brady Hoke. Errr....what?

I haven't listened to Detroit sports radio in years, so I don't know what Art's opinion of Rich Rod is, and for all I know these idiotic "insider" tidbits about the coaching search are a daily occurrence.

Here's to hoping it was just an aural hallucination.



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I didn't know Wilbon said this: “I had a solo conversation with someone who is affiliated with the current coach at Michigan, and he does not believe for a second that he’ll be back,”.  Still I dont believe any of it,

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With Lynn Henning?

Will the reliable Tate Forcier-transfer rumors be confirmed at that point?  Can we contact Katrina Hancock, or Melanie Collins, to be certain?


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Art Regner!  Yes!  Art Regner!  Of all people in the universe Art Regner has scooped the entire Michigan fanbase, media, bloggers, and so-called insiders!  Art Regner!  The lone person with a direct line to Dave Brandon!  Hahahahaha.  The coaching change stupidity is really humming at maximum efficiency now.

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Can we just compile a list, of all of the people spouting false rumors about Michigan football?  Something that can be made a "sticky" section of The Board?

Because the problem is that with somebody like Michael Wilbon, who is a proven waste of time, he profits by simply trafficking in made-up and unconfirmed stories, and then moves on to the next one.  The collective memory of his listenership/viewership is about 30 minutes.  And so he never really has to take any heat for passing phony information.

It ought to be a joke, that someone who broadacast false rumors about Rich Rodriguez last year, would get any attention at all, for doing the same thing this year.


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I listened to some of that segment and did not hear him say anything about RR being fired today.  Maybe it was in another part of the segment?  What I did hear him say was that RR will be fired, especially given the lack of endorsement following the OSU game.  While folks might not like it, that does make a ton of sense.   (we've been over it a million time, but if DB was going to keep RR, he should already have said so in order to help with recruiting)

Art was indeed saying that Hoke is the next hire.  I didn't catch his reasoning for that.  He mentioned Harbaugh being the top choice and then went right on to Hoke.  I didn't catch his reasoning for why Harbaugh was out.  If anyone else listened who can fill in those gaps (sans bomb/kittens), please do...


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I haven't listened to the Regner stuff and maybe I'm misinterpreting things, but if he's saying that those who are most bent out of shape about RR are also against Harbaugh, he's even more clueless than I thought he was already. It should be obvious to anybody that the most fervently anti-RR are also the most likely to be fervently pro-Harbaugh.

If RR is replaced by anybody other than Jim Harbaugh, the new guy will suffer from the same unfortunate disease that RR was afflicted with as soon as he was hired: "he's-not-the-Michigan-Man-we-wanted" disease. In RR's case, there was a sizeable component of the fan base that was never going to forgive him for the sin of not being Les Miles. Of course, RR has since made his own more significant troubles on the field of play, but he started out in a hole that he didn't dig himself. If a replacement is named Hoke or whatever, he'll start out with people enraged that he's not Jim Harbaugh.


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he said was that there are some egos involved, and that those people don't want a head coach being a bigger name than themselves.  I got the impression he was saying that DB wants to be seen as the "Big Dog," and that Harbaugh is to strong of a personality for his and others' liking.  At least that's the way I interpreted what he was saying.

Seems like a ridiculous train of thought to me.  The head football coach is always going to be the face of the university at Michigan.  Like Regner said, look at the names of prominent buildings on campus:  Schembechler Hall, Yost Ice Arena, Crisler Arena.... 


December 9th, 2010 at 1:23 PM ^

While I'm sure that David Brandon has a healthy ego, I have a hard time believing that it would conflict with getting the best coach possible.

Lapdog coaches are never truly successful—Wade Phillips, anybody?—and if UM's coach isn't successful, then neither is David Brandon. I think Brandon is smart enough to realize that.

Don Canham was certainly not lacking in the ego department, but that didn't prevent him from hiring Alpha Dog Bo Schembechler.

All that being said, that doesn't rule out the possibility that there might be concerns about Harbaugh's personality that don't have anything to do with Brandon's ego, too.

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Seems like a ridiculous train of thought to me.  The head football coach is always going to be the face of the university at Michigan.  Like Regner said, look at the names of prominent buildings on campus:  Schembechler Hall, Yost Ice Arena, Crisler Arena....

Yost, Crisler, Canham [Natatorium], Schembechler.  All Athletic Directors.  Not, as a group, "head football coaches" per se.  The Bill Martin Concourse at the Stadium is totally, perfectly, completely appropriate.  We will not have a Gary Moeller Building or a Lloyd Carr building, I expect.  Not that I have anything against those guys.  None whatsoever.  But our tradition has been to honor past Athletic Directors (and donors, of course) as opposed to coaches, with very few exceptions.

We've had something like 17 or so football coaches.  We've had (and Dave Brandon will cite this number in a flash if you talk to him about it) 11 Athletic Directors, in the history of Michigan Athletics.

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I was listening to Karsh speak about this subject this morning during his show. He talked to a "trusted source" in the athletic department and that person told him that Brandon isn't saying a anyone. No one knows what's going on and everything is speculation. Brandon doesn't want a Miles situation, where the coaching search gets scooped by some Herbstreit and throws everything into a cluster, so he is keeping his mouth shut on the process and is handling this himself to make sure nothing gets out.

I don't know how much of this I believe, but it makes perfect sense.


December 10th, 2010 at 7:24 AM ^

Oh Art. Everyone knows DB is waiting until after December 23rd so Hoke can coach his bowl game against Navy. At least that's what my wife's gyno's housekeeper's cousin's accountant's source inside the athletic department said (I know, I know. But the source sounded pretty sure of himself. Trust me.).


November 5th, 2014 at 6:11 PM ^

foundational support or sourcing, but good, solid inuendo never hurt any cause that a prayerful UM fanbase thought would fit its fondest hope for returned glory.