CBS preseason All-America team

Submitted by Bambam on August 15th, 2018 at 2:56 PM

CBS published their preseason All-America list today and two Wolverines made the cut. They peg Devin Bush as a first teamer and Rashan Gary as a second teamer. 

The B1G had ten players on the list in total. Wisconsin leads the way with five including two on the first-team; Michigan coming in second with two; and three teams (Penn State, Iowa, OSU) each having one each.



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Nick Bosa is projected by pretty much several draft people as the top prospect in the draft. Bosa has that important sack edge which is where we measure their impact as a pass rusher. Bosa is much more polished pass rusher and is very similar to his brother, Joey who is already one of the best DE in the league.

Gary has the measureables and potential but he needs refinement in pass rush. If he can improve on it with better hand usages, countermoves, and better pass rush plan, he's a top 3 lock. I know several liked him better as a 3T as opposed to 4-3 DE.


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Nice for him, but it pains me to see AJ Dillon on that list.

Also, three Clemson DL on First/Second team......

Come on, how will any opponent RB gain even a yard, or any QB complete a pass ;)


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I'm slightly surprised that osu only had 2 (Bosa 1st team, Arnette 2nd team)... I figured at least Dobbins would get some pre season love. Also, Wisconsin with 5 seems outrageously excessive. Feels like a consolation prize for winning the west only to lose in the B1G title game.


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Good grief, even with our QB and OL problems last year, if we'd had a guy like Barkley that would've bought us 2-3 more wins.  It's hard to overestimate what a guy like that can do for an offense.  Just being able to generate a few more first downs here and there would've taken a lot of pressure off our defense.

McSorely is going to look a lot more mortal this year.


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Man, what I wouldn't give to have Michigan players on the OL and the All-America team. Two guys from Bama on the OL and All-America team . . . smh. Just looked at the Athlon Big 10 2018 All-Conference team, and there are 4 guys from Wisconsin on the first team OL. So much success is predicated on the offensive line. I hope that Warinner can work miracles, recruiting improves, and we return to the solid offensive lines of yesteryear. I have always thought the OL was critical, and the last 10 years prove it many times over.


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Ugh, the Bosa love continues.  I'm not sure what basis they have to put him ahead of Winovich.  Lets compare last year's stats.



Tackles - 34

Solo tackles - 19

Assists - 15

Tackles for loss - 16

Sacks - 8.5

Forced Fumbles - 1



Tackles - 73

Solo tackles - 36

Assists - 37

Tackles for loss - 19

Sacks - 8.5

Forced Fumbles - 2




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What were the snap comparisons?

I don't know because main stream outlets don't tally snap counts.  But, I'd have to disagree.  I think you reward players for the season they had.  Production is production.  So far Winovich's stats show he's a more productive player and deserves the accolades IMO.  If that changes in '18 then give the post-season award to Bosa.


If you also don't know the snap count why would discredit the stats we do know?


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I don't mean to knock Winovich here, but it's the same reason Gary's number are more similar to Bosa's than Winovich's.

Offenses pick their poison. Offenses choose to double Gary, and we have an (awesome) answer in Winovich. This means the numbers don't necessarily show each player's impact.

Not just my opinion though. Pro Football Focus has Bosa as the preseason #1 player in College Football. That's at all positions. Hopefully Gary proves this wrong.


EDIT: Didn't realize that PFF article was just posted today. Of interest is they have Winovich at 27 (Michigan's highest rated player), Lavert Hill at 28 and Devin Bush at 30. Interestingly enough no Gary, and less so, no Shea.