Caris LeVert - no more redshirt

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I noticed he played 7 minutes tonight.  I wonder if they are planning on burning his redshirt now?  Vogrich only played 4 minutes and Akunne didn't play any.  

edit - That means redshirt is burned.  I'm surprised they decided to do that, but then again, Vogrich and Akunne haven't been playing that well.



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There's no difference in regard to "regular" redshirts. "Medical" redshirts use the same 30 percent rule across all sports—which just means that the number of games differs.

Baumgardner: Michigan burns Caris LeVert's redshirt, freshman earned time due to his defense

Beilein said LeVert had earned the right to be in Michigan's rotation due to his consistent improvement in practice. He added that if LeVert didn't want his redshirt waived, then Beilein would have allowed him to keep it.

Obviously the freshman wanted to play, and according to his coach, he'll continue to do so moving forward.

4th and short

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I kind of liked the idea of him getting a RS year. Having said that I’m not sure in today’s college basketball RS are as necessary as they once were. As far as Akunne and Vogrich, Those guys are a nice veteran presence on this team, but there is also a noticeable drop in talent when they play.


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In basketball, redshirts are almost obsolete.  The path to the NBA is so "fast-tracked" now that a redshirt almost carries a stigma with it.  Seniors are seldom drafted high anymore, and it seems like even less redshirt seniors are.  It's as if "redshirt" means "no NBA potential."

I still really like the idea of having one or two fifth-year seniors on the team someday, but having fifth-year seniors isn't nearly as crucial to basketball as it is to football.


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He played, so his redshirt is offically burned. That's how that works.

After being disappointed by M's lack of depth this year (it seems we're still at 6 consistent contributors, same as last year), I like giving LeVert a shot.


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Akunne vs NC State (instant 8-0 run) and Vogrich vs NC State (asleep at the start with a turnover and two fouls).

Those are your two reasons that add up to LaVert getting a shot and if coach likes what he's seen in practice I can't say I disagree with him because only having Spike to rest both Burke and Hardaway is going to be too much as you slug your way through the B1G conference games.

turd ferguson

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We're contenders for both a conference and national title.  Even if Beilein thinks that LeVert's presence in the lineup offers a slight improvement for the year's outlook, I'm all for putting him in there. 

The 2016-17 season is important, but when you have an opportunity like we do this year, you go all in (without doing anything totally crazy).


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This is basketball we are talking about.  If the guy is good enough to lament a wasted redshirt year, he would already be in the NBA.  Name me 1 redshirt senior that has every been an above average player at UM?

Lucky Socks

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That's just not a fair question because Michigan hasn't redshirted many players in my lifetime time as a fan.  Meanwhile, other teams (i.e. Wisco) have had plenty of guys become major contributors in Year 5.  Although typically those are guys who wouldn't have played as a Freshman.  Ask me in 4 years if I'm happy that Max Beilfeldt is still around.  I think I'll say yes.

If Caris is good enough to play now - it's in his best interest to burn his RS.  We're going to bring in good players every year so it's not as if we can predict that we will need him more a few years from now.

I like Beilein's approach to it.  I just hope he made it pretty clear that playing this year could mean "playing" an average of 5 minutes a game.  If that's worth it to Caris, great.  There's no guarantee that he'll earn more than that next year or in year 3, 4, or 5.  We're going to be damn good each year so he might as well just play basketball and let his career and PT sort itself out.  

On the other hand, if this was some sort of social experiment like the QB situation with Forcier and Devin Gardner then it's foolish.  I'm pretty sure Beilein thought this one out and helped Caris understand all of the variables.  

EDIT:  Also want to add to the Beilfeldt point that I believe that most big men who aren't freaks really benefit from an extra year.  Max and JMO are examples.  Although JMO was injury induced, you can't tell me he would have been nearly as effective as  a true freshman as he was as a RS.  Caris isn't a big guy so it's not fair to compare that.  


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that we won't be having too many guys playing multiple positions (ala, Stu at 1 k 2, Zack at 3 & 4).
1. Trey & Spike
2. Tim & Caris
3. Nik & Matt
4. Glen & Max
5. Morgan, Mitch & Jon