Cass Tech vs. Catholic Central on TV right now

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MHSAA Division 3 title game, played this last weekend.  Terry Richardson, Royce Jenkins-Stone, Matt Godin, Wyatt Shallman (sp?).  Not to mention a few other kids for Tech (L. Jordan?, the other CB #1, and the their super freshman QB)

RJS just scored the first TD on a sweet run.  FoxSports Detroit, started at 7:30



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First off,  I know this belongs in the other thread.  But on behalf of every student at CC, I apologize if in fact this letter was written by a CC student. We are all devastated at school, and about at least 400 students went to see the Dean today to express their displeasure with the letter. Cass Tech is a great institution and had the better football team and we respect that.  We just don't like the negative view we are getting from the media and from Michigan.  We know that this doesn't represent CC and we know that it's alot better there than what people paint us out to be.  We just hope this thing dies down and we can actually focus on our classes and final exams instead of getting interviewed by Channel 4 in school and taking a ton of criticism when we go out in public with any CC gear on.  As students, we should not have to put up with this crap


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Yeah that letter was pretty disgusting.  Apparently some adminstrators at CC went through the student, parent, and alumni databases and the name that was signed at the bottom was not in any of them. It's becoming more and more clear that the letter was a fake meant to give CC the perception and negative connotation that the author is implying in his letter.

It sounds like its from someone with some serious personal issues rather than from someone actually associated with CC.


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a little tunnel screen fake to wheel route flag route that went for a Terry Richardson TD. I believe that could work at the Division I level of major college football competition


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CC looked like a JV Squad vs. CT.   I think CT's QB Jehru Campbell (sp?) should be on the all hair squad.   Serously looking forward to RJS and T Rich getting on campus. 

Great win for Michigan Man Wilcher.

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It's spelled Jayru. Jayru Campbell. This kid, is going to be, BIG TIME. Only 14 tying a state title game record for passing TDs, 200+ yds passing in the title game.

I've already started talking to him a little bit about Michigan and giving stats. He said he's getting mail from penn state and wants to hear from texas and miami because "it's pretty warm there". (14 year old has plenty of time to change his mind on the weather deal). He also said he heard that "Michigan and Iowa know about me".