CBS - Ranks Top 25 QB Rooms (UM-6th)

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Michigan comes in at number 6. Patterson hailed as a first round NFL draft pick. Peters pegged as a starter quality and McCaffery/Milton tabbed with high upside. Sounds about right.

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You guys realize as a group of whiners you've become far more annoying/ disruptive/ trollish than he ever could imagine right? Let it go, stop responding to his threads of you don't like them and if you can't manage to do that at the very least stop clogging other threads with references. 


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I know Patterson was a big get, but putting UM at 6 after last year is a bit.... out there.  I hope they're right about it - if we get a top 10 performance out of our QB corps this year, I really think we have a great shot of making, if not winning, the playoffs.

Boogie down

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One was absolutely horrible, the other never really inspired much confidence, and the 3rd looked bad against good competition and looks like he lost his job, to a guy that has yet to take a meaningful snap at UM. I say every bit of criteria this column uses is based on last year, and yeah we are ranked really high, considering.


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I would say Peters looked pretty good vs Wisconsin. He seemed to be findin his groove at that point. 

Speight never fully recovered from injury. He might have physically but mentally he had not. 

O’Korn was bad a lot of the time. He played good vs Purdue, actually was halfway decent at Penn St and managed the game well vs OSU up until that last punt he threw.


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2 of the 3 QBs from last year are gone, and were playing because they were the best guy for the job at the time.  Patterson looks to be a huge upgrade from anything we had last year, but I don't know if he alone warrants a number 6 ranking for overall QB corps.  Peters better have improved a lot from last year, and McCaffrey hasn't seen a single college snap, and neither has Milton.  Putting us at 6 is highly presumptuous.


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Based purely on depth, 'Bama and Georgia should be lower. Those programs are in a very precarious position, though I think their OLs make it so that it's not Michigan 2017 levels of precarious.


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Honestly, with the defense Michigan will have this year, if the offense is top 40, Michigan will at least go 10-2. Unfortunately, quarterback play is not what worries me, it always falls back on the offensive line. Until Michigan figures out how to win in the trenches, nothing will change. Really wish Grant Newsome was 100%. An O-line of Newsome, Bredeson, Ruiz, Onwenu and JBB(left to right) would be great. 


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Going from ~ 100th to 6th is a pretty big jump. Saying Peters is "starter quality" is a bit of a stretch after what we saw last year. I'm hesitant of anyone who couldn't beat out O'Korn for the backup position. 


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So a redshirt freshman (that ran the scout team in his RS year, rather then his teams offense) all year is supposed to be better than a 5th yr senior that started a game the previous year?  Whatever, man...

I think Peters did a credible job last year.  Wisconsin was a winnable game if he doesn't get injured, and everyone believes OSU was beatable, also, with him running the show.  No, he wasn't a polished upper class starter, but he played pretty well considering the situation he was placed into.


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Peters has potential to have a very good career at Michigan and played well at times last year.  Sure he made some really bad decisions in the Bowl Game.  But that game was an epic train wreck with him not making the top 5 as culpable.  

QB especially is a position where experience and maturity have exponential value.  The kid is a RS Sophomore.  Go back and review Brian Griese’s career.   He played as a Sophomore due to injury and it looked like he couldn’t throw more than 20 yards.  The guy won a title and had a ten year NFL career.  Peters has more physical talent.   Having a a good offensive scheme, line, wr, etc means something.  

Unless you are sitting in practice everyday and know something the rest of us it’s seems short sighted to write his story.  

Maybe McCaffery passes him and we will never know but I believe he will push Shea (not pass him) and could ultimately have a good career at Michigan 


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Well said Double D. I was quite high on Peters before the injury. Then he came out and laid a bit of a turd in the bowl game. 

So what? It was his what, fourth start? People around here are ready to crucify the kid for not lighting the world on fire. He has the tools to be a good one, and I'm excited to see his growth over the next few years.

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Here's a fun game:

First 100 passes, last 12 UofM QBs:

Where's Peters?


57/93........61.2%.. .1010yds......8/4.g












Peters arguably had a better first 88 passes than Henne did.





