CBS Sports picks up on "Angry ____ Hating God" mem

Submitted by Yo_Blue on August 22nd, 2012 at 10:00 AM

In a CBS Sports story yesterday about Barkley Hill's confirmed season ending ACL tear, they referenced the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God.  Apparently the AIRBHG is in the Urban Dictionary.

Didn't Brian copyright this meme?  He should have.



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yeah, pretty sure Brian is the originator.  it goes at least back to OSU '06 in this blog's archives, but i don't think that was at all the first mention of it.  i kind of remember it around Minnesota '05?  in any case, BHGP came into existence in '07 unless it was a blogspot blog at some point.  which, can't remember there.


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Jacobi said at one point on the twitters that he (and BHGP) couldn't take credit for it (the name, not the phenomenon). He claimed that the designation of the Angry Hating God in its more current, proper form came from Brian/MGoBlog.


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The author of the article is a friend of the blog.  When Brian went on the Auburn road trip back in '08, Jerry was the Auburn fan on whose behalf the trip was taken.



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Hinnen covered sports for the Saline Reporter for a few years, ending somewhere in 2008-09, I believe.

Off Topic, Unsolicited Opinion:

While I read CBS Sports purely to not give page views to ESPN, I am journalistically disappointed in how they juxtapose links for news articles and newsy/opiniony blogs without much clear identification. Brian's model of sports journalism that doesn't hide its partisanship works because he's upfront and honest about it; to read opinionated analysis while thinking you're reading a straight news story is to be lied to. 

That, and I have a sincere distaste for Hinnen's use of the royal "we." 



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Along with Adam Jacobi, Brian Cook, Spencer Hall...everyone read each others' blogs because there were only so many independent sports blogs. Hinnen back then was Sunday Morning Quarterback, or "SMQ." Spencer Hall was "Orson Swindle." Brian Cook was "Brian Cook."

The earliest I remember the meme was from 2005 in reference to Michigan's safeties. It's possible Jacobi got it from Brian and made it a thing later, or Brian got it from Jacobi in '04 and applied it to the safeties. Jacobi thinks it was the first. Either way there is no better application than to Iowa running backs.