CBS article on "The Horror"

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Dennis Dodd, a senior college football columnist with CBS, has an article up today on Appy State and the Horror. The reason for the article is that we are coming up on the five year anniversary of the event. To be clear, there are no anonymous sources in his article, nor does Dodd allude to or speculate regarding certain spurious and slanderous accusations made by a blogger recently in another place.


As a diehard Michigan fan and alumni, it is painful to read. And yet, it is something that is sadly part of our history. I must say, I am glad that we are playing Appalachian State again. I am supremely confident that neither our coaching staff nor Michigan players will overlook that game.

I do think it likely that Michigan patronized and ignored Appy State, considering the game as little more than a glorified scrimmage against a high school squad. I never knew that only 27 players took part in the game for App. State. In my mind, the game was an indictment of the Michigan coaching staff, and a sign that things had to change.

I realize that a post like this invites negbangs, but part of moving to the future is learning from the past.



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Make it stop? Seriously?

Why? What's the matter?

I'd understand if you wanted the RichRod threads to stop, but it's not like THE HORROR gets rehashed here regularly.

It's certainly annoying to see that loss celebrated by (jealous, let's face it) fans of other teams. It will be annoying again in 2017. (May as well brace yourself now.) But, as others have noted, there's nothing disrespectful in the article.

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BONUS: MGoBlog (and the famous kittens of '07) are featured here:…

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This site got it right in '07. Michigan prepared poorly for an underrated team and (as was their custom during those years) took way too long to make some obviously required defensive adjustments. It never should have happened.


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to focusing on and preparing for Alabama, the App State players did the same for Michigan. They were given a challenge and rose to it.

And then, we cannot overlook Armani Edwards.

It is a painful event sure, but we cannot overlook the lessons learned in pain. And even the entire Rich Rod debacle (Lloyd retires, spread is they way to go, etc.) stems from this painful event.

I am glad we are where we are now, and that much happier for it based on where we have been.


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That started back in 1998 after Syracuse abused us and then Purdue and Northwestern exposed us after that.  Even OSU devised a brilliant gameplan in 2006 and came out in the spread against us and, of course, we were unprepared.  

It seemed natural to think that if we couldn't stop the spread against middling Big Ten teams, think of how unstoppable we'd be running the spread with the athletes we could get.  I'm still holding my opinions of Hoke until this less "home-friendly" schedule concludes.  I just feel like Michigan isn't back until it can play just as good on the road as they do at home.  And we were below average last year.


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when we play them AGAIN??  To this day I still do not understand why we scheduled Appy State again.  No good can come from that game.  Even if we win 72-0 nobody will care and will only ask “So why did you lose to them in 2007”.  Worse still, if “The Horror” repeats itself?? Well, I don’t think there are words that can describe what that would do…


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Didn't read the article, but this seems completely different from the "other" story involving The Horror.  "We learn from history that we do not learn from history".  Never forget the past just because it hurts. This notion can be used elsewhere in this program's recent history.  I agree with SRK, I'm glad they are playing them again.  The team will be prepared for when that day falls upon us.  Anyway, Beat Bama...first thing's first (way, way first).


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As a YSU fan and follower of FCS (I-AA) football for many years, I went into the Appy game a little concerned. Michigan had the great offense, but a defense that only returned 4 starters if my memory serves me & ASU was coming off a NC and had a lot of team speed. I still figured Michigan would win by 17-24 pts, but after that first long pass TD I knew Michigan was in trouble.


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As far as relevance to Michigan football is concerned, this thread gets at least 7 out of 10 IMO. Painful, yes, but way more useful than the random "Person who has nothing to do with Michigan football dies" threads or "TIGERS!!!" threads.


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Are there anymore articles we can post before the season starts that cast a bad light on UM?  Let's get it out of the way now, I guess.


I hear Avery Queen and Josh Moore have a few stories to tell.


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Not only was I there to see this in person, I was in the end zone (2nd row) of where our field goal was blocked.  In that famous picture of the block, there's a fan to the far left in a yellow shirt with his hands on his hips.  That guy was 2 people down from me.  I'm just out of view in the shot, thank GOD.  

Unless you were sitting in the front row ahead of me, nobody had a better view of that kick being blocked than I did.  And no matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to erase that from my memory.

How great for us that we get anniversary reminders.  And just wait until we play them (next year?) the week leading up to the game will show nothing but flashbacks of the horror endlessly.  Compare it to all the flashbacks of the Kordell Stewart hail mary when we were preparing for Colorado in 1996 and 97.  This will be like that only worse. 

Smash Lampjaw

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Where I found out what happened with the McCartney Hail Mary the next morning, and high-fived Charles Woodson with a rose in his teeth. I witnessed half of wolverine history from the backfield and the other half on that little stadium screen we used to have. I am only now finding out what happened in the games I went to when I watch old games on BTN. Thank goodness I miraculously acquired better seats since then.


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I get that this loss was horrible and embarassing but honestly the 7 straight losses to ohio and current 4 straight to sparty were/are worse. It's not like i have to deal with any app state fans on a daily basis. 2007 still would have been a giant letdown even if the horror had never happened.


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Also in NC, and I also get App State fans coming up to me when they see my car with all its Michigan stuff on it.  I even had a cop who pulled me over talk to me about that game, his brother went to App State.  It was more embarrasing than getting pulled over. 


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Which, by the way is old and played out, would be a lot more effective coming from a fan of someone other than notre dame. I find it hard to get upset about anything said by a fan of a team Michigan owns. Keep trying though. It's cute when notre dame fans act important.


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I am not acting important, I am not denying your recent string of victories over us.  But when you go on the attack RE: Navy & Tulsa, just remember you have skeletons in the closet as well.  Yah we are more similar than you think.


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I hate that we are playing them again, absolutely hate it. We can beat them 999 times out of 1000 games and only 1 of those games will be remembered. Let them have there victory and move on, I just don't want to see that team or their fans in the big house ever again.