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Rothstein has an interesting "Catching Up with" article at annarbor.com titled "Even in Norway, former Michigan tight end Jack Clancy heard about Roy Rountree breaking his record."

Evidently, Clancy since 1980 has lived in Norway, where he works for Halliburton. He hadn't been aware that he still held a Michigan record until he began receiving e-mails on Saturday. He had this to say about Roundtree breaking it:

"It’s kind of interesting for a record like that to lay around for so many years," Clancy said. "And then have it blasted out of the record books pretty decisively, I would say."

The article is worth a read and is accompanied by a video narrated by Bill Flemming with highlights from Michigan's 1966 season. Clancy made some pretty impressive catches that year.


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When I was growing up, he was my Anthony Carter, my MercuryBraylonMarquiseJasonStevieMario.

Jack Clancy was NOT a tight end.  He was a converted RB/DB who was assigned the postion of "end", but was in fact one of the earliest prototype split ends in Michigan football.  He was, I promise you, one of the most beautiful pass catchers in the history of a school with maybe the best legacy of pass catchers in all of college football.


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When I was watching Clancy's catches in that film posted with the article, the first thing that popped into my head was that he should have been given the no. 1 jersey. His catch on the play that starts around 0:41 was certainly Braylon-like. Or maybe we should consider Braylon's catches to have been Clancyesque.


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As he saiid in interview, he and Vidmer worked all summer and perfected timing routes. He had incredible hands and basically never dropped anything. Very good speed as well. For the time he caught an incredible number of passes over the season. Easily comparable to the best Michigan has had except Anthony Carter.


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He went to St. Mary's of Redford High School in Detroit. He was playing in the NFL when I entered first grade at SMR-- and I grew up hearing Jack Clancy stories. 


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I enjoyed seeing the video of the '66 season.  There was one brief shot where u could see the stands.  Its interesting to see how emty the stands were compared to today