The Case For Ron Zook

Submitted by Paps on October 5th, 2014 at 10:36 PM

As Michigan potentially looks for a new coach, many of football's greatest minds are being thrown into the discussion.  Les Miles, Mike Gundy, Jim Harbaugh, and many others like them are being mentioned with regards to a potential coaching vacancy.  But I want to present to the Michigan faithful why I believe Ron Zook is the best candidate for the Michigan job.

Born in Ohio - It takes one to beat one, and having a true Ohioan as the head coach would surely give us a great advantage against our biggest rival, plus any Ohio-Based MAC schools that happen to fall in our path.

Exciting Games - Zook coached Illinois when Michigan beat them in 3OTs, 67-65.  That was the most exciting game ever, and he could bring that excitement back to the big house.

Not enough men on the field! Zook is the special teams coordinator with the Green Bay Packers.  We consistently struggle with punt formations and getting all 11 guys on the field for special teams.  He would bring valuable special teams insight that we surely need.

Green Bay Packers - Ron Zook is currently employed by the Green Bay Packers.  They are an NFL team, and could beat any college team in the country.  If a team that’s better than a college team is smart enough to hire Ron Zook, then we would be foolish not to have him as our coach. It's the transitive property.

Hoke only has one “O” in his name. Ron Zook has 3 "O's" in his name. This clearly means that Zook is 3 times more dedicated to Offense - which also starts with an O - than Hoke is.

All the best teams are in the SEC. Everyone knows that.  Ron Zook coached at Florida.  Florida is in the SEC.  The teams in the SEC have this thing called "SEC SPEED".  Having been an assistant and a head coach in the SEC, Zook knows how to recruit and coach SEC SPEED.  Having such SPEED at a school in the Big Ten would shock the nation.

Zook has taken a team to the Rose Bowl more recently than any Michigan team.  He knows how to get to the big game.

It’s all about the money: He is underrated, and we wont have to pay him a lot to come here, and he's most probably looking for a job in the college football world.  We need somebody to fill that job. It's a win-win for both parties, and helping people is what this is all really about.


These are the reasons I think Ron Zook is the best man for the job.



October 5th, 2014 at 10:41 PM ^

I genuinely cannot tell if this is for real or not.

Anyway, don't we ALREADY have a HC that recruits well but can't do anything with the talent?