Carter Dunaway gets his second P5 offer from Nebraska

Submitted by FutureOfA2 on January 27th, 2016 at 10:27 PM
Maybe not the most thread worthy topic, but Carter Dunaway received an offer from Nebraska this evening. One of our few 2017 commits, Dunaway is a 6'6 TE from Brother Rice who is the son of Craig Dunaway and brother of Jack Dunaway who is currently on the team as a PWO from the class of '15. Carter should be a lock to Michigan, so it's nice to see him earn an offer from another highly regarded program. Also interesting to note that Chase Allen (2016 TE) has us and Nebraska in his final 3, announcing Friday.



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Some misunderstanding with Mattison last year telling the kid he had a great opportunity to go to MIchigan because of football; but it was interpretted as MIchigan saying he wasn't smart enough to get into MIchigan on his own. 


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Daishon Neal is the kid who's family basically made up some bullsh!t about Mattison last year, so that would be the most likely bet.

I seem to remember Sam Webb with a quote which was something to the effect of "His high school coach can't really come out and say that the kid and/or his dad is an @sshole, but he is"  (That wasn't really the quote, but the sentiment was similar.)  

...Found Webb's info summarized HERE.  "I was told by [Neal's high school coach] that the other side of this entire story is an utter fabrication. In the meeting yesterday afternoon was the kid, the uncle, and the dad. The part about academics was completely misrepresented. Apparently Mattison talked about how kids with 4.0s and high test scores get turned away from Michigan all the time. He did that to highlight how academically prestigious the school is and lead into what a special opportunity to he had in front of him. The whole "Mattison got thrown out of the house" comment is fiction too. The kid walked Mattison to his car and talked about how high he was on Michigan. Suffice it to say Michigan thought it was most likely going to get the kid afterward. That the visit was twisted the way it was came as a complete shock."