Carl Jung

Submitted by Enjoy Life on October 13th, 2008 at 5:01 PM

According to Myers-Briggs (based on the teaching of Carl Jung), there are 16 distinct personality types. All humans are born with a specific type (it is more genetic than environmental).

That means that approximately 85% of everyone else is different than a specific person. So, the question should not be "why do some people on this blog (and in life) piss me off?"; the question should be "why doesn't almost everyone piss me off?"

What's my point?

No need for flame wars (even though some find them fun), it's just someone elses opinion.

Some folks get jacked off if you boo the home team while others get jacked off if you write about the home team "But now it is pretty hard to come to any conclusion other than "they just suck"".

To quote Stephen Colbert, "If you want the weather to change, wait 15 minutes. If you want my opinion to change, you can F*#K yourself!"