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I agree with your take on Peters.  I think he's getting unfairly criticized given the situation he was put in and think if he doesnt get injured against Wisconsin we probably beat OSU.

On the other hand I dont agree with you that this rating indicates all is well on the recruiting circuit for Michigan. Mock Maizen/Bluey if you will but he fact remains I dont think any of us envisioned a world in which year four of Harbaugh would yield such lackluster results recruiting-wise in-state and nationally.  Are you personally happy with having the 18th best class in the country?

More importantly - do you think Harbaugh is?   My guess is he's not happy with it....not at ALL happy.....which is why the staff got shaken up as it did.  If Harbaugh thought everything was ticketee-boo why make any changes?


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Sure I'd like the #1 class in the country every year.  But that isn't in the cards now, is it?  I really think Saban paid to get that run started, and that's not something Michigan will do.  And no, I don't think Harbaugh was very happy with recruiting last year, but I'll bet he is happy with the players he signed.  He made changes to address a lot of things he didn't like about last year, which is exactly what we expect from the coach - doing what is needed to keep the team on top.

That said, I'm not unhappy with the #18 class, either.  Taken in context, the crappy year on the field (itself largely a result of the personnel losses from 2016 leading to an extremely young team with little depth at two key offensive positions) and the (seemingly) poor interactions between the coaches, I just refuse to believe it's the end of the world.

We see the same thing differently.  You see recruiting as the end result of coaches doing a poor job, leading to a poor showing on the field.  I see it as the end result of a lot of things that just (hopefully) changed for the better.  You choose to whine and complain about it; I choose to be happy for the players that did sign, and for the new coaches brought in to help move things forward.

We both want the same thing - a championshiply competitive team.


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Can you point me to the "whine & complain" portion of my post?  I'm damned if I can find it and I've now looked several times.

My theory, not that anybody asked, is that the satellite camp concept backfired badly.  We werent able to pull the kids from down south like Harbaugh hoped, we wasted time we could've been working on developing relationships with kids closer to home and we burned out our coaching staff in the process.  


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The sat camp point is valid, and seems feasible.  That could have played a part in why Ty Wheatley bolted, aside from the call of the NFL.  Though I don't think the purpose was to pull kids out immediately, more so than to starting relationships where none existed before.  And from that standpoint, they've been somewhat successful (ie: see GA, CA).  

The complaining parts are weeks in the past (the new board format has trumped a lot).  But you're on record defending Maizen/Bluey posts because you think Michigan has just shit the bed in recruiting.  Probably because it's done differently from how you remember doing it, but I dunno.

Like I said - we both want the same thing.

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Don't forget the throw and catch by DPJ that was ruled no catch in the end zone, even though replay showed DPJ just got a toe in. The next play, all on Peters, resulted as a fumble but if that call is correctly made, it's 7-7 with Michigan forcing a punt and then scoring a TD on the next offensive drive. Could have been up 14-7 at half and then who knows how that 2nd half plays out.

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Couldn't agree more. Peters wasn't flashy, but he kept the chains moving when the ball was placed in his hands. He did about as much as could be expected for a RS freshman thrown into the fire behind an awful OL and very inexperienced skill position players. That Wisconsin game was anyone's game until he went down. When O'Korn came onto the field, Wisconsin smelled blood in the water and everyone and their mother knew that game was over unless Hornibrook committed multiple pick sixes. 

I don't know if Peters would've beaten OSU, but I know he wouldn't have thrown up a pop-fly to OSU's secondary to lose the game. As for the Outback Bowl, yeah he didn't play overly well in the second half, but there were a lot of factors in us losing that game. That horrible call to hand off to McKeon (Harbaugh outsmarted himself), the defense falling apart on three consecutive drives that led to TDs, Higdon fumbling. The second half was a travesty for the whole team and the coaching staff. 

I do think Shea wins the job this season because of his sheer upside, but in 2019 Peters has a great chance to get the job back. Hell, maybe he surprises this season and wins the job again. 

