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Submitted by Worthing on September 10th, 2010 at 8:08 PM

So upon watching the new commercials I went online to check out the new Capital One Cup that has started this year. Pretty much, for those who don't know it is awarded to the best men's and women's team in college athletics. It gives points based on how colleges do in NCAA sports ( I believe mostly based on NCAA tournaments so bowls I guess for football). Anyways it ranks sports and how many points they get into tiers. I don't understand how lacrosse can be ranked a tier 2 sport and ice hockey is lower. Anyone have any numbers on the amount of D1 teams in these sports or as to why lacrosse would be higher up then ice hockey?



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a fully sanctioned D1 sport, growing at a phenomenal rate.  There are 91 programs.  On the D3 level there are over 200!  Men's D3 has over 150 programs.  The growth in women's lax on all levels and men's lax on the D3 level is national, not east coast.  Men's D1 is the only level of NCAA lax that is ridiculously east coast oriented. 

Blue Bunny Friday

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I just looked at the wiki and it showed a bunch of conferences with DI and DII programs playing each other. Then it didn't show the other conference lineups.

Conclusion: You should fix the wiki (but I really don't care if you don't). Thanks for bringing the info!


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barely more D1 lacrosse programs - 60 - than hockey programs.  The vast majority of D1 schools don't have lax either. 

The likely difference is national exposure -  D1 lax (along with D2 and D3) packs close to 100,000 people into an NFL stadium for the Final Four weekend each May, and D1 lax has a serious TV presence on ESPNU (thank you ESPN!!).  The ESPN family of networks broadcasts at least 3 games a week - usually more, and more marquee games end up on ESPN2 as well.  Also, fastest growing sport on the HS level in the USA.

Edit - as Blue Bunny says above, same # of teams.  Women's lax is huge, and D3 men's is almost double D1 men's as well.


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East coast, at least around DC, no one cares about hockey while lacrosse is huge.  I also go to grad school at Johns Hopkins and like many other schools around here, have an influencial alumni base with strong ties to lacrosse.  Or maybe just more schools have lacrosse than hockey but i am way too lazy to look it up.  Personally, I would put hockey at least at the same tier, if not higher. 


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I'd would think that most every school has track, how high did that rank.  If we are going on the basis that more D-1 schools with the sport = higher rank, then track should be pretty high.  I would hope that would not be the sole reasoning though.


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track was tier 2 i believe. its all on If there are that many more lacrosse teams then hockey thats fair I guess i just didn't think there were. I know it's big out east but aren't there like no D1 teams west of the mississippi besides airforce?


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Isn't this exactly what the directors cup is, only it's being given out by a company that wants free advertising rather than the NCAA.