CBS interview with Coach Harbaugh

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Dennis Dodd sat down with Coach Harbaugh for an interview.  No earth-shattering news, but lots of great quotes that are exactly the sort of thing you expect to hear now from the coach.

I thought this board would especially enjoy this one:

Harbaugh also kind of boasted he's stripped down the weight room to a more spartan look. Upon arriving, he was repulsed by walls filled with pictures and inspirational quotes.

"It was shiny, like somebody from Chicago came in [from a ] P.R. firm."…



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I never knew about this part:

How many schools have a football from 1903, from the only game Michigan gave up points that season? Aside from that 6-6 tie with Minnesota, Michigan outscored everyone else 565-0.


That is just crazy...


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"Harbaugh also kind of boasted he's stripped down the weight room to a more spartan look."

I'm going to guess the author's liberty in describing our weight room was never approved by Harbaugh...

Yostbound and Down

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That's the most we've heard on that Bo benching story. You can tell he's still a huge influence on Harbaugh, in some ways almost haunting from this interview at least. Many have said it seems like he might be Bo reincarnate...I get the image in my head from Patton where Patton's on the Roman/Carthaginian battlefield in North Africa and says "I was here." Patton, at least the movie portrayal reminds me of both Bo and Harbaugh.

I really like his approach this offseason. Basically work hard and then play hard too. All the stuff with Twitter, asking a recruit to commit via a prom-like invitation, visiting Cracker Barrels...all that helps build a positive aura that is unlike any other college coach of this generation. He may not have the wins here yet. But they'll come. 

Oh and the detail about the weight room...for the umpteenth time thank God we have Hackett now instead of Brandon.


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It's a poor point though. Hackett doesn't care about what's in the weight room just as Brandon surely didn't. The quotes and pictures were there because Hoke was into that type of motivation (the stake for the MSU game for example). Harbaugh apparently is not. That's a difference between coaching styles, nothing to do with ADs. Your only comment on ADs based on that point of the article should be: "thank goodness we have Hackett because he's just like Brandon, neither of them had any input into the weight room decor." And that's not a very meaningful comment.


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Hoke was apparently into cheap motivational quotes, along with his requisite pointing, hand-clapping, butt-slapping and only being a presence on the sidelines rather than an integral part of game management... all I can say is, thank god for Harbaugh.


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An odd interview that jumps all over the place would be no surprise from Coach Harbaugh. At the same time, I don't think it's the interview itself you're sensing. I think Dodd may just not be a very good writer. This article reads like a first draft: most of the material is there, but not yet organized into a coherent story.


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In the place where you put your head down and work hard, he had the place filled with navy seal quotes and old photos of Michigan legacies. I wonder how many of those Michigan legacies spent half of their time gawking at their predecessors thinking they're great by association.


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If Hoke's reign had been successful, you and everyone else on the board would think this was a fantastic thing. It wasn't, and no doubt we're better off for the change that's come in the form of HARBAUGH. But the idea that you're looking at this as some kind of indication of why he failed (rather than the fact that he was simply a mediocre football coach) is absolutely laughable. I'd put the over/under on the impact/indicative nature of pictures/quotes in the weight room at 0.000001%. And I'd take the under.


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I think that not only are you correct, but that what Harbaugh was aiming fpor here was a change of attitude fostered by a change of environment - if the walls had been bare, the change would have been that he'd have filled them with inspirational sayings.


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"If Michigan is looking for someone to walk up to Urban [Meyer] in pregame and punch him in the nose," Ron Lynn said, "they got the right guy -- literally and figuratively."


Ron Lynn is an ass. One of the greatest football photos of all time is of Bo and Woody having a friendly chat before a big game. That's class.

Let the football TEAM do the beatdown. At the end of the game Jim can go out and say,  to Urban,

"Can't wait to play you guys again".


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He is the last guy in the world to have a friendly chat with someone he is directly competing with, either right before, or right after, the game.  He is intensity personified.  He didn't say anything like "can't wait to play you guys again" when it was his own brother!

As for "Ron Lynn is an ass," I'd say your comment says a lot more about you than about him. Further, I'd bet he has spent more time with Harbaugh than you, and has one hundred times more cred with any casual reader than you when it comes to what Harbaugh is like.


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The attitude on this website held by many is that Hoke coddled the team. I don't disagree, BUT slamming everything he did is not appropriate. By all accounts Hoke did a great job of creating a family of young men. Harbaugh has a different way of creating this-kudos to him. Hoke failed on the field, but he succeeded in creating a family that honors MI. By all accounts the new staff is enjoying the fruits of this effort-the team likes each other and is very open to learning. Is this all Hoke-no. But give the guy some credit. He was/is an honorable man-we don't need to slam everything he did as bad. In the end-winning will heal this-let's enjoy the ride

Perkis-Size Me

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I doubt many people here will question Hoke's character, his love for Michigan, his players, and his desire to mold his players into men. From what we can see, he was by all accounts a great guy who just could not get it done on the field.

The job may have been too big for him to handle, and there's no shame in that. We should certainly appreciate what he left behind.

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Hoke is a great position coach and the way he went about things like the motivational wall in the weight room and the clapping and telling his guys they were the best is exactly what a position coach would do. But he was the head coach and as head coach he needed to approach things differently. He needed to hold everyone accountable and he didnt. Encouragement only goes so far. IMO thats why he failed.

I hold Hoke in very high regard. A great Michigan Man. Just not a great head coach.


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"It's like being dipped in magic waters again," Harbaugh said of recruiting.

I am assuming this is a summary writeup of a much longer interview, as the article itself jumped around a bit, but still it manages to highlight some of why Jim Harbaugh is the right person in the right moment here, not to mention that he is full of entertaining quotes like the one above. I thought that one was pretty intriguing. 


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"These first Harbaugh practices have been full go. Instructions were that quarterbacks -- even in the spring game -- were tackled all the way to the ground. That is almost unheard of. Anywhere."


That's interesting. First I can remember hearing of it.


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That's an unfortunate word...


Harbaugh also kind of boasted he's stripped down the weight room to a more spartan look

The author should have used something like "austere".

Fuck Sparty!


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Fisch is really being pumped up in the media narrative around this team. I really do believe he's here in order to make a jump to MAC head coach after the season.