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Thanks for the link. Looking at the list of who is above us and who is below us, we seem to be right where we belong.  Some of the quarterback rooms rated nearby us are also being rated by potential with unproven players.  Shea Patterson has the skill set to help offset some of our deficiencies in the tackle position.  If he truly is a first round pick, as this site and many others predict, this team is going to be a juggernaut. 


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I kind of agree-- at least from this perspective: it feels like we lost a lot of top-tier college QBs this past year in the draft. Even excluding the five first-round picks, we lost Mason Rudolph, JT Barret, Luke Falk, and even smaller school guys like Logan Woodside and Kyle Lauletta. That's 10 of the top 20 quarterbacks from the past three years.

So yeah-- if you were to add in those 10 qbs back into this list, we'd rank like 14th-- which feels about right.


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People crap on Peters, but he's a good QB who would be the preferred starter on at least half the teams in P5.  And if Patterson decisively beats him out, even better.

I might start bookmarking all these articles claiming McSorley is a Heisman contender.  PSU lost a ton from their offense and so much of his game is high risk throws down field that if he doesn't have a couple of his reliable targets getting to them, he could have one of those seasons where he leads the conference in YPC and also picks.

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He also doesn't have Barkley to bail him out anymore. But McSorely is a pretty darn good QB in his own right, and Franklin has recruited extremely well the last couple of years. They're definitely inserting some unproven guys in there at the skill positions, but I still see him ending up as one of the top 3 QBs in the conference next season, if not the best. I think he's just proven more than anyone else in the league at this point. 

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On the other hand, McSorely is a senior and we kind of know what to expect. There's a lot of film on his tendencies, even though they may change a bit with a new cast of characters.  

Fake edit: I just checked his counting stats (yds/tds etc) down the stretch. Some pretty solid numbers. But I'm not ready to crown his ass. He is what we think he is.


June 20th, 2018 at 1:11 PM ^

I agree his tendencies are set, but I do wonder if he gets away with as much with a new cast of players.  He threw the ball downfield over 20 yards close to half the time last year, and even the best DSR guys might have trouble duplicating that without some of the game breakers they lost.  I think he'll be good this year, but it'll be telling about how good Franklin is as a coach if that success continues thos year.

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I think we probably have one of the deeper QB rooms on that list. We have 2 guys that have actually started multiple college games, which barely any of those teams have. 

Alabama is rated 2 based on 1 game from Tua and assuming Hurts stays. Not sure why the list includes transfers who are not eligible to play this year. 




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Seems a little optimistic but certainly possible.  Given another year of growth for Peters, the addition of Patterson, not having Freshmen wideouts, and even moderate improvement from the O-Line, and this could be a case where a lot of little improvements add up to a big difference on the field. The hard part with having a lot of factors working against us last year (O-line struggles, freshmen wideouts, injuries, and questionable QB play) is that we'll need improvement in each of those areas to be a real contender, and just one area lagging can still sink the upside of this team. 

Here's to hoping we can get a bit better in each area and see that add up to something greater than just the sum of its parts.


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I can see the optimism for Patterson but I'm confused as to where theyrth getting that take on the 2 guys behind him on the depth chart... JH was forced to take a 5* transfer because the QB was in bad shape. 


June 20th, 2018 at 12:06 PM ^

"Forced" might be the wrong word.  When this situation presented itself (of possibly getting a former 5*, #1 overall QB recruit,) he couldn't pass it up.  I doubt he was looking around at all possible QB transfers...  That said, Peters, McCaffrey and Milton are still largely question marks with a lot of potential.  This should be an interesting season.

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I wonder how much luster Harbaugh adds to the evaluation (strange considering some of the more recent skepticism from some folks here and elsewhere). In other words, he has a bit of a track record of advancing QB's to the next level, etc.


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It's all fun off-season speculation for now.  Let's hope our QBs play like the #6 room this fall.  I am looking forward to some form of competent passing game with throws >15 yards behind a line that can actually block and keep the QB upright long enough to make the throw.

I watched a re-run of the 2003 OSU game.  John Navarre was never much of a scrambler.  In that game, OSU didn't get much pressure on him.  Result...several long TD passes and 35 points.