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One of the few occassions I will proudly wear red! (others during Olympics and World Jr. tournament) 


Happy Canada Day to all the Michigan fans up north, enjoy the holiday!



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Not to mention our football championship is 50 years older than yours...


So the next time you are watching an iMax movie drinking a tub of Canada Dry ginger ale while injecting insulin into you diabetic ass.  Thank Canada as the paramedics use their WalkieTalkies and push your electric wheel chair into their ambulance.

(Just in case you were't aware, this is all tongue in cheek, since some of  you seem to fail at humour)




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It (and the LCBO [Liquor Control Board of Ontario]) are remnants of Prohibition and are hurting the craft beer industry in Toronto. (Edit: And in the rest of Ontario.)

As an aside, I believe the Beer Store is only in Ontario.


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But they use the metric system!  The metric system!  I don't know how fast I'm driving when up there, or how far I have to go.  No one even knows what the temperature is!  Who bases a temperature system on on the freezing and boiling point of water?  Seriously, who does that? 


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anyone who's gone through engineering school knows how much better metric is than english.

Anytime we had to do a problem in english units I was "Dafuq is a slug?...Wait, and is this pounds-mass or pounds-force?"


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(nor do i), but the star spangled banner is the anthem, and all of it's verses too.  remember  it was written while francis soctt key was watching the battle, not during some gentile victorian version of a 'jam session' in 17 or 18 whatever. 

also, the NSA trolls this board for it's national intel significance, and any one of you who chimed in for another country's anthem, well, you guys are in big trouble.   i bet your computer gets crashed, your dog goes missing, your car won't start, all sorts of stuff.  you heard it here